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One of the hired help at Southfork informs John Ross he has a phone call. This is a ploy to get him away from Sue Ellen and he passes a portable drive containing information that exposes Christopher's issues with the Methane Hydrate. It was JR who sent the intruder to Southfork.

John Ross calls Christopher away from a conversation and informs him he knows all about the risks of the hydrate and he will tell Bobby everything unless Christopher agrees to persuade Bobby not to sell Southfork.

Christopher confronts Elena, wrongly accusing her of informing John Ross about the earthquake. He grabs her in his anger. He lets go and she angrily tells him she has no idea what he is talking about. She then emotionally states that he is just as bad as John Ross, that they were going to marry but then she received an email from him saying the wedding was off. As a result she ran away to Mexico. Christopher is shocked, he never sent an email. He then assumes John Ross is the one who sent it to break up their relationship.

Christopher is furious and charges up to John Ross and tells him "I know it was you" and walks off. John Ross is left puzzled.

Christopher comes clean with Bobby and tell him the issues with the extraction of methane and his aim is to find safe technology.

Christopher explains "All my life I have been trying to put the Ewing name back on top and this may be hard for you to understand but I always felt I needed to earn my way into this family" Bobby nods , agreeing to give Christopher a chance.

Bobby meets with Marta and agrees to sell Southfork to her fathers company. They shake on the deal.

Christopher and Rebecca marry at Southfork, Elena looks on saddened by the loss of Christopher. She is obviously still in love with him.

John Ross drowns his sorrows and visits JR. JR surprizes John Ross by revealing he is working with Marta Del Sol, he knows her father well and he is going to swindle Bobby out of Southfork. "Listen here John Ross, I'm the successor trustee to my mamas will, I'm the one who belongs on Southfork. It's mine and only mine, you got that? Oil is my birthright"

John Ross meets again with the mystery person in the red car at the Cowboys Stadium, it turns out to be Marta Del Sol. She is working with John Ross. Not only are they working together to take Southfork from Bobby, they are also working to take the deal from right under JR's nose.

Dallas is back........



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