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Steve Kanaly who played Dallas cowboy Ray Krebbs joining us in our Star Chat at Ultimate Dallas for a live discussion with the fans - Here's the transcript

<Chat_Host> Welcome Steve Kanaly everyone

<Steve_Kanaly> Hello everyone
<Steve_Kanaly> First question please

<Question> <Jane> Hi Steve, do you use the internet much? Have you been in a chat room before and what sites do you surf?

<Steve_Kanaly> Jane I do use the internet for research
<Steve_Kanaly> Never been in a chat before
<Steve_Kanaly> next question please :)

<Question> <Pamela> If season 8 had not been a dream do you know what was in store for your character? You were fantastic during that season and I always wondered how the deaf child story would of panned out

<Steve_Kanaly> Pam - I don't know sorry but I gather the deaf boy would of become a regular cast member and we would of followed the family of Ray and Donna
<Steve_Kanaly> next please

<Question> <TMM> What happened with Philip Capice? He has vanished from the industry, is it true disagreements led to his departure?

<Steve_Kanaly> TMM - I believe Larry Hagman did not like Phil Capice, I know he left the film industry and its a mystery.
<Steve_Kanaly> next please

<Question> <Jock> I read in the previous interview you are writing a Dallas book, can you tell us about this?

<Steve_Kanaly> Jock - I have yet to make a publishing deal but I do have a book about 25 years of Dallas which outlines every show
<Steve_Kanaly> next question please

<Question> <Hilary> The show seemed to start downgrading the women characters on the show, although JR was the major character the other characters were the backbone. Why do you think this happened? Pam's character was totally ruined by 1986-987 run.

<Steve_Kanaly> Hilary - It was a male sexist show which started with Larry Hagman and Len Katzman which was perhaps was a Texas reality,
<Steve_Kanaly> next question please

<Question> <JR1978> What was Dack Rambo like? His death was very sad and I loved the character of Jack, I liked his friendship with Ray.

<Steve_Kanaly> JR - Dack was nice accomplished actor and he was from California, we were not real close but he was a nice addition to the show,
<Steve_Kanaly> he was one of a twin
<Steve_Kanaly> and his twin died too I believe
<Steve_Kanaly> Next question

<Question> <Afton> How did Dallas change your life?

<Steve_Kanaly> Afton - Made me rich and famous
<Steve_Kanaly> It was the best acting training a person could ever ask for,
<Steve_Kanaly> my character went through so much it was wonderful training, I was able to become a director and made a lot of money and became famous world wide
<Steve_Kanaly> next please

<Question> <Little_Lucy> Steve, Did they ever consider handling the Lucy Ray issue after Ray became a Ewing?

<Steve_Kanaly> Lucy - Its not something I would consider, it was more important to me that Ray was a Ewing. People were nervous about the Ray/Lucy issue so we washed over it.
<Steve_Kanaly> next please :)

<Question> <Jamie> What did you like best and least about the Character Ray?

<Steve_Kanaly> Jamie - The best part was I was able to create that character, develop him in a way I wanted too.
<Steve_Kanaly> I didn't like the way the writers made him stupid and way too vulnerable at times.
<Steve_Kanaly> next please

<Question> <Analise> What did you think of the Fatal Attraction storyline?

<Steve_Kanaly> Analise - I thought that was good and very fun to do, Michelle Scarabelli was a great actress, I worked Michelle on Okavango.
<Steve_Kanaly> it was really well developed story
<Steve_Kanaly> next please

<Question> <SB> Have your family been affected by your fame?

<Steve_Kanaly> SB - Yes, I think we all became very guarded about out personal lives wherever we were.
<Steve_Kanaly> You have to keep your wits about you, my children were always kept separate from my career
<Steve_Kanaly> next please
<Steve_Kanaly> :)

<Question> <Dan_James> Steve, I would very much like to write to you, how would I do that? Do you or your agent have an address?

<Steve_Kanaly> I will get back to you that, look out on Ultimate Dallas for details
<Steve_Kanaly> next question

<Question> <Adam14> Steve, did you ever think of appearing in Knots Landing?

<Steve_Kanaly> Adam14 - I never had any interest to appear in Knots Landing, nor was I ever asked too but of course Charlene and Patrick did crossover
<Steve_Kanaly> Ted Shackleford came across to Dallas and Joan
<Steve_Kanaly> Next question please

<Question> <mickyfan413> Will there be anymore reunions?

<Steve_Kanaly> Its great so many people are here and from all over the world, I just wanted to say that
<Steve_Kanaly> Mickey - Its hard to say yes or no, the latest is a feature film with big name stars in the roles but no former Dallas cast members
<Steve_Kanaly> If there was a reunion on the TV show characters, it has to start with Larry Hagman.
<Steve_Kanaly> The guiding light of the show, Leonard Katzman is deceased and that held it back

<Steve_Kanaly> next please

<Question> <Luke> Loved you with Charlene Tilton, was she fun to work with as a young actress?

<Steve_Kanaly> Luke - She was very a great young woman and fun to work with, lots of energy
<Steve_Kanaly> she was 17 when we started, I could of been old enough to play her father :))
<Steve_Kanaly> Lucky I wasn't arrested for molesting a minor *laughs*
<Steve_Kanaly> next please

<Question> <Bobby> Steve what do you think about the forth coming "Hollywood Dallas the movie" and who do you think should play your role? Do you think it will be a hit with the fans and stars?

<Steve_Kanaly> Bobby - Its amazing to me, I think its going to be a very difficult script to write
<Steve_Kanaly> the buzz is that John Travolta is going to play JR and Brad Pitt to play Ray
<Steve_Kanaly> that is all I know about
<Steve_Kanaly> Do you think people will miss the original actors?

*All the chat members say a big YES

<Steve_Kanaly> Next question please
<Steve_Kanaly> :)

<Question> <WestStar> Steve, what was Jim Davis like as an actor and as a man, and what is your last memory of being with him? Thanks

<Steve_Kanaly> WestStar - Jim was an inspiration to all of us in the cast , he is my example of not giving up
<Steve_Kanaly> He became a success after 45 years in the business
<Steve_Kanaly> he was on a show that made him world famous, he enjoyed it so much, he was very giving and considerate and I could not think of a better person to play Jock
<Steve_Kanaly> The moment that comes to mind is in Dallas when he said to me, 'he is not your dad Ray, I am'
<Steve_Kanaly> Next question please

<Question> <abbalover> Steve what are you current projects?

<Steve_Kanaly> A film I may be doing with a friend of mine, its about Ninja, black comedy and I maybe doing a film in Germany
<Steve_Kanaly> next question please

<Question> <kkodey> What was Leonard like as a person? I would love to have met him...

<Steve_Kanaly> kkodey - Leonard was an example of a totally dedicated, hard working, gifted, old time Hollywood
<Steve_Kanaly> He was a great leader and a workaholic
<Steve_Kanaly> :)
<Steve_Kanaly> Next question

<Question> <Jon-R> Steve, I recall seeing you after Dallas on a tv show called Okavango . I don't remember much except that the character you played seemed to be more JR than Ray. how did it feel to play a character so different to one you had played for such a long time before

<Steve_Kanaly> Jon-R - I really loved making Okavango, playing JD was a lot of fun, and my character very much like JR. He was something of a rascal, it was well suited for my interest, I enjoy hunting and fishing outdoors and that's the kind of guy he was.
<Steve_Kanaly> Next please

<Question> <WestStar> Steve, how many hours a day did you and the cast film each day, and which cliffhanger episode was your favorite?

<Steve_Kanaly> Weststar - Hello again, when filming in LA, it was 5 days a week, 12 hours a day, then while filming in Dallas - 2 months of the year, we worked 6 days, 12 hours a day. Favorite Cliffhanger is when Southfork is burning, Ray and JR have a big fight and we go out for the season
<Steve_Kanaly> next please

<Question> <DJ> Steve Kanaly, do you ever feel because of the success of Dallas, you struggle to get other roles? And will forever be known as Ray Krebbs to the public?

<Steve_Kanaly> DJ - That wouldn't be so bad, there is always a price to pay when you have so much fame and identity. But it was worth it
<Steve_Kanaly> next please

<Question> <Janet> Who did you think shot JR and when did you find out who did it?

<Steve_Kanaly> Janet - It could of been anybody, I did not know. Believe it or not I never found out until the night the show aired and I was at a restaurant at a party with the cast which revealed who it was.
<Steve_Kanaly> Had I known I could of made a lot of money, people were calling me across the world asking who done it and offering money.
<Steve_Kanaly> I never trusted Leonard Katzman, he always had a trick up his sleeve (laughs)
<Steve_Kanaly> Ok next question please

<Question> <Dallasfan2003> How similar are you to the character of Ray Krebbs?

<Steve_Kanaly> Dallasfan - I believe Ray was very honest and hardworking, in that regard we are the same.
<Steve_Kanaly> He was like Gary Cooper and it was my chance to pay homage to those hard working Western characters that I admired so much
<Steve_Kanaly> next question

<Question> <SB> Would Susan Howard have been your first choice for a leading lady?

<Steve_Kanaly> SB - That's a hard question, I think Ray and Donna worked out in a very good way, she was excellent in the role
<Steve_Kanaly> we became very good friends and I still speak with her
<Steve_Kanaly> I think I would of been happier if Ray had stayed single and had more edge to his character
<Steve_Kanaly> He was married to Donna for 6 years which sometimes stifled the character of Ray

<Steve_Kanaly> next please

<Question> <Rog> Can you tell me if it's true that Donna Reed was treated badly? I saw the E True Hollywood story that said she had bad lighting and was pushed off the show?

<Steve_Kanaly> Rog - I don't know about the bad lighting
<Steve_Kanaly> Donna came to the show when Barbara decided to leave the show
<Steve_Kanaly> I could not think of a better replacement
<Steve_Kanaly> We were thrilled to have such a loved actress join our cast
<Steve_Kanaly> There was a situation where Barbara decided to come back to the show and the Producers said ok
<Steve_Kanaly> and Donna was not asked to come back and I believe she felt betrayed
<Steve_Kanaly> She was treated badly but everyone was happy to have Barbara back, it was a business decision that producers have to make.

<Steve_Kanaly> Next question please

<Question> <Luke> Your character was the only male to be with Pam, Sue Ellen, Lucy, Donna and Jenna, what was that honor like?

<Steve_Kanaly> Luke - *laugh* and Garnet Mcgee, but our joke on the show was that Ray had been with all the women apart from Ellie
<Steve_Kanaly> but we were not sure about that :)
<Steve_Kanaly> I was honored
<Steve_Kanaly> Next please

<Question> <Ewings> Do you stay in contact with any members of the cast?

<Steve_Kanaly> Ewings - Yes, I see Larry and Patrick frequently, as well as Charlene and Susan Howard
<Steve_Kanaly> next please :)

<Question> <Miss_Texas> If you could have had Ray have an affair with any Dallas lady other than the ones you had, who would it have been?

<Steve_Kanaly> *laughs* Miss_Texas - Gosh, I was very intrigued by the character of Holly Harwood played by Lois Chiles
<Steve_Kanaly> Next please

<Question> <Afton> What was it like to work with Priscilla Presley?

<Steve_Kanaly> Afton - Priscilla was one of the most beautiful women I worked with, inside and out
<Steve_Kanaly> she joined our cast in the 8th year I think, I remember Patrick and I took her out to lunch at Fortworth on her first day

<Steve_Kanaly> and we were late back to work and all took a scolding but it was worth it
<Steve_Kanaly> She was always interested in doing the best job she could and she had everyone's respect for that
<Steve_Kanaly> She was a very private person so I did not know her all that well
<Steve_Kanaly> Next please

<Question> <Adam14> steve, are you thinking of writing an autobiography like what larry did?
<Steve_Kanaly> Adam14 - No I'm not, speaking to Larry it is hard work to write and promote your book around the world.
<Steve_Kanaly> Adam14 - I hear it is your birthday too, so happy birthday
<Steve_Kanaly> Next please

<Adam14> MY GOD!!!

<Question> RayK: Is it true you auditioned for the role of Bobby? Were you happy how it worked out?

<Steve_Kanaly> Ray - I didn't audition for Bobby but I thought that was the role I was interested in until I read the first script, Ray in the hayloft with Lucy, he rides a horse, he helps JR break up Bobby and Pam
<Steve_Kanaly> I thought then that was the one I wanted to play
<Steve_Kanaly> I felt I was perfect for that role, I fell in love with the character
<Steve_Kanaly> I would not want to play any other role
<Steve_Kanaly> next please

<Question> <kkodey> Steve....was it tough for you to take all of JR's insults...were you able to be friends off the set???

<Steve_Kanaly> kkodney - Larry and I are good friends, and we used to go hunting together and fishing, all the comments JR would make to Ray, we would laugh about that off camera.
<Steve_Kanaly> That was part of the fun for us
<Steve_Kanaly> next question please

<Question> <Jackie> What is your first memory of Dallas?

<Steve_Kanaly> Jackie - My first memory is a read through where all the cast comes together to read the script. I was working on a commercial and had to rush over to Warner Brothers and I was the last one to arrive
<Steve_Kanaly> Walking through the door and seeing all the people on Dallas for the first time
<Steve_Kanaly> Victoria and I worked on our first film together, Jim Davis I had seen on many films
<Steve_Kanaly> There was 17 year old Charlene Tilton and I thought wait til my mother sees me in the hayloft with this little cherub
<Steve_Kanaly> Next please

<Question> <Adam14> what's life been like after Dallas?

<Steve_Kanaly> Adam - It took me along time to gear down, but after sometime I started to discover the rest of my life again, more time with wife and children.
<Steve_Kanaly> Painting and hunting
<Steve_Kanaly> When you are on that series you become a workaholic
<Steve_Kanaly> We have time for two more questions :)
<Steve_Kanaly> next one please

<Question> <Afton> Luke and I were wondering, if you have come to Canada on fishing trips, where have you been and what do you think of the country?

<Steve_Kanaly> Afton - My mother and her sister are Canadian
<Steve_Kanaly> Mother is from Montreal and my sister is from Regina
<Steve_Kanaly> Mother is from Montreal and my sister is from Regina
<Steve_Kanaly> I have fished in all of the Western provinces
<Steve_Kanaly> I love Canada
<Steve_Kanaly> Its a great place to visit the outdoors

<Steve_Kanaly> One last question please and then I will give you some parting words :)

<Question> <Question_host> <SB> Will you look back on all your time at Dallas with fond memories? We do!

<Steve_Kanaly> SB- Absolutely, when I left the show Larry gave me a present, a set of collectors pistols
<Steve_Kanaly> on the box they came in, it said 'To me brother Ray too 10 of the best years of your life' and they were.

<Chat_Host> Now some parting words from Steve Kanaly

<Steve_Kanaly> Thanks to all of you who cared so much about Dallas, we never forgot you, whenever we worked we were always thinking about all the people waiting to find out what happened next, you were all our inspiration
<Steve_Kanaly> Thanks for all your kind words for my work and my character
<Steve_Kanaly> If there is another Dallas reunion movie coming up I hope I can be in it
<Steve_Kanaly> I enjoyed the chat room and hopefully we can do it again sometime in the future
<Steve_Kanaly> All my best to you
<Steve_Kanaly> Bye

<Chat_Host> Thanks to Steve and everyone who logged on tonight. Stay tuned to to find out who's next inline for a Star Chat!

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