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Name: Ray Krebbs

Born: 1945

First line: “Yessir, be right down.” Ray calls down to his boss, Jock Ewing, from the hayloft he is enjoying a secret liason with Lucy, Jock’s 17 year old granddaughter. (“Digger’s Daughter” Episode 1 1978).

Last line: “JR, I know you bid on my ranch just to get back at Mackay, but I thank you anyway. You know, you turned out to be the second best brother I ever had.” Ray suddenly finds himself $50,000,000 richer. (“War of the Ewings”, 1998)

Marital History: Married to Donna Culver (1981-1987) and Jenna Wade (1988 onwards).

Addresses: Southfork Ranch, Braddock Rd, Texas (1957-86); Krebbs Ranch,
Braddock Road, Texas (1986-1998); “Yurrup” (1998 onwards).

Occupations: Ranch foreman at Southfork until 1986 when he bought his own
ranch and began a cutting horse business with Clayton Farlow.

Quotes: Ray to Donna, 1984: “You belong in the big house with the real Ewings, not with the half breed.”

JR on Ray, 1983: "You know, I can remember a time when he wouldn’t come into this house without first asking permission. Well things have changed, and not for the better."

Mother: Margaret Krebbs (deceased 1958)
Father: Jock Ewing (deceased 1981)
Step-father: Amos Krebbs (deceased 1982)
Half brothers: JR, Gary, Bobby
Daughter: Margaret
Step-son: Lucas

Love interests
Pam Barnes: They enjoyed an on-off affair during the seventies until she dumped him for Bobby Ewing. In 1978, he began seeing ...
Lucy Ewing: Bobby’s 17 year old niece, Ray broke it off when Pam threatened to expose the affair. He then dallied with a couple of bored Texan housewives, Sue Ellen and Mary Lou, before falling for ...
Garnett McGee: Ray wanted to marry her, until he found her in bed with Sue Ellen’s husband JR. He then remained single until 1979 when he fell in love with ...
Donna Culver: She was rich and Ray didn’t think he was good enough for her until he discovered he was Jock Ewing’s son. They married in 1981. Then Jock died, and Ray had an affair with ...
Bonnie, an old girlfriend. Donna took him back, but they divorced in 1987 and Ray took up with ...
Jenna Wade: The mother of Bobby Ewing’s son, she and Ray fell in love on the rebound and got married. While Jenna was out of town, Ray had a brief fling with ...
Connie: An obsessive personality, she became fixated with Ray and stabbed him when he tried to end the affair. He confessed all to Jenna, and they fled to Europe.

Elder brother JR will never let Ray forget that he is the family half breed.

High points
Jock presenting Ray with 642 acres of Southfork land to commerate twenty years of service to the ranch. Being acknowledged as Jock’s son. Marrying Donna.

Low points
Jock’s death. Signing over his shares in Ewing Oil from a jail cell, having been convinced by JR that he is unworthy of the Ewing name. Attempting to kill JR, whom he blames for the car crash that has left his cousin Mickey paralysed and in a coma.




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