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Pamela Ewing in Dallas

Rebeccas Farewell

Tension escalated to unbearable proportions when Miss Ellie, in her attempt to break Jock's will and stop the contest that was tearing the family apart, sought support from Pam, who gave it. Bobby was angry with Pam, he sided with JR on the issue. As emotions rose at Southfork, Pam leaned more and more on her mother for support.

And then Rebecca was no longer there. As she was leaving for Houston on business concerning the feud, the Wentworth jet was involved in a midair collision, forcing it to crash-land at Love Field. Critically injured, Rebecca died in Dallas Memorial Hospital. She spent her last minutes alive with Pam at her side, and her last words to her were:

"Cliff's a sweet boy. But-he's not-so strong. Look after him , Pammy, please. He needs someone strong. Like you . . . Keep him safe. Protect him. Promise me you'll protect him . . . You always were the stronger one. Don't tell him I said so. It'll be our secret."

Pamela made her promise to her mother and, quietly, Rebecca passed away. Pam was devastated-and angry-if it hadn't been for that infernal contest between Bobby and JR . . .

She went to her mother's house, where she finally broke down and cried her heart out. When she had calmed down somewhat, she knew she could not go back to Southfork. She decided to take Christopher and move into the Fairview Hotel with her sister, Katherine, and try to get her head straight.

The wicked Sister

Pam's mother left her 50 percent of all income and voting shares in Wentworth Industries (the other 50 percent went to Katherine), and 33 percent in Wentworth Tool & Die (the other two thirds to Katherine and Cliff). It would be a while before she paid interest in her new status and responsibilities. Thanks to Katherine, and later JR, Pam and Bobby were led into deception after deception about each other, making a reconciliation impossible. Meanwhile, the wonderful man Pam had met recently, millionaire Mark Graison, persistently appeared on the scene, offering help, love, and encouragement. Pam found herself drawn into a £friendship with him, although he clearly wanted more. After an emotionally exhausting confrontation with Bobby at the hotel, Pam expressed a need to get away from all the chaos in Dallas, and Mark offered to fly her to the Rivera on his private jet. At first she was hesitant and said no, but then she thought, why not?

The Divorce

Pamela and Bobby Ewing in Dallas divorce

There, enjoying the sun and the quiet, Pam realized that she was enormously attracted to Mark, but, no matter what, while she was still married to Bobby, she would never sleep with anyone else. That is just her nature. Then, when she was leaning toward violating her own moral code, Pam received an urgent transatlantic call from Afton Cooper, her brother's girlfriend, who warned her that Katherine was moving in on Bobby. Confused, not sure what it was all supposed to mean, Pam left immediately for Dallas. She confronted Bobby first, then Katherine, and believed them ' when they said they were merely close friends and that Katherine was working on helping him get a Wentworth Tool & Die drill he desperately needed for his Canadian fields, despite Cliff's veto. Pam was put in an awkward position. Bobby wanted the Tundra Torque for Ewing Oil, and Cliff did not want him to have it (he wanted to force Bobby to sell the fields to him instead). If Pam sided with Katherine and voted to let him have it, then Bobby would probably win control over Ewing Oil. And that would mean Bobby would go on as he had been recently-tense, a bit ruthless, and never having time for anything but work-leaving few of the qualities that made Pam love him. But if Pam voted with Cliff not to give Bobby the drill, it would mean the end of their marriage for sure. Pam voted with Katherine and hoped for the best.

The best was no alternative, she realized then. Bobby had changed greatly, and there was a no-win label on this marriage. She met with him and said she thought they should be divorced so that she could try to build a new life, since the old one was in such a shambles. Then the fire at Southfork occurred and Pam backed off the divorce issue to let Bobby have some time to sort out the mess at the house. Before Pam spoke to him again, JR stepped into say that as long as Pam stayed away from Bobby, JR would leave Bobby alone, but if Pam came back into Bobby's life, then JR would do everything in his power to destroy not only Bobby, but also her brother, Cliff. JR had never made an idle threat in his life, and Pam knew it. Katherine tricked Pam into signing a paper that made it appear that Pam had written a letter to her lawyer saying she was no longer in love with Bobby. Katherine read Bobby this made-up letter. So when Pam met with Bobby, having decided to ignore JR and reconcile with him, she was speechless with pain when Bobby told her to her face that he was ready to let go, and that it was time for both of them to realize that their marriage was over. Unable to say anything, Pam left.

Pam and Bobby met with their lawyers, and the proceedings began. Pam went to court-Bobby didn't need to appear-and the divorce was granted to the Ewing's in the fall of 1983.

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