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Name: Lucy Ewing

Born: 1961

First line: insisting that there was no danger of Jock discovering her and Ray’s love nest: “It wasn’t close at all. He’d never come up here.” (“Digger’s Daughter” Episode 1, 1978).

Last line: “I’ll be full of stories when I come back.” Lucy leaves Southfork for Italy. (“The Southfork Wedding Jinx” Episode 332, 1990)

Marital History: Engaged to Kit Mainwaring III in 1979, Alan Beam in 1980 and Mickey Trotter in 1983. Married and divorced Mitch Cooper twice (1981-1982, 1985-1988).

Addresses: Southfork Ranch, Braddock Rd, Texas (1961-81, 1981-5, 1988-90); Oakside Condominium, Dallas (1981); Atlanta, Georgia (1985-90); “Europe” (1990 onwards).

Work History: Southern Methodist University student (1979-1981); Ward Publications’ Young Miss Dallas (1981-1982); freelance fashion model represented by the Blair Sullivan Agency (1982-1983); waitress at The Hot Biscuit, Fort Worth, Texas (1983); partner in a construction business (1984); Patron of the Arts (1989 onwards)

Most likely to say: “I’m getting married!”

JR on Lucy: "Bubbleheaded nitwit."

Grandmothers: Ellie Ewing Farlow, Lilimae Clements
Grandfathers: Jock Ewing (deceased 1981), Jeremiah Clements (deceased 1951)
Mother: Val Ewing
Father: Gary Ewing
Step-fathers: Ben Gibson (1985-87), Danny Waleska (deceased 1988)
Step-mother: Abby Ewing (1983-86)
Brother: Bobby Ewing
Sister: Betsy Ewing
Half sister: Molly Whittaker

Love interests
Ray Krebbs, the ranch foreman on Southfork. He turned out to be her uncle.
Kit Mainwaring III, Lucy’s first fiancee. He turned out to be gay.
Alan Beam, Lucy’s second fiancee. He turned out to be a two timing con man.
Mitch Cooper, Lucy’s third fiancee. He turned out to be a pauper, but she married him anyway.
Roger Larsen, Lucy’s photographer. He turned out to be a psychopath who kidnapped and raped her.
Mickey Trotter, Lucy’s fourth fiancee. He went into an irreversible coma. Eddie Cronin, Lucy’s business partner. He turned out to be another two timing con man.
Mitch Cooper, again. They remarried. This turned out to be a second disaster.
Casey Denault, Lucy’s latest business partner and final attempt to find love in Dallas. He turned out to be yet another two timing con man.

Lucy grew up hating JR after he separated her from her parents when she was a baby, driving them out of Texas and threatening to kill Valene if she ever returned for her child.

High points
Briefly reconciling with Gary and Val in Knots Landing. Marrying Mitch.
Marrying Mitch again.

Low points
The drug experience that followed the break up with Kit in 1979. The
kidnapping, rape, abortion, and divorce which all occurred in quick succession in 1982. Mickey’s death in 1983.



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