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Dallas Season One Episode 2

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Sue Ellen gives a speech about about the charity auction and how much money was raised. JR looks on proud of his ex wife, it's been many years since they have seen each other. One of the guests shouts out asking Sue Ellen when she will run for Governor? Sue Ellen smiles, not directly responding to the question.

Bobby is shocked to see JR, the last time they met was at the nursing home and JR was not even speaking. JR thanks Bobby for all the visits to the nursing home and lies saying it was Bobby's last visit that shook him out of the depression. JR tells Ann that he was never happy with the first Bobby Ewing [Pamela] but Ann is his soul mate and he is happy to have her as his sister-in-law.

Bobby introduces Marta to JR but JR says he knows about the selling of Southfork as John Ross told him. JR says he has changed and is happy that Bobby owns the ranch and makes John Ross apologize for the trouble he has caused.

JR and Marta are alone when JR asks her about her daddy never calling, he was waiting all afternoon. Marta tries to stall JR saying her father is in the hospital and suggests JR email him. "Old fogies like me don't email darlin , we talk to each other personally" Marta suggests to talk to him Tuesday when he is out of the hospital. JR agrees. John Ross and Marta look concerned that JR will uncover their deception.

JR spots Sue Ellen and informs the family there is someone he has been meaning to make amends to all his life. Sue Ellen is shocked to see JR. JR acts proud of his ex wife and compares the two of them, where they are now in their lives and she has won and he couldn't be happier for her. Sue Ellen is taken back by this remark. He also sweet talks her by saying she would make a great Governor and is still the prettiest girl at the ball. Sue Ellen looks smitten.

Meanwhile John Ross talks to Elena and she him to help with her venture on the Henderson ranch exploring for oil. They agree to work together but to put their personal relationship on hold. John Ross reluctantly agrees.

John Ross spots JR going over to Mitch and quickly intervenes, telling Mitch to keep his mouth shut to JR and he has money coming his way. John Ross leaves before JR arrives. JR tells Mitch he is not happy with the holdup of the contracts for Southfork. Mitch explains there is no hold-up and the contracts are complicated but JR does not trust him and blackmails him by stating he will hit Mitch below the belt with some information on the one person Mitch cares for above all others if the deal does not go through.

John Ross heads back with Marta to her apartment. He asks her for hundred thousand dollars to keep Mitch sweet, she agrees. She then pours John Ross a whiskey and laces it with the drug gamma hydroxybutyrate.

John Ross suddenly gets very passionate, pushing Marta on to the bed. Marta secretly films their sexual antics.

It's the day of Bobby's operation to remove the tumor. Ann is concerned that Bobby's decision to give up Southfork is because he has given up the fight and thinks he is going to die. Bobby reassures her that he will be fine.

Early next morning John Ross wakes from his drugged up state, not knowing what he did with Marta the night before. He unties rope from around his arms, so whatever it was makes the mind boggle. Marta then gives John Ross the money he needs for Mitch. Marta makes it clear that the deal must go through or her dodgy investors will not be happy. She makes it clear they are not people to mess with and neither is she.

Meanwhile Christopher visits Elena and asks her to work with him on his alternative energy project, he really needs her expertise to which she agrees.

At Southfork Rebecca is busy making a pie from Miss Ellie's family cook book, Tommy arrives to tell her that Ann has offered him a job at Southfork. He reveals that everything is going according to plan and that a great deal of money is at stake. Tommy and Rebecca have been working together to con the Ewing family, her marriage to Christopher was part of that plan. Rebecca seems hesitant taking the plan forward. Has she really fallen in love with Christopher?

John Ross meets with his private detective on a fairground ride. John Ross instructs him to dig up dirt on Mitch Lobell, he also instructs the Detective to find out who sent the mysterious email to Elena.

Not trusting John Ross and Marta, JR takes a trip to San Felipe in Mexico to visit Carlos Del Sol, the father of Marta. They greet each other warmly. JR explains that he wanted to see him face to face about the deal. Carlos knows nothing about the deal to front the purchase of Southfork. JR explains he did it all through Marta. Carlos picks up the phone and calls Marta in from outside.

JR is shocked as Marta walks in and discovers the Marta in Dallas is an imposter. He slyly tells the real Marta that she should meet his son. He now knows John Ross and the woman in Dallas are conning him.


End of episode two

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