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Name: Jock Ewing

Born: Early 1900s

First line: “You watching this thing? I see a couple of familiar faces
sitting there. Those old boys are supposed to be on our side. Why in the hell ain’t they saying anything?” Jock questions JR over the phone while watching the senate investigation into Ewing Oil on TV. (“Digger’s Daughter” Episode 1, 1978).

Last line: ”The boys will take care of all business deals while we’re gone, Punk. Don’t worry about it.” Jock and Miss Ellie prepare to leave Southfork on their second honeymoon. (“New Beginnings”, Episode 75, 1981)

Marital History: Married Amanda Lewis in 1927, divorced three years later. Wed Ellie Southworth in 1938, the marriage lasted until Jock’s death in 1981.

Address: Southfork Ranch, Braddock Rd, Texas (1938-1981)

Places of Business: Ewing Oil (1930-1981, officially retired 1977),
Southfork Ranch (co owner 1938-1981).

Most likely to say: “If I did give you power then you’ve got nothing. Nobody gives you power. Real power is something you take.” Jock to Bobby, 1980

"Daddy, I’ve always tried to please you. Always tried to be the man you wanted me to become. What else do you want from me?" JR to Jock, 1979

Brother: Jason Ewing (deceased 1984)
Sons: JR, Gary and Bobby Ewing, and Ray Krebbs.
Grandchildren: Lucy Ewing, James Beaumont, John Ross Ewing III, Christopher Ewing, Bobby Ewing, Betsy Ewing, Lucas Krebbs, Molly Whittaker.
Great grandson: Jimmy Beaumont.

Love interests
Divorced first wife Amanda on medical advice after she was hospitalised, having suffered an irreversible mental breakdown. Married Ellie, who bore him three sons. While stationed in England during World War II, Jock had an affair with Margaret Hunter. She later gave birth to a son, Ray Krebbs.

Digger Barnes, Jock’s original partner, always maintained that Jock cheated him out his share of their fortune. Digger’s son Cliff swore to avenger his father by bringing down the Ewing family.

High points
Hearing that JR and Bobby were alive and well after their 1978 plane crash. The birth of his first legitimate grandson, John Ross Ewing III, in 1979. Learning in 1980 that Ray Krebbs was his son.

Low points
Suffering a heart attack in 1978. Miss Ellie’s mastectomy a year later. Their marital difficulties that nearly resulted in divorce in 1981.


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