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Name: Pam Ewing

Born: 1955

First line: “Bobby James Ewing, I don’t believe you!” Pam refuses to believe her new husband is not nervous about how his family will react to the news of their marriage. (This is the very first line of the very first scene of the very first episode, “Digger’s Daughter” 1978).

Last line - Pam is terminally ill and does not want her family to see her die. She explains to her doctor why she has chosen to sever all ties with them: “It’s better this way. They won’t look for me anymore. And, if there is pain in the end, in my mind I’ll have Cliff and Christopher, and Bobby will be with me. My love for them is all I really need.” (“Carousel”, Episode 282, 1988)

Marital History: Eloped with Ed Haynes in 1970 (annulled); married Bobby
Ewing in 1978, divorced 1983; engaged to Mark Graison 1984; remarried Bobby
Ewing 1986, divorced 1987.

Addresses: Southfork Ranch, Braddock Rd, Texas (1978-83, 1986-7); Fairview Hotel, Dallas, Texas (1983); 227 Antioch Drive, Dallas, Texas (1983-1986)

Places of Business: The Store (1978-1981); Pam’s Aerobics Unlimited (1982-1983); Barnes Wentworth (1983-1987)

Most likely to say: “Why does it always come down to taking sides?”

"Damn, I hate that woman!" JR on Pam, 1983

Mother: Rebecca Barnes Wentworth (deceased 1983)

Father: Hutch McKinney (deceased 1955)

Step-father: Digger Barnes (deceased 1980)

Half-brothers: Tyler Barnes (deceased 1952), Cliff Barnes

Half-sisters: Katherine Barnes (deceased 1954), Katherine Wentworth
Adpotive son: Christopher

Love interests
Ray Krebbs: They enjoyed an on-off affair during the 1970s until he
introduced her to ...

Bobby Ewing: The love of her life. They eloped to New Orleans in 1978, but the marriage could not survive the pressures of Ewing Oil, or the meddling of their respective siblings. They divorced after five years, and Pam became involved with ...

Mark Graison: Her knight in shining armour. Despite still being in love with Bobby, she agreed to marry Mark after learning that he had a terminal illness. Mark killed himself (or did he?), leaving Pam to reconcile with ...

Bobby: They remarried in 1986 but, less than a year later, Pam fled town (or did she?) following a horrific car accident.

Bobby’s brother JR is Pam’s nemesis; Katherine Wentworth and Jenna Wade are her rivals for Bobby’s affections.

High points
Marrying the man of her dreams - twice! Being reunited with the mother she thought was dead. Adopting Christopher.

Low points
Suffering two miscarriages, and a subsequent breakdown. Being tricked by her sister into divorcing Bobby. The car crash that left her horrifically burnt.


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