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Dack Rambo

Dack Rambo

Dack (given name Norman) and identical twin brother Dirk Rambo (Orman) were born in sunny California in 1941.

Dack's noticeable difference was a mole on his left cheek. Both happened upon an acting career at age 21 after being discovered by Loretta Young for her TV show while sitting in a church pew. The sons of Lester and Beatrice Rambo, the brothers also had another brother and sister, Bill and Beverly. Dack's early training began as a student to Vincent Chase and Lee Strasberg, and both boys found employment following the one-season stint on Loretta's TV show in 1963. While Dirk found success on episodic TV ("The Virginian," "Dragnet"), Dack went on to a couple of other TV series, including "Never Too Young" and "The Guns of Will Sonnett." Dirk was tragically killed in 1967 after being struck by a drunken driver. A stunned Dack ventured on, however, and eventually found a secure place for his dark good looks in 70s and 80s glossy drama and secondary action He played many a calculating lover in both daytime ("All My children," "Another World") and primetime ("Dallas") soaps, while showing off his athletic skills in such outdoor adventure series as "Sword of Justice." Later in his career he worked up a few action leads in lowbudget filming. In 1991, while appearing on "Another World," Dack discovered he had contracted AIDS and made a courageous decision to retire in order to focus on awareness of this deadly disease.

He was extremely candid as to his bisexuality and detrimental lifestyle, advocating safe sex and helping to establish an international data bank for AIDS research. He died of complications in 1994 at age 52.


Another World (1990-1991) - Grant Harrison
Dallas (1985-1987) - Jack Ewing
Paper Dolls (1984) - Welsey Harper
Sword of Justice (1978) - Jack Cole
Dirty Sally (1974) - Cyrus Pike
All My Children (1981) - Steve Jacobi
Guns of Will Sonnett (1967) - Jeff Sonnett
Never Too Young (1965) - Tim
The New Loretta Young Show (1962) - Peter Massey


Published: March 23, 1994

Dack Rambo, who played Jack Ewing, the cousin of the villainous J. R. Ewing, in the long-running television series "Dallas," died on Monday at the Delano (Calif.) Regional Medical Center. He was 52.

Jan Minot, a spokeswoman for the hospital, said Mr. Rambo died shortly after being admitted. She would not say why he was admitted or what caused his death.

Mr. Rambo, a native of Delano, appeared on "Dallas" from 1985 to 1987. His twin brother, Dirk, also an actor, died in a motorcycle accident in 1967. The brothers started in television on CBS's "New Loretta Young Show," which ran on CBS for two seasons in the early 1960's.

Dack Rambo appeared in several television series in the 1960's and 70's, among them "Never Too Young," "The Guns of Will Sonnett" and "Sword of Justice," before switching to daytime television on the ABC soap opera "All My Children" in 1982. In 1991, Mr. Rambo quit his role as Grant Harrison on the NBC soap opera "Another World" and announced that he was H.I.V. positive.


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