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Are You a Ewing?

Do you ever sit in front of the TV and picture yourself by the Southfork pool drinking cocktails? Or perhaps behind JR`s desk making a multi million dollar business deal?

Are you more of a JR than a Sue Ellen? Or perhaps more of a Lucy?

Well now is the time to find out how you rate as a Ewing.....take the test below and find out where you rate in the world of DALLAS.

Question One.

You discover your partner is having an affair now what do you do?

a) Leave him or her and find someone new

b) Break down in tears and head for the drinks cabinet?

c) Hire a private detective and get the dirt on your partners lover

Question Two.

A person with a new face claims to be your ex lover who died years you:

a) Laugh it off and call the police

b) Let them wine and dine you knowing their a con

c) Go and search for the real truth and have them taken out of town

Question Three

You don`t want to go to school due to a test....what do you do?

a) Go anyway, after all its your own fault you forgot to revise

b) Tear your clothes and make out you were attacked by a teacher

c) Pay your teacher off with a large cash sum.

Question Four

You marry someone your family you?

a) Move into your own apartment for some peace.

b) Live in the same house as everyone who hates your new partner

c) Use your new families wealth and power to get forward in life then leave

Question Five

It's your birthday and your parents are not coming to your party. Do you

a) Ring them and explain how upset you are

b) Run away and become an armed robber

c) Make a promise to destroy all the people who have been mean to you

Question Six

You are in love with your sisters you:

a) Ignore the feelings and get on with your life

b) Shoot him, then poison him, then run him down

c) Plot to get him for yourself

Question Seven

You wake up and look a you:

a) Think "So what"

b) buy some makeup

c) Leave town and divorce your husband

Question Eight

Your ex husband pushes your new lover over a you

a) Go hysterical and call the police

b) Shoot your ex husband

c) Make a movie about how nasty your ex husband was

Question Nine

You want to divorce your you

a) Explain that the marriage is not working and decide a positive way to end the relationship.

b) Get drunk

c) Have them carted away to a sanitarium

Question Ten

You are about to get married when you discover your husband to be has made another woman you?

a) Call the wedding off

b) Marry them anyway

c)Try and buy the baby from the woman

Question Eleven

You want a motel for the night but all are you

a) Go home

b) Buy the whole town and take your pick of motels

c) Build your own bigger and better motel and put all the others out of business

Question Twelve

What do you want out of life?

a) Happiness and good health

b) A large diamond ring, a big house and lots of money

c) Power

Question Thirteen

How long does it take you to fall in love and devote your life to someone?

a) A few weeks, at a steady pace

b) A couple of hours

c) Never, love is waste of time

Question Fourteen

How many partners do you have in one year?

a) Just the one, I am devoted and faithful

b) two , I may have the odd fling

c) So many I loose count

Question Fifteen

What's your idea of a great party?

a) Everyone enjoying themselves and having fun

b) Everyone being thrown in the pool and fighting

c) Where I can make loads of business contacts.


If You answered mostly :

A`s : Hey what is this? You are watching the wrong show. Are you related to a Walton. Life is never this `sweet` if you're a Ewing.

B`s : Well you sure are a Ewing. But more of a Lucy or Ellie type of person. You have a nice side and a bad side. Your heart is in the right place and life is one big drama.

C`s : Well, you really are a Ewing. JR would be proud, you are selfish, hungry for power at any cost. You are out right devious. I don`t know whether to congratulate you or warn your friends.


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