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Pamela Ewing in Dallas

Barnes becomes Ewing:

Pams vision of her wedding had not been a 10 minute service in a New Orleans justice of the peace office with a Southern Baptist minister presiding, but it was a wedding.

Pamela and Bobby Ewing in Dallas

When she arrived at Southfork, the family was clearly mortified at what Bobby had done, at what he had married. Jock was contemptuous, Miss Ellie cool, JR hostile, Sue Ellen as if she didn't exist, and Lucy! Pam was. astounded at the behavior that little brat got away with. And then, of course, there was Ray to contend with. Silent, sad Ray, standing outside, forever hovering around the house.

But Pamela had Bobby. She had him to wake up with in the morning, she had him in her arms at night, and she had him to make a life with, to make a future. That made everything worth it.Oh, Lord, was there ever trouble, though, in that house. First off, J,R. accused her of being a spy for her brother, Cliff, who was building a case against Ewing Oil. Bobby vigorously defended her, and the family eventually found out that Pam was innocent. Score 1 for Pam.

When Pam announced that she was expecting, all the Ewings, except JR and Sue Ellen forgave her for being a Barnes. The family's joy was terminated, however, when she lost the child, due to a fall from the loft in the barn.

To get her mind off her misfortune, Pam took back her old job with Liz Craig at The Store, and she did extremely well, eventually earning a promotion as a buyer. As Pam was beginning to recover from the trauma, Ed Haynes turned up in Dallas to claim that they were still married and that during the years he was in a POW camp, only Pam's memory had kept him alive. Pam was shocked beyond words and couldn't imagine how this could be happening. JR gleefully brought the news-that Pamela was a bigamist-to the family dinner table, and though Pam hastened to explain to the Ewings that the marriage had been annulled, the papers testifying to that fact had mysteriously disappeared. Eventually Pam was cleared, and Haynes was found to be a blackmailer. Pamela kept a wary eye on JR, after that. His desire to get her out of the family was all too apparent.

Trouble was forever being generated by JR He openly despised Pam.

Pam thought that was mild compared to the feelings she was developing for him. When her brother was framed by JR for the murder of Julie Grey, Pamela threw in the towel and moved off Southfork. She moved in temporarily with Leanne Rees, one of The Store's models. What was supposed to be a chance to get get her head together turned out to be the most embarrassing incident of her life .


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