Comic Justin’s Dallas project

OMIC Justin Lee Collins is planning to reunite the cast of Dallas for his latest TV challenge.

The hairy Friday Night Project star, 32, will be jetting over to America shortly to bring together stars of the hit US soap including Larry Hagman, Linda Gray, Patrick Duffy, Victoria Principal and Charlene Tilton for Channel 4’s Bring Back Dallas.

He told us: “I’m off to America for 10 days at the end of November to try and get them all back together – it’s genuinely hit or miss, I don’t know who I’m going to get when I get on that plane.

“I think it will be fine as Charlene did The Farm here last year and they seem up for these kinds of shows. The ones I’m most looking to meeting are Victoria Principal and Patrick Duffy.

“Patrick will be particularly interesting because he decided to leave the show and kill off Bobby Ewing. Then he realised that he’d f****d up and they brought him back and convinced viewers that it had all been a dream and he’d only been in the shower!

“Then there’s talk of doing Bring Back Rocky – that would be great to make a documentary with Sylvester Stallone.”

In the past, Justin has made similar documentaries on The A-Team, Grange Hill, One Hit Wonders and Christmas Number Ones.

He’ll also back for two more series of C4’s The Friday Night Project with Alan Carr in 2000

The show will air on Channel Four early next year and will feature several surprise guests.




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