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Pamela Ewing in Dallas

The Reunion

As Pamela came to terms with life without Mark, Bobby's life was in turmoil. Jenna Wade had left him standing at the alter and was then imprisoned for murdering her ex husband Naldo Marchetta. Bobby believed in her innocence and fought tooth and nail to get her free.

During this time Pam and Bobby grew closer and spent evenings reminiscing about the good old days. But Bobby being Bobby would have to stand by Jenna and Pam knew this. She still loved Bobby desperately but in her heart believed that they would never be together.

Then Jenna was released from Prison and Pam thought that any hope of a reconciliation was out of the window.

But then one night Bobby turned up at Pam's house, he told her that Lucy had got married again that day to Mitch Cooper again and when Lucy mentioned that he and Jenna would be next, Jenna saw the look on Bobby's face as it dawned on her that Bobby was still in love with Pamela.


Bobby asked Pam to marry him again and the couples deepest wish came true as Pam agreed.

The couple were married again and she moved back to Southfork to the joy of most of the Ewing family apart from JR of course.

Bobby's baby

On the day of their wedding Bobby and Pam found out that Jenna was pregnant with Bobby's child. Pamela was deeply hurt by this, not only was this a reminder of Bobby's relationship with Jenna but also the pain of Pam being unable to bear a child of her own.

But the couple stayed strong and managed to get over this period. Then Jenna gave birth to a baby boy and Pam got used to the idea that Bobby had another son.

Tragedy Strikes

Fall of the House of Ewing

Pamela went to the doctor and had tests, she wanted another child desperately. The doctor said they may be a way due to advances in that field and told Pam to come back later.

The next morning in bed Pamela was confronted at Southfork by her son Christopher asking questions about his adoption.

Pam told him that she loved him very much and would never leave him. No one could replace Christopher in Pam's life, she loved him with every inch of her soul.

Pam went to the Doctor again and was told that she could now carry a baby a full term. Pam's dearest wish had come true, on her way back she rang Bobby on her car phone to tell him the good news. In her excitement she didn't pay attention to the road and she crashed into a Tanker.

Pam was rushed to Dallas memorial hospital where she was suffering from massive 3rd degree burns. Wrapped in bandages and unable to speak she lay for weeks in the hospital. When the bandages were removed Pam couldn't stand the pain and heartache and left Dallas asking Bobby never to look for her. She asked for a divorce leaving Bobby and Christopher alone.

Pam's Final Hour

After a year away from her family Pamela was spotted by Jordan Lee and she was confronted by her brother Cliff.

She told Cliff that she was never coming back to Dallas, that she had a new life and that she was in love with her doctor. She told him to leave and never come back.

When he was gone a grief filled Pam revealed that she had lied and in fact she was dying with only a few months to live and she didn't want the people she loved to watch to her die.

Pam will always be remembered by those who loved her and wherever she is she will always be loved.

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