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Rebecca Barnes Wentworth  in Dallas

"If Jocks will puts J.R. back in the saddle. Rebecca`ll blast the horse to get to the rider" - Clayton Farlow, 1982

No one in Dallas even had a glimmer of recognition of her as anyone but who she appeared to be-Rebecca Wentworth, wife of industrial tycoon Herbert. When she and her husband attended a political fund raiser in Dallas in 1980, high society chatted with her the way they always had: How was Houston? How was lovely Katherine doing? Were plans in place for the annual ball for the Houston Heart Fund, of which Rebecca was chairperson? But there was one woman there who asked nothing, and whose eyes followed Rebecca around the room.

Rebecca had wanted to cry. She saw her own eyes in the young woman's face, the face of her long-lost daughter. And in them, she could see the same pain and loneliness that she had carried in her heart for so many, many years. And yet, she still just nodded to the young woman, as if but merely a social acquaintance.

Rebecca Blake was born and raised in the slums of Dallas. She was sweet, terribly shy, and pretty, but couldn't imagine what Digger Barnes saw in her. She was barely a teenager and Digger was so worldly! He had been all over the state, had made and lost a fortune already [although, he assured her, another one was only a moment away), and he had the most wonderful twinkling blue eyes and uplifting sense of humor. And what she loved best-he appeared so rugged and arrogant in public, but in private he was so gentle and affectionate.

It wasn't until after she married him that she ever saw him drunk. It terrified her. His eyes were bloodshot, his face screwed up in an angry sneer, and his voice turned vicious, constantly spewing venom about Jock and Ellie Ewing.

It only happened a couple of times in the first year, and Digger was always so apologetic, so loving afterward, that she didn't really say too much about it. She figured if he was happy, he wouldn't drink, and so she did her darned est to make him happy.

Rebecca conceived her first child. She was elated, and when the boy, Tyler, was born, she was as thrilled as Digger over how much he looked like him. They adored the child and shamelessly spoiled him with the fruits of Digger's inspired labor in the oil fields, and it looked as if the large family they both wanted was off to a great start. And then when Tyler was only six months old, he started to get sick, rapidly. Something was wrong with his spine, his nervous system, the doctors said; his tiny body was causing him pain. And then he died.

They were both devastated by their loss. Rebecca wept quietly at home, while Digger went out on a bender. After months had passed, and Digger had settled down some, the sad couple nervously agreed to try again. Rebecca tiptoed through this pregnancy, praying mightily every day. Her prayers were answered when she delivered a big, healthy boy-Clifford. Rebecca handled him like glass throughout his infancy and, to the couple's mutual relief and joy, he was every bit as healthy as he appeared to be. But still, Rebecca hovered over him constantly, to the point where Digger warned her about making him a mama's boy. Rebecca would only smile, drawing her son close to her breast in a hug.

Two years later, Rebecca gave birth to a daughter, Catherine. She too appeared to be healthy, but then, toward the end of her first year, Rebecca became sick with fear when she noticed the same symptoms in Catherine that Tyler had displayed. Her fears were confirmed, and Catherine died too.

It was more than either of the parents could bear. Digger disappeared for weeks, and Rebecca, clinging to her small son, cried and prayed to get through each day. She didn't have family to turn to, didn`t have any money and she didn't have her husband when she needed him the most.

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