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Name: Cliff Barnes

Born: 1952

First line: “You work for Jock Ewing personally, or Ewing Oil?” Cliff
questions Phil Bradley at a senate investigative hearing into Ewing Oil. (“Digger’s Daughter” Episode 1, 1978)

Last line: “I’m Cliff Barnes. I’m ... an old friend of your mother’s.” Cliff introduces himself to Pamela Rebecca, his teenage daughter. (“JR Returns” 1996)

Marital History: Engaged to Penny Ames before her death in 1968. Married in 1985 to Jamie Ewing, who died in 1987. Briefly engaged to Liz Adams in 1990. Married Michelle Stevens, 1991.

Occupations: Attorney (1970’s); Head of the Office of Land Management (1979-1980); Assistant District Attorney for Dallas County (1980); legislative counsel to Dave Culver during his campaign for the U.S. Senate (1980-81); legislative counsel to Texas State Senator Bobby Ewing (1981); President of Wentworth Tool & Dye (1981-82); Vice President of Operations,
Stonehurst Oil (1982); CEO of Barnes/Wentworth Oil (1982-1988); CEO of Ewing Oil (1988-1989,1991-1996); Head of the Oil Regulatory Commission (1990-91).

Most likely to say: “My daddy is the one who found the oil that the Ewings have been sucking out of the ground for all these years.”

JR to Cliff: “Tomorrow the janitor is gonna come in here and sweep you out with the rest of the trash, unless you do the decent thing: get in elevator, go up to the roof and jump off.”

Father: Willard “Digger” Barnes (deceased 1980)
Mother: Rebecca Barnes Wentworth
Brothers: Tyler Barnes (deceased 1952)
Half sisters: Pamela Barnes Ewing, Katherine Wentworth
Daughter: Pamela Rebecca Cooper

Love interests
Penny Ames: Cliff’s fiancé, who died during an illegal abortion in 1968.
Julie Grey: JR Ewing’s private secretary and mistress, she had a brief fling with Cliff in 1978 and gave him confidential Ewing Oil documents.
Sue Ellen Ewing: JR’s wife, they had an affair in 1979 which ended when she discovered she was pregnant.
Donna Culver: Sam Culver’s widow, their relationship (1980-81) ended badly when she failed to endorse him for Dave Culver’s senate seat.
Afton Cooper: JR’s mistress, their on-off three year affair began in 1981.
Sue Ellen Ewing: Now JR’s ex-wife, they resumed their affair in 1982. When she turned down his marriage proposal, he attempted suicide before reconciling with ...
Afton: They moved into together in 1983 but that did not prevent Cliff from sleeping with ...
Marilee Stone, in order to consummate a business deal.
Afton left town that same year and later gave birth to Cliff’s daughter, while Cliff rebounded with ...
Mandy Winger: A model who got him off an attempted murder charge, she left him in 1984 because of his preoccupation with ...
Jamie Ewing: Cliff married her in 1985 in order to get his hands on Ewing Oil. His plans failed and the couple separated in 1986, but Jamie was killed before filing for divorce.
Between 1987 and 1990 Cliff went through a semi-celibate phase, platonically dating the likes of April Stevens, Lisa Alden, Tammy Miller, Michelle Stevens and, again, Afton Cooper before meeting ...
Liz Adams: an oil heiress-cum-supermodel-cum-gangster’s moll-cum-secret agent, she broke off her engagement to Cliff in 1990, leaving him free to trick ...
Michelle Stevens into marriage in 1991, in order to get his hands on Ewing Oil.
Cliff was last seen in 1996, getting reacquainted with Afton and their
teenage daughter.

The Barnes/Ewing feud is Cliff’s obsession, with he and JR its main players.

High points
Being awarded the Oil Baron of the Year Award, and publicly denouncing the
Ewings in his acceptance speech. Striking it rich in the Gulf and becoming a billionaire. Discovering that his estranged wife Jamie, who owned 10% of Ewing Oil, had died intestate, leaving him as her sole heir.

Low points
Attempting suicide having being exposed as an embezzler, and disowned by his mother, sister and Sue Ellen. Learning that his mother had died in a plane crash after taking his place on a business trip while he was on a drunken binge. Pam’s disappearance.



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