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Name: Sue Ellen Ewing

Born: 1947

First line: upon learning of Bobby and Pam’s elopement: “I never knew you were so impulsive, Bobby.” (“Digger’s Daughter” Episode 1, 1978).

Last line, in response to JR asking what he has said to provoke a punch in the mouth: “Enough.” (“War of the Ewings”, 1998)

Marital History:
Married JR Ewing twice (1971 and 1982). Divorced him twice (1981 and 1988).
Married Don Lockwood in 1990. Separated in 1996.

Addresses: Southfork Ranch, Braddock Rd, Texas (1971-81, 1982-88, 1996 onwards); Southern Cross Ranch, San Angelo (1981); Dallas town house (1981-1982); Dallas mansion (1988-89); England (1989-96).

Businesses: owner of Valentine Lingerie (1986-88), anonymous film producer (1986-1989), CEO of Ewing Oil (1996 onwards).

Most likely to say: “But I haven’t been drinking!”

"You’re just a bad memory who doesn’t know when to go away" JR to Sue Ellen,

Mother: Patricia Shepherd
Sister: Kristin Shepherd (deceased 1981)
Son: John Ross Ewing III

Love interests
While at the University of Texas in the mid sixties, Sue Ellen loses her virginity to fellow student Clint Ogden.
1967: Wins the Miss Texas beauty pageant and falls in love with one of the judges, JR Ewing.
1971: Becomes Mr JR Ewing.
1978: After enduring JR’s infidelities for seven years, Sue Ellen has a one night stand with ranch foreman Ray Krebbs and a six week affair with Cliff Barnes, then discovers she’s pregnant.
1979: After being institutionalised for alcoholism and giving birth to a son, Sue Ellen falls for cowboy Dusty Farlow.
1980: Following Dusty’s apparent death in a plane crash, Sue Ellen hits the bottle again before reconciling with JR.
1981: Sue Ellen has a brief affair with first love Clint Ogden, before
leaving JR for Dusty Farlow, who has been discovered alive but impotent. She then splits with Dusty and divorces JR.
1982: Reunites with Cliff, then remarries JR.
1983: JR and Sue Ellen agree to separate bedrooms and an open marriage.
1984: Has a fling with young student Peter Richards, before reconciling with JR.
1985: Back to separate bedrooms.
1988: Leaves JR for Nicholas Pearce, who then falls off a balcony to his death. Divorces JR.
1989: Moves to England with film director Don Lockwood.
1990: Marries Don Lockwood.
1996: They separate. Sue Ellen returns to Dallas and sleeps with JR.

JR’s libido. Her own appetite for alcohol and self destruction.

High points
Overcoming her depression to embrace her son for the first time. The success
of Valentine Lingerie. Sabotaging JR’s take-over of West Star Oil.

Low points
The drunken binge that led to the premature birth of her son. Being arrested for shooting JR and not being able to remember if she’d pulled the trigger. Discovering JR in bed with Holly Harwood and hitting the bottle after three years of sobriety.



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