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Pamela Ewing in Dallas

JR vs Pam

One night in her room she woke to find Leanne lying across the bed with a drunken man, both of them in stages of undress. Pam bolted upright and yelled at the two of them, while a photographer snapped away from outside the window the record of the event courtesy of JR The next morning at the Ewing breakfast table, the Dallas Press displayed the not-so-discreet headline: FINANCIER IN LOVE NEST and there, splashed across the front page, was a photograph of Pam in bed with Leanne and Ben Maxwell. Fortunately for Pam, Bobby always believed in her innocence, and this time was no exception. But boy oh boy, it really cinched the saddle on Pam's hatred for JR

Digger's Daughter?

In 1979, Pamela was told by Digger's doctor that Digger was a carrier of neurofibromatosis, and that she and Cliff, as his children, were carriers, It was a disease that could be fatal to infants, and the doctor strongly advised them never to have children. Shortly thereafter, Pam discovered she was pregnant. She was in agony; she couldn't bring herself to tell Bobby. But before she could go ahead with the abortion the doctor recommended, Bobby found out about her pregnancy, and he was so happy, she didn't have the heart to tell him the rest. Then tragedy struck. A rattlesnake scared Pam's horse while she was riding and she was thrown, causing a miscarriage. Later she found out that she was not Digger's daughter and thus was not a carrier of the disease. Then she was told that, after those two miscarriages, she could not bear children. Deeply grieved, Pam tried to push on in life as best as she could. Her career was moving along at The Store-she was handling the spring catalog alone for the first time-but she started losing interest in her work when Sue Ellen and JR brought little John Ross home to Southfork. Sue Ellen, who was in a chronic state of depression, barely acknowledged the child's existence, and JR rarely went within two feet of the child. Pamela , stepped in as if she were his mother-feeding, changing, and playing with him, getting up before the nurse did in the middle of the night when he cried. She soon became obsessed with the child, as a kind of mourning for what she could not have herself.

Pam's boss was suddenly transferred to the Houston store and Pam was promoted to head buyer, which kept her extremely busy. But she still was obsessing over John Ross. Bobby was drifting away from her with the demands of his work.

Goodbye Digger: Hello Rebecca

To top off 1980, Pam watched Digger painfully and slowly die as a result of his years of alcoholism. She was overwhelmed by a sense of loss and her great loneliness pushed her to find out about her mother. She developed a notion-a dream born out of grief-that perhaps her mother wasn't dead after all. Then a private investigator turned up evidence that her mother had not died as Digger had said.

Meanwhile, Bobby had taken over Ewing Oil while JR was convalescing after being shot, and it made Pamela nervous. She watched her husband get deeper and deeper into the heart of the business in an effort to prove himself, and she took note of Bobby's instinctive attraction to power, which she realized might be dangerous to their marriage. Pam knew that their chance of leaving Dallas and JR was over. Now that Bobby had tasted owner he wouldn't be anxious to let go of it.

Pam's private investigator, after following seemingly endless leads, located a woman he believed to be Pam's mother. But instead of the waitress or maid whom Pam had envisioned, the woman was the matron of a fabulously opulent mansion in Houston. Pam approached her, and Rebecca Wentworth flatly denied that she was her mother. She was, she said emphatically, Rebecca Wentworth, and she had never heard of anyone named Digger

Depressed, Pamela pushed on with her work, trying to shut out the pain, the loneliness penetrating her very heart. She met Alex Ward, the millionaire publisher of Dallas World, who fell head over heels in love with her the first time they met. Alex was ardent, persistent, and he was tempting. Bobby at this point had resigned as president of Ewing Oil but had begun and alternative energy company that still took all of his time . He constantly missed dinner dates with Pam, and by the time he got home at night he was either too tired or preoccupied with work to pay any attention to Pamela.

It was difficult to push Alex away, particularly since he had business connections with the Store. But Pam couldn`t bring herself to betray Bobby, and she curtailed any involvement with Alex.

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