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If you missed it first time around heres another chance to see the amazing internet chat with Victoria Principal.

<Host>Welcomes You to Tonights Feature Presentation
<Host> Tonight we welcome Victoria Principal
<Host> and now without further ado
<Host> Welcome Victoria Principal

<AskVictoria> terris says: What storyline do you wish they'd given you that never took actually took place on the show?

<VictoriaP> SInce Pam was unable to carry a child, I always thought there should have been surrogate mother episodes

<AskVictoria> ewan says: hi, was there much competition between Dallas and Dynasty? (From England)

<VictoriaP> Actually Dynasty was created by Aaron Spelling after Dallas was already successful
<VictoriaP> so those of us on Dallas nevere felt there was any competition
<VictoriaP> Dynasty was meant to be as much like Dallas as possible and was originally called Denver Oil
<VictoriaP> until they realized Dynasty was a one word title more like that of Dallas

<AskVictoria> ogy says: You do a great southern accent. Are you actually from the South?
<VictoriaP> I enjoy doing many differet kinds of accents but in fact my mother is from Georgia
<AskVictoria> teresa says: How well did the cast get along?

<VictoriaP> The cast of Dallas got along like any large family
<AskVictoria> vickie says: Do you keep in touch with any of the cast?

<VictoriaP> I keep in touch with Larry Hagman and I try to try to always remember to send Patick Duffy a birthday card on his birthday
<VictoriaP> next

<AskVictoria> sportman says: What is your favorite genre to act in, Victoria?
<VictoriaP> I enjoy all types of acting but most recently I am enjoying comedy the most

<AskVictoria> Mike says: Are you going to be in your own series soon?
<VictoriaP> I'm currently in discussions about starring in my own series
<VictoriaP> and looking forward to being back on television every week

<AskVictoria> sue_ellen says: Did the cast of Dallas get along well off camera AT LEAST???
<VictoriaP> We had so much fun off camera I can't tell you about it!

<AskVictoria>Pamela_e says: Why did you quit Dallas?
<VictoriaP> I felt that the best of Dallas had already aired and I wanted to move on
<VictoriaP> while I was still so proud of the show it had been
<VictoriaP> In hindsight, it was a good time to go.

<AskVictoria>Pamela_e says: What did you think of the Dallas Dream Idea
<VictoriaP> I thought it was a nightmare!

<AskVictoria> aristo says: In hindsight, would you define any of the Dallas relationships as abusive and in need of Domestic Violence Counseling? If yes, what would you have suggested the characters do to help treat the problem and perhaps educate the country on how domestic violence can be handled in the home?
<VictoriaP> I definitely think that the relationship between JR & Sue Ellen was both abusive emotionally & verbally. I don't know it counseling would have helped JR but it certainly would have helped SueEllen to have left sooner then maybe she could have been spun of\f and had her own series!!

<AskVictoria> blacvklotus says: how has success affected your personal life?
<VictoriaP> It has made me fiercely proctetive of it! Sucess as a celebrity not only affects your own life, but also people intimately involved in your life.

<AskVictoria> cliff_b says: Victoria, what was your most memorable scene in Dallas?
<VictoriaP> For me the most memorable scene I acted in on Dallas was the scene in which Bobby died in my arms

<AskVictoria> dawn97 says: How much of Dallas was really recorded at Southfork?
<VictoriaP> We shot three months of the year in Dallas Texas itself, the other nine months of shooting took palce in Culver City at MGM studios The SouthFork that was build on the MGM lot was incredibly realistic including the corrals and cattle

<AskVictoria> boreanaz says: If you could meet any Actor/Actress, of this time period, who would you chose and why?
<VictoriaP> The actress I would most like to meet and speak with would be Vanessa Redgrave
<VictoriaP> I am mesmerized by her talent
<VictoriaP> The actor I would chose would be Dustin Hoffman
<VictoriaP> and I am so very lucky to already know him

<AskVictoria> garrisone says: Is it true that there might be a new DALLAS series with you as one of the stars?
<VictoriaP> I understand that there had been talks about a Dallas series, but Pam is dead.

<AskVictoria> kristin_shepard says: I live in London, its 3am, do you plan on coming here? are your products available here?
<VictoriaP> I was just in London 3 weeks ago
<VictoriaP> and had a wonderful time enjoying your tremendous West End Theatre
<VictoriaP> I hope the Principal Secret line will available to you by the end of 1998

<AskVictoria> kristin_shepard says: did you like Pam as a character?
<VictoriaP> I loved Pam as a character the first 5 years of Dallas
<VictoriaP> As the years went by and JR became more and more utterly evil,
<VictoriaP> the writers chose to make Pam more and more utterly good
<VictoriaP> By the time I left at the end of year 9, the only thing left to do was to become Mother Teresa
<VictoriaP> I have fond and loving memories of Pam
<VictoriaP> Playing her changed my life!

<AskVictoria> chaille says: Tell 7us something noone knows about the series.
<VictoriaP> Dallas was originally loosely based on the movie "Giant"
<VictoriaP> The part of Pam was very loosely based on the Elizabeth Taylor role

<AskVictoria> waldo says: You mentioned earlier that you shot 3 months in Dallas, and the other nine months at MGM......does that mean you had to work year around and if not, how often did you have a break?
<VictoriaP> We worked 11 straight months of the year on Dallas each year
<VictoriaP> We generally had approximately 23 days off- usually the month of February
<VictoriaP> We worked 6 days a week while on location in Dallas
<VictoriaP> and 5 days a week while shooting on California
<VictoriaP> My call time each day was 5:45 AM
<VictoriaP> We usually wrapped by 9PM
<VictoriaP> We all worked very hard!

<AskVictoria> emma says: who is your favourite actor? And movie?
<VictoriaP> I have had a crush on Robert Redford since "The Chase"
<VictoriaP> Name any Robert Redford movie with the exception of" Havanna", and chances are I love it!

<AskVictoria> jack_e says: What was Larry Hagman like off screen?
<VictoriaP> Larry Hagman has one of the greatest gifts of joy of anyone I've ever known!
<VictoriaP> I am a huge Larry Hagman fan!

<AskVictoria> paulb says: Was the hereditary disease the Barnes carried a real disease or made up for Dallas?
<VictoriaP> The disease is very real. It is called neurofibramatosis.
<VictoriaP> It is the disease that the Elephant Man suffered from.
<VictoriaP> I am very prod to have been part of a television program that broke down many of the barriers
<VictoriaP> that have existed on TV, including the discussion of disease and illness

<AskVictoria> cccmyst says: Victoria, it's been a pleasure to have you here with us tonight. Are there any final thoughts you would like to leave us with?

<Kristin_Sheperd> Victoria you didn't anwser all my questions

<VictoriaP> And Kristen,
<VictoriaP> Next time I'll answer all your questions!
<VictoriaP> send 87

<VictoriaP> Life is short! Don't spend it all on the internet! LOL

<Kristin_Sheperd> LOL :) she loves me really


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