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Ray Krebbs  in Dallas

Ray attracted loads of women but couldn’t seem to find one he was interested in settling down with. Then he met Pamela Barnes, a beautiful young woman who possessed a quiet demeanor along with a high running vivacious spirit. Their courtship was full of fun and good times. She was a terrific dancer, loved to laugh, was smart, alive, interested, and quickly learned about Ray’s work so she could discuss it with him (she was reared in the city). Although Ray was aware of Pam’s feelings about the legendary Barnes-Ewing feud, he talked her into attending the Ewing Barbecue with him in 1977. He was having strong feelings for this girl and was anxious to get Jock’s opinion of her - without telling him that she was Digger’s daughter.

The barbecue started out well enough. Pam was gorgeous - as usual - and it was with more than a little pride that Ray arrived wit her on his arm. He introduced her around. They danced, and then suddenly Bobby Ewing was cutting in on him. Oh, he liked Bobby well enough - in fact, Ray thought him a good man through and through - but he didn’t cotton to what he saw happening on the dance floor. It was not polite interest passing between Pam and Bobby, it was downright electricity. Ray managed to cut in and pull Pam away and keep her away from Bobby for the rest of the evening, but things were never the same again between them. The light in Pam’s eyes was no longer directed toward Ray. Much to Ray’s agonized frustration, Pam soon eased out of the relationship.

Ray Krebbs and Lucy Ewing in Dallas

Still hurting from Pam ’s rejection, Ray found himself tempted by Jock’s teenage granddaughter, Lucy. She was a lovely girl and - whoa! - promised a good time, but Ray knew Jock would kill him if he knew of the fooling around that was going on. Besides, Ray had no interest in using anyone - it just wasn’t part of his nature - and he kept the brakes on their involvement as best he could.


In September of 1978, Ray was first astonished and then crushed when Bobby Ewing arrived home at Southfork with Pamela Barnes. It was worse than he suspected. The two of them had run into each other in New Orleans and whisk-bang boom, Pamela was now Mrs. Bobby Ewing. It was extremely awkward the first couple of weeks - and painful for Ray - but then the two settled into a peaceful friendship that would last a lifetime.

Ray had always been a part time buddy of JR Ewing’s. It wasn’t that Ray admired him in any way, or even liked him, for that matter, but when he felt like kicking loose and raising a little hell, JR always knew how and where to do it best. They would go on jaunts together - usually centered on a lot of women and a lot of bourbon - but their arrangement, even their tolerance of one another, would come apart completely in early 1979. Ray had fallen hard for the pretty country and western singing sensation in the Southwest, Garnet McGee. He thought he had found the woman of his dreams and asked her to marry him. He then found out he had


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