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Christopher Ewing meets with two Dallas businessmen in an aim for them to fund his alternative energy project - methane hydrates.

The man asks why Christopher's father, Bobby Ewing, is not funding him. Christopher responds that his father is out of the energy business and happy raising cattle on Southfork Ranch. The men offer a 90/10 spilt, Christopher turns them down "I ain' t a virgin and I ain' t a whore either"

At this point Christophers fiancee Rebecca Sutter arrives pretending to be French, she calls Christopher away from the meeting making out she needs help.


Rebecca takes Christopher into the girls locker room where they start to get passionate behind the lockers. They are interrupted bya teacher - Mrs Stanfell. Christopher introduces her to Rebecca and discuss their upcoming wedding at Southfork.

Meanwhile back at Southfork Bobby is talking to his wife of seven years, Ann. They discuss the fact that John Ross and Christopher have not seen each other in a long while and it will be interesting when they meet again, especially as John Ross is now with Christopher's ex girlfriend Elena.

He offers to take 'Annie' on a cruise, she is surprized as Bobby hates traveling.

John Ross, Elena and the crew celebrate the oil strike at a bar. John Ross pays off one of the crew for not telling his Uncle Bobby about the oil drilling on Southfork. The man responds " Betting against JR's son would be like betting against the Dallas Cowboys - downright unpatriotic"

John Ross receives a phone call and walks outside the bar where he is met by a stranger in a car. The mystery person winds down the window. John Ross tells them "The one thing by daddy taught me was to hope for the best and prepare for the worst. You stay tuned"

Bobby visits JR Ewing, his older brother, in a nursing home. JR is suffering from depression and has been for several years. He is non responsive, just looking out into a world of his own. Not uttering a single word.

Bobby reflects on the past and fears the future - "All those fights JR, over Ewing Oil and Southfork. Those fights changed me, changed me in a way I don't like. I worry about Christopher and John Ross, I want them to have a chance to be a family without all the bitterness and bad blood you and I had. I don't want them to be like us. But all that being said I do miss you, I hope you know I always loved you" He bends down and kisses JR on the head.

JR does not respond.

Later at Southfork Christopher and Rebecca arrive for Bobby's birthday dinner. Christopher informs Bobby that he didn't agree to the 90/10 split funding offer. Bobby agrees this was a wise move and asks Christopher if it's so hard to ask him for money. Christopher replies it is.

Carmen - the Ewing family cook and mother of Elena arrives with some food. She is pleased to see Christopher. and tells him that he and Elena made such a beautiful couple. At this point John Ross and Elena arrive - Carmen looks over disapproving of her daughters choice of boyfriend. Christopher looks uncomfortable when he sees his cousin John Ross with his ex fiance.

John Ross is impressed by Rebecca on their first meeting stating he thought she would be a 'mad scientist with a moustache".

Christopher and John Ross greet each other, happy to be reacquainted following Christophers return from China. There is unfinished business between Elena and Christopher as they act uncomfortably around each other. Elena informs him she is now working out of an office in Dallas tracking oil leases. Rebecca picks up on the attraction between the pair and interjects introducing herself to Elena.

Elena grew up on Southfork, arriving with her mother in 1987. She has known Christopher and John Ross most of her life.

Sue Ellen arrives at Southfork in her white Porsche, she looks fantastic, she is contemplating running for Governor. John Ross greets her and kisses her coldly on the cheek.


The family celebrate Bobby's birthday. Elena whispers to John Ross that he should tell Bobby about the drilling, but he is reluctant to announce it yet. Rebecca explains to the family that her one and only bridesmaid can't make the wedding and Christopher announces that Rebecca's parents were killed in a plane crash and the only family she has is a brother - Tommy.

John Ross humors himself by suggesting Elena takes the role of bridesmaid at the upcoming wedding. Elena and Christopher are uncomfortable with the idea. Rebecca plays along with John Ross and agrees to the idea, Elena accepts.

Bobby informs John Ross he should see JR but John Ross disagrees saying he has nothing to say to his father.

John Ross and Christopher start to debate alternative energy vs Oil. John Ross defends oil as a source of energy. Bobby looks uncomfortable with the discussion, reminding him of his relationship with JR. He stands up and announces to the family he is selling Southfork Ranch. The family appear shocked. John Ross stands up and tells Bobby to follow him.



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