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Ray Krebbs  in Dallas

While staying with Lil at her old house at 17 Briar Lane, Ray was distressed that Lil’s son, Mickey, was not making life easy for her. He was a cocky, smart-alecky, self-interested juvenile delinquent. The similarity between Mickey and himself when young did not go unnoticed, and when it was readily apparent that Lil had given up on Mickey, Ray suggested that he go with him to Southfork, where Ray could do for Mickey what Jock had done for him.

It was not easy. When Mickey wasn’t mouthing off, he was lollygagging, and when he wasn’t doing that, he was running up a crap game in one of the bunkhouses, and if he couldn’t be found, then he was probably getting drunk in Braddock. But Ray was determined to get this kid back on track and miraculously, it seemed to start happening in 1983 - all because of, of all people, Lucy Ewing Cooper. Mickey fell in love with her, Ray beamed as Mickey started shouldering his load, leaning about and being truly interested in the facets of the ranch. The kid was starting to have plans of his own. Ray was elated with the change.

When Sue Ellen and Mickey were in the car accident at the Southfork gate, it was as if Ray himself had been told he was paralyzed. Ray was beside himself with grief and rage that Mickey had been robbed of his chance at a normal life, and when he found out that the accident had been caused because Walt Driscoll had been trying to kill JR, Ray crossed the line and tried to do it himself. He did not succeed, but his vicious fistfight with JR accidentally started the fire that nearly destroyed Southfork.

As Mickey layed helpless in the hospital, Ray grew thin, sad, exhausted. When Mickey fell into his second coma, Ray could not bear to watch the boy’s body, once so young and strong, decay, shrivel so he looked like an old man. Mickey’s mother, Aunt Lil, begged that he be put out of his misery and Ray, anguished, near emotional collapse, pulled the plug on the life support system and barricaded the hospital room door until he was sure that Mickey was gone.

It was over, Ray was arrested, and he resigned himself to the fact he was guilty. He would do the same thing again, if he had to. Donna charged to his side, trying to compensate for his fatalistic attitude, and found a good legal defense. Case number 8046, the State of Texas versus Raymond Krebbs, made headlines around the country. The Honorable Judge Emmett Burke of the Third District Court found him guilty. Ray’s sentence was five years in the state penitentiary - suspended - with eighteen months of probation.

To lift Ray’s spirits, Donna took him away to New York on a vacation. A kind of second honeymoon, it helped him put the past behind.

Ray continued to run Southfork smoothly and, in addition, began taking a more active role in Donna’s political causes. He was heavily involved, for example, in the investigation of the 1984 government auction of offshore drilling leases in the Gulf.

Ray was delighted when Clayton Farlow became a familiar figure at Southfork. Farlow loved ranching dearly and Ray found his easy, yet tough manner reminiscent of Jock. The two became very close. As Clayton’s sister, Jessica, remarked, “I noticed the resemblance the first time I met you. You’re both strong, silent men. Men of the fields… men of the soil.”

In 1985, however, after years of watching the Ewing clan seemingly bypass him with entrepreneurial success, Ray had begun to yearn to try a new career of his own. His disaster with the San Antonio project has left him cautious. Ray began to feel increasingly vulnerable and when Donna opened her own Oil field this reinforced Rays own feelings of inadequacy. Their marriage began to drift apart, Donna become focused on her career and felt oppressed by Rays need for her as a 'wife'. In late 1985 the couple separated with Donna moving into Southfork Ranch - it was during this strenuous time that Donna discovered she was pregnant. Ray was determined to resolve their problems but Donna had moved on, involving herself in Politics and adamant that a child was no solution to their problems. The couple finally divorced in 1986.

During this time Ray became close to Bobby's ex fiancee Jenna Wade and her teenage daughter Charlie. Jenna's relationship with Bobby had ended and she was pregnant with his child, Ray was still feeling hurt from his divorce from Donna and was able to find and give support to Jenna and her daughter. The relationship soon grew into romance putting a tremendous strain onto his relationship with Bobby, not only was he now involved with Bobby's ex but he was also going to bring up his brothers child.

Donna gave birth to a beautiful daughter, who she named Margaret, after Ray's mother. Donna left Dallas in May 1987 to pursue politics in Washington, where she finally remarried .

Ray's relationship with Jenna continued to prosper, this was a very different relationship from his previous marriage to Donna, he felt less insecure, less threatened. Jenna was content being Ray's partner and a mother to her children, the competitiveness he felt with Donna was no longer an issue. In October 1987 Jenna proposed to Ray and the couple married in December of the same year at a small family ceremony at their home in Braddock.

But Ray had not only taken a wife but a ready made family and his old fashioned family values created tension between himself and Jenna's teenage daughter Charlie. The relationship broke down to such a degree that Charlie was sent to a boarding school in Switzerland. This family rift placed a strain on the Krebb's marriage and in 1988 Jenna temporarily left Dallas to support her daughter in her new environment leaving Ray alone in Dallas. The child in Ray once again emerged and his feelings of inadequacy led him into a one night stand with Connie Hall who he met by chance when her automobile broke down not far from the Krebbs ranch. Connie was an unstable character leading Ray into a fatal attraction, she became obsessed with the Dallas cowboy, even trying to dress like Jenna to win him over. Ray's continual rejection ended in tragedy when Connie broke into his home late one night and brutally stabbed him with a kitchen knife.

Jenna returned to the aftermath of the event finding Ray gone and blood covering the stairs. Ray had survived with flesh wounds and confessed all to Jenna. Jenna hurt and betrayed was left with the decision to either end or save her short marriage to Ray. In May of 1988 she told him the only way their marriage could survive was away from Texas, away from the shadow of the Ewing family that had haunted Ray for so many years. Ray agreed, and the couple left for Europe that same month to start a new life together.

Ray often returns to Southfork to visit his family where he remains a widely respected ranch foreman, an impressive landowner, a loving husband, and an heir to the Ewing empire. And, as always, the cowboy extraordinaire.


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