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John Ross takes everyone out to the drilling site on Southfork. Christopher angrily asks John Ross what he is doing. John Ross responds it's what Jock (his grandfather) would do. Christopher informs him that their deceased grandmother (Miss Ellie) did not want drilling on Southfork.

Bobby informs John Ross he has no right to drill on his land. "I have every right" spits John Ross "I'm a Ewing"

Elena gets out her zappy beepy machine again and taps some keys and announces they are sitting on a great deal of light sweet crude. Christopher can not believe Elena is part of this.

John Ross states they will be richer than they ever imagined and Bobby explodes in anger - "I'm sick of this family devouring itself over money. This is exactly what I didn't want to happen".

Elena sticks up for John Ross which riles Christopher. He explains it will be the end the ranch. Bobby explains that he promised his momma [Miss Ellie] that he would never allow drilling on Southfork. John Ross callously retaliates "You don't think we are long past caring about Miss Elie's little wishes". Ouch

Bobby gets all macho and tells John Ross never to utter his mommas name again and that alternative energy is the future. Christopher gets mad and tells Bobby to keep him out of it. This opens up John Ross to another verbal bitch slap.

" Bobby's not your dad. Everybody knows your dad sold you when you were a little baby , you'll never be a Ewing Christopher"

The cousins end up in a punch-up which Bobby breaks up, declaring "there will be no drilling on my ranch".

Later that night John Ross declares the war is on between the two cousins. Rebecca at home with Christopher asks if this is really about Elena.


Bobby meets with the family attorney Mitch about selling Southfork and ensuring it's not used to drill for oil. Carmen interrupts the meeting to announce the local sheriff has arrived to issue papers. Bobby knows him as Derek.

Derek serves Bobby with legal papers from John Ross - an injunction stopping the sale of Southfork on the basis that Miss Ellie was mentally incompetent.

Mitch suggests they hold off on the sale but Bobby states that won't happen and to find a conservancy with deep pockets to buy Southfork and declares he will give John Ross the fight of his life.

Bobby arrives at the drilling site with police enforcement to stop the drilling. Bobby apologizes to the crew but tells them to go home and once again tells the story of how he promised Miss Ellie no drilling on Southfork.

John Ross is not happy and tells "Uncle" Bobby he is not done yet.

Elena meets Rebecca for her dress fitting. Rebecca reveals that her parents died when she was only twelve. Rebecca's sweetness starts to change when she informs Elena that everyone has a tale, that she knew Christopher had a broken heart the moment they met. She then swiftly changes the subject and informs Elena that she met Christopher when she was taking a break after passing the bar, she was on a train coming back from the airport in Hong Kong and Christopher was a boy running away from home

Ann and Sue Ellen arrive arguing about the battle over Southfork drilling, they stop in their tracks when they see how beautiful Rebecca looks in her dress.

Rebecca looks over at Elena in a smug way to suggest 'hands off my man bitch"

Christopher is busy at work with his colleague Eric. A video chat invite comes through from Ken in China. He tells Christopher that their work on Methane triggered an earthquake. Eric listens in as Ken reveals that their work is dangerous. Christopher is gutted.

John Ross visits JR at the care home. As JR sits non responsive John Ross explains what's been happening at Southfork.

As John Ross explains that he is trying to overturn Miss Ellie's will and all the oil under Southfork JR stirs and utters his first words for a very long time.

"Bobby was always a fool, stubborn as a mule, and harebrained about that foundling Christopher, not even a Ewing"

He asks John Ross "On what grounds are you contesting my momma's will?"

John Ross replies "Mental incompetence"

JR smiles, proud of his son and informs him they have some catching up to do. He then grabs John Ross's arm firmly and tells him that he forgives him for not visiting



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