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Rebecca Barnes Wentworth  in Dallas

Cliff Pamela and Rebecca in Dallas

With Cliff, it took more time, and Rebecca took seriously Pamela's caution against making too fast an entry into his life. Eventually Cliff came around and Rebecca took him under her wing. Rebecca lived temporarily in a condo, and in the fall of 1982, when she had told all to Katherine and had decided to make her permanent home in Dallas, she bought a gorgeous mansion at 227 Antioch Drive. Rebecca was a godsend to the Barnes children. Pamela was in a massive depression over her inability to have a baby and institutionalized after a suicide attempt. Cliff's political career was a shambles, and so was his relationship with the woman of his dreams, Sue Ellen Ewing. Rebecca gave both children all the love, attention, and support that she had been holding for all those years, and they gratefully received it, needing every bit of it. Rebecca was pleased that Katherine took to Pamela immediately but was dismayed that she didn't like Cliff, whom she called a weakling. Rebecca paid her no heed and, over her protests, made Cliff President of Went- worth Tool & Die. Over Cliff's protests, Rebecca made peace with Ellie Ewing, a wonderful woman and a compassionate friend. Both women wanted to put an end to the awful Barnes-Ewing feud which their sons had continued, and they did their best to stop it-unsuccessfully. Their friendship became strained over that issue, and then again over another-Clayton Farlow. Rebecca had begun dating Clayton, and although they had begun merely as friends, she had a notion or two about not minding very much if they got more serious. To her dismay, however, Clayton started showing more than a casual interest in Ellie.

Katherine Wentworth Cliff Barnes Rebecca Wentwoth and Pamela Ewing in Dallas

Meanwhile, Cliff, riding high on his success as President of Went worth Tool & Die, was swindled by J. R. Ewing, and Cliff, despondent over nearly losing the company and indeed over losing Sue Ellen altogether, to J.R., tried to kill himself. J.R., J.R.-that name kept coming up everywhere. He had a habit of cursing Pamela's life, too. Cliff survived, but every ounce of wrath Rebecca possessed was focused on J.R., who had almost killed her son. In her mind, he might as well have shoved the pills down Cliff's throat with his own hands. Her son's recovery was terribly slow. He was chronically depressed, but Rebecca pushed him and pushed him to fight back and fight back hard. She would help him destroy J.R. and, if need be, anyone who stood to protect him.

She bought the Luce Oil company from retiring Wade Luce and shot the company full of Wentworth money-enough so that the cartel had to let them keep Luce's seat. She then put Cliff at the helm of the new Barnes Wentworth Oil. She actually didn't care whether the company made any money or not; she wanted Cliff to use it as the muscle needed to snap J.R.'s neck.

In early 1983, Cliff had J.R. in a corner, frantically searching for a refinery. The cartel was refusing to help Ewing out, and this one refinery in Houston was his last chance to save his Ewing Gas stations. Cliff was going to step in and buy it out from under him, except that Cliff got into a fight with his girlfriend, Afton Cooper, and went out on a bender instead. Knowing how crucial it was to cut J.R. off at that moment, Rebecca took it an herself to fly to Houston.

As the Wentworth jet was taking off from Love Field, it was struck in midair by an incoming plane. Rebecca's plane crash-landed. She was just barely alive and was rushed to Dallas Memorial Hospital. Her daughter, Pammy, was there, and her loving eyes were the last thing Rebecca Wentworth saw.

Rebecca's will set forth that money from cash, stocks, and bonds of her estate was to be set up in a trust fund, with a provision for Christopher Shepard Ewing and any future grandchildren. Rebecca also left a generous amount of cash to Afton Cooper, whom she hoped Cliff would marry. In accordance with her husband's wishes, Wentworth Industries was to remain a public entity and be run by an elected Board of Directors. All income and voting shares of Rebecca's were divided equally between Katherine and Pamela. Cliff inherited all of her stock and continued as Chief Executive Officer arid sole owner of Barnes-Wentworth Oil. Wentworth Tool & Die, Herbert's original company, was divided equally among Katherine, Pamela, and Cliff. On any given decision, two had to agree for approval.

Rebecca's children were now as rich and powerful as the Ewings.

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