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Ray Krebbs  in Dallas

Ray was torn apart by the whole affair. The object of his love and devotion was an exceedingly ambitious woman, and Ray found that she was willing to sell out to JR for a recording contract. It caused him a great deal of anguish that she could be so unfeeling and that he was unable to do anything to change things. But that was the way it was, and Ray had to let go of Garnet and his dreams for the future. However, he did hold on to his anger toward JR.

One uplifting thing did happen to Ray during this period. For his years of service at Southfork, Jock gave him a prime Section - 642 acres - of Southfork to call his own. It solidified Ray’s commitment to stay, at a time when, given the Garnet situation and JR, he was sorely tempted to get the heck out.

To take his mind off his troubles, Ray began clearing away part of the land and mapping out a blueprint for a house. While hanging out in the Longhorn Bar on night, Ray struck up a conversation with a beautiful, fair-haired woman named Donna. She liked him instantly, he knew - he felt it in himself, immediately, the attraction - though the lady was slightly aloof - which kind of added to the attraction. He kept going back to the Longhorn to “run into her” and he played along with her mysterious game, which included not telling him what her last name was.

Their unusual courtship came to a halt when Ray found out his lady was none other than Donna Culver, the wife of the former Governor of Texas, Sam Culver. Donna hastened to explain to him that she and Sam were separated, but in the end she went back to Sam, and Ray was heartbroken. He didn’t know her that well, this brilliant, classy lady - and that was what she was, a lady - but somehow she had reached in and taken a piece of his heart.

He threw himself into his work and, in his free time, built every bit of his house with his own two hands. When he had finally bounced back from the Donna affair, when it looked like life would go on, Sam Culver passed away. Gunshy, Ray cautiously saw Donna, and she explained that Sam had found out that he had terminal cancer and that was why she had gone back to him - to be with him in those final days.

The two resumed their relationship, though there were plenty of problems. First of all, Donna was extremely wealthy now, a millionaires. Second, she was intellectually inclined, politically a tigress and a powerful figure in Texas and Washington, DC. He, on the other hand, was a basically uneducated cowboy with a modest ranch house and a little land. In his mind, he was woefully inadequate for her and, besides, they had virtually nothing in common - not in movies, books, work, or friends - including the fact that Donna was a night person, and Ray was always up at first light. In the face of these differences, Ray backed down on his marriage proposal and they split up.

Ray Krebbs and Jock Ewing in Dallas

In the fall of 1980, Amos Krebbs, Ray’s alleged father, whom he hadn’t seen in years, turned up at Southfork to show Margaret’s diary to Ray. It was proof of his claim that Margaret had been carrying Jock’s child - Ray - when Amos married her. Ray threw him off his property when he tried to blackmail him; Jock, however, paid him ten thousand dollars to get him on his way. Jock didn’t doubt Amos’s story at all and had a talk with Ray about it. To Ray’s quiet joy, Jock was delighted by the news - he had always thought of Ray as a son, and now, indeed, he was.

Jock generously wrote Ray in for 25 percent of the Ewing boys’ trust fund, over Ray’s protest. He really didn’t want any of Jock’s money, particularly after Jock had given him something that was priceless - public recognition as his son. It did something for Ray’s self-esteem. Now he knew the whole story - where he had come from, who he was. With new self-assurance, in 1981 he asked Donna to marry him. The happy couple were married in Braddock City Hall, with Bobby and Pam serving as best man and matron of honor.


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