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Name: JR Ewing

Born: 1942

First line: “Go ahead, open them up. Maybe the glare will blind that
jackass.” While JR watches Cliff Barnes on TV, his secretary wonders
whether or not she should open the drapes. (“Digger’s Daughter” Episode 1,

Last line: justifying his most recent scheme to his ex-wife: “Sue Ellen,
look at it this way - MacKay’s out of your hair for good, Ray’s got fifty
million dollars of his money, Bobby’s on a long vacation, and you are
running Ewing Oil. That ain’t bad. It’s just you and me.” Sue Ellen then
punches him in the mouth. “What I say?” (“War of the Ewings”, 1998)

Marital History: Married and divorced Sue Ellen Shepherd twice (1971-1981,
1982-1988), and Cally Harper once (1988-1990). Briefly engaged to Vanessa
Beaumont in 1990.

Addresses: Southfork Ranch, Braddock Rd, Texas (1942-91, 1996 onwards);
“Yurrup” (1991-1996)

Places of Business: Ewing Oil (1960s-1987, 1988-1990); JRE Enterprises
(1987-88); Ewing & Ewing (1991); West Star Oil (1996 onwards).

Most likely to say: “I wouldn’t give you the dust off my car.”

Miss Ellie to JR: "I gave you up too soon, JR. I should have held on to you
a little longer."

Mother: Ellie Ewing Farlow
Father: Jock Ewing (deceased 1981)
Step-father: Clayton Farlow
Brothers: Gary, Bobby
Half brother: Ray Krebbs
Sons: James Beaumont, John Ross Ewing III (Cally Harper Ewing bore JR a
third son, name unknown, in 1991).
Grandson: Jimmy Beaumont

Love interests
During the 1960s, JR had brief affairs with Lee Ann Nelson, who subsequently
had an abortion, and Vanessa Beaumont, who later gave birth to son James.
1967: Met the woman who would later become his wife, Sue Ellen Shepherd, and
began a ten year affair with Ewing Oil secretary Julie Grey.
1971: Married Sue Ellen.
1978: Had a one night stand with bored housewife, Wanda Frick, and a two
night stand with country & western singer Garnett McGee.
1979: After becoming the father of John Ross Ewing III, he started a year
long affair with Kristin Shepherd, his wife’s sister.
1980: Began employing the services of prostitute Serena Wald (an arrangement
which continued on and off for the next ten years), and got shot by Kristin,
before recovering sufficiently to bed shipping magnate Sally Bullock and
secretary Louella Lee.
1981: Enjoyed brief affairs with Afton Cooper (his niece’s bridesmaid) and
Leslie Stewart (his public relations adviser). Divorced.
1982: Had a brief fling with oil baroness Marilee Stone. Remarried his ex
1983: Blackmailed business partner Holly Harwood into performing sexual
1984: Blackmailed his brother’s ex-sister-in-law Katherine Wentworth into
performing sexual favours.
1985/6: Fell in love and bedded model Mandy Winger.
1987: Had a brief fling with April Stevens (his cousin’s ex-wife) and began
a year long affair with Kimberly Cryder (the wife of the head of West Star
1988: Blackmailed bonsai expert Laurel Ellis into performing sexual favours.
Immediately following his second divorce from Sue Ellen, JR married Cally
Harper at gun point after being accused of raping her.
1989: Cheated on Cally with Diana Farrington, member of a Blue Ribbon
committee investigating Ewing Oil.
1990: Had sex with a psychotic mental patient called Anita, and a brief
fling with Rose Mackay (the wife of the latest head of West Star Oil).
Divorced by Cally.
1991: After a brief engagement to Vanessa Beaumont, JR enjoyed one night
stands with Carmen Esperanza (the sister-in-law of Lee Ann De La
Vega-nee-Nelson) and Sly Lovegren, his secretary of nine years.
Mid nineties: Began an ongoing affair with attorney Anita Smithfield.
1996: Enjoyed a reconciliation, of sorts, with ex wife Sue Ellen.

Kristin shot him, Sue Ellen fought him for custody of their son, Jeremy
Wendell put him out of business - but Cliff Barnes proved the most
persistent thorn in JR’s side.

High points
Striking oil in South East Asia, making the Ewings billionaires in the
process. Cleverly escaping bankruptcy by laying the deal off on the cartel
when the Asian fields were subsequently nationalised. Engineering a counter
revolution that then toppled the Asian government and returned the oil wells
to their Texan owners.

Low points
Jock’s death. Losing Ewing Oil to West Star. Contemplating suicide in 1991.














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