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Dallas Episode One - Changing of the guard - page four

John Ross asks JR what he should do as he can't afford the lawyers. JR advises "The courts are for amateurs and the faint of heart, this is personal"

John Ross meets with Elena and reminds her she used to study rocks with Christopher, he asks Elena to visit Christopher and find out what he is working on. Elena is reluctant so John Ross puts on the sob story that they are both black sheep, he being JR's son and Elena being the cooks daughter.

Elena visits Christopher , they reminisce about the past. They recall a time with Christopher's mom Pamela and both state how they miss her. Christopher reveals the problems with the earthquake and then Elena gives him back their engagement ring and tells him to be happy. She leaves upset.

Elena rejoins John Ross at her home and lies to him, saying Christopher didn't reveal anything about his work.

Bobby wakes up in bed in pain. He tells Ann that he has a bad stomach, she goes downstairs to find him some pain relief. She is suddenly startled by a noise from Bobby's office.

Ann grabs the shotgun and confronts the intruder in Bobby's office - "I don't miss Mister, not at any range"

The intruder runs off crashing through the window of Southfork and fleeing into the night with Ann chasing after him.

It appears the intruder has been looking through Bobby's papers (for the sale of Southfork) and Ann stumbles on some medication.

After the police leave Bobby suggests they go back to bed but Ann goes into Bobby's desk drawer and looks at his meds.

Back at Christopher's office, Ewing Alternative Energy, Eric meet with the intrudcer from Southfork and takes some money from him and allows him access to the computer to download the hard drive.

At Southfork Ann does a web search for Bobby's medication and discover they are a cancer drug. She breaks down crying.

It's the day of the wedding and Bobby meets Marta Del Sol who is interested in buying Southfork on behalf of her father. They take a tour of the ranch by helicopter.

Lucy Ewing and Ray Krebbs attend the wedding party and Christopher informs them his Uncle Cliff can't make it nor his uncle JR. Lucy states that the Barnes and the Ewings never did get along - "Count your blessings Christopher, those two old geezers would still find a reason to fight. The Barnes and the Ewings never did get along"

Bobby overhears Lucy and responds "If that's so what about Pam and me Lucy?" Lucy is delighted to see her Uncle Bobby. Bobby introduces them to Marta Del Sol and breaks the news they are discussing selling Southfork to her fathers conservancy.

Christopher pulls Bobby away telling him they need to talk before he makes a decision on Southfork but they are interrupted by the arrival of Rebecca's brother - Tommy Sutter

Bobby spots John Ross and warns him not to cause any trouble at the wedding. John Ross agrees

Sue Ellen makes it clear she is unhappy with Bobby's decision to sell Southfork. John Ross states he is the heir to Southfork and will not let it happen. He then blames Sue Ellen for loosing out on a relationship with his father.

" If you had not hidden me in away at boarding school all those years my father would have taught me the Oil business as he assured me he would and I would be running Ewing Oil today instead of that idiot Cliff Barnes stealing it from us"

Sue Ellen agrees she made mistakes bringing him up and offers to help him with her powerful contacts and he is to think of her as an ally.



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