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Name: Bobby Ewing

Born: 1952

First line: “Now this is a fine state of affairs. We’ve been married less than twenty four hours, and my new bride doubts my veracity.” Bobby tries to convince Pam he’s not nervous about taking her home to meet the family.
(“Digger’s Daughter” Episode 1, 1978)

Last line - Before leaving for Europe with Jennifer Jantzen, Bobby punches JR in the face: “That’s for having people try and steal Southfork cattle. You could have had somebody killed out there. Goodbye, Sue Ellen.”
(“War of the Ewings” 1998)

Marital History: Twice engaged to Jenna Wade, in 1970 and 1984; twice wed to Pam Barnes (1978 and 1986). Both marriages ended in divorce (1983 and 1987).
Married in 1990 to April Stevens, who died the same year.

Address: Southfork Ranch, Braddock Road, Texas

Occupations: Road man for Ewing Oil (1970’s); Ewing Oil executive (1978, 1980); CEO of Ewing Construction (1978-1980); CEO of Ewing Oil (1980, 1982-1987, 1988-1990, 1996-98); Senator for the State of Texas (1981); CEO of Petro Group Dallas (1987-88); owner of Southfork Ranch (1991 onwards).

Most likely to say: "I’ll take care of it, Mama."

“Even Daddy called you the company pimp!” JR to Bobby.

Father: Jock Ewing (deceased 1981)
Mother: Ellie Ewing Farlow
Step-father: Clayton Farlow
Brothers: JR, Gary
Half brother: Ray Krebbs
Sons: Christopher (adoptive), Lucas Krebbs (biological)

Love interests
Jenna Wade: Childhood sweethearts, they were engaged to be married until she ran off to Europe in 1970. Bobby was broken hearted until he met ...
Pam Barnes: The love of his life, they eloped to New Orleans in 1978, but the marriage could not survive the pressures of Ewing Oil, or the meddling of their respective siblings. They divorced after five years, and Bobby
became involved with ...
Jenna (again): They renewed their plans to marry, but then Jenna was kidnapped on the day of the wedding and Bobby realised he was still in love with ...
Pam: They remarried in 1986 but, less than a year later, Pam fled town (or did she?) following a horrific car accident.

Three years later, Bobby married ...
April Stevens: the second Mrs Bobby Ewing, who was kidnapped and murdered on their honeymoon.

Along the line, Bobby also dallied with ...
Tammy Miller (an old college buddy), Kay Lloyd (a smart cookie from Washington), Tracey Lawton (a dysfunctional pool hustler), Jeanne O’Brien (a Pam lookalike), Julia Cunningham (the girl next door), and Jennifer Jantzen
(a MUCH younger woman, with whom he was last seen heading for Europe).

Brother JR was Bobby’s rival for control of Ewing Oil, while rejecting the advances of sister-in-law Katherine left him lying in a pool of blood.

High points
Marrying Pam. Getting elected to the senate. Beating JR in the contest for control of Ewing Oil.

Low points
Losing Pam twice. Getting shot and temporarily blinded by Katherine. April dying in his arms after being mown down by a hail of bullets.


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