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Pamela Ewing in Dallas

"When I see you Pam, I know something wonderful came out of that awful time" Rebecca Wentworth 1981

Early Life

The story of her early life is that she was born in Corpus Cristi , Texas to Willard Barnes and Rebecca Blake Barnes and she had an older brother Clifford. She was told by Digger that her mother Rebecca had died when Pam was just a baby, but the truth would come out years later. She was a very happy baby and giggled and laughed from almost the day she was born. At 10 months she began walking , one day she just stood up and walked right over to Digger.

Her and Cliff were bought up by Diggers sister Maggie ,living in a rundown part of Dallas. Her aunt was a religious fanatic and Pam loved her dearly. As Pam said in later years " When you get right down to it, Cliff and I were just two poor kids, brought up on the wrong side of the tracks".

The Teenage Years

As time went by Digger visited his children less and less. When he did see them all he seemed to talk about was Jock Ewing. Pamela grew up hating the Ewing Family. As Cliff told her in later years "You was worse than I was. You used to break windows in the old Ewing Oil office downtown. You were the one who plotted revenge"

But as time went by her hate began to fade as she realized that it was holding her back. She wanted to be someone in her own right, she Pamela Barnes could be somebody.

She tried out cheerleading and made the team, they were asked to perform at the Sun Bowl in El Paso. It was Pam's first big trip and she went off terribly excited at her first `look at the world`.

It was here she met a young handsome Soldier Edison Haynes who declared his love for the fifteen year old Pamela. He asked her to marry him and swooning and with dreams of her own `normal` family she agreed. Ed whisked her across the border to Juarez to get married, which they did. But Digger found them before they had time to consummate the marriage and he dragged her back heartbroken to Dallas. Ed was shipped off to Vietnam the next day and Digger got the marriage annulled.

After Graduation

When she graduated from School Pam got a job at the The Store, a clothing store in Dallas. It was not a terrific job but Pam had a flare for fashion and she made enough money to maintain her own one bedroom apartment. An avid reader, she kept up with the current events and issues and was well read in the classics as well as the best sellers. She dated frequently from Jack Easton one of the wealthiest bachelors in Dallas to a State Senator but then she met a cowboy - Ray Krebbs the foreman of Southfork Ranch.

They couple had a fun time and had no illusions about their future together. Then Ray asked her to attend a Barbecue at SouthFork Ranch. Pam refused to go, how could she, as she told Ray.

" I may not hate the Ewings the same way my daddy does, or my brother for that matter. But to stand face to face with a Ewing, at a Ewing party, I'm sorry but I can`t do that. Jock Ewing might find himself flame grilled"

But Pamela gave in and decided to go, maybe it was a perverse form of curiosity. Who were these Ewings her daddy had hated so much. She was about to find out.

Pam Meets Bobby

She was dancing with Ray when she first saw Bobby.At six feet two, with warm hazel eyes and jet black hair he wasn`t hard to notice.

He was there on the sidelines watching her. And then he came over and cut in. Pam forgot Ray, the Barbecue, Southfork, everything, the moment this man held her. She looked into those eyes and it was all over . It didn't matter that this man was a Ewing; he was Bobby and one day he was going to be hers.

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