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JR Ewing of Dallas

JR has his brother Bobby to thank for bringing him out of it. Bobby forcefully reminded him that Jock had built an empire for them, and it was his and JR's responsibility to preserve that empire for their sons. JR realized that Bobby was right, and his heart lifted at the thought of John Ross Ewing III. If JR couldn't go on living for himself, then he'd do it for John Ross. He went to Jock's office at Ewing Oil late one night and, talking aloud, said:

"I let you down for a while, Daddy, I know I did. I lost my backbone down at that lake when I saw you'd never be back. I'm coming back, though, and I'm coming back strong. You built Ewing Oil from the ground for your sons. I know that, and, Daddy, I'm gonna build it stronger for mine. You're gonna be proud of me again, Daddy. I'm gonna put such a lock on the company that nobody, nobody will ever take it away, not from you and me, and not from your grandson."

JR wanted his son back at Southfork, that was no secret, but it was a secret that he desperately wanted Sue Ellen back, too. There had been something about their separation-something had been restored in Sue Ellen that had been lost for many years-that stirred his heart. He had forgiven her, and his original feelings for her resurfaced. After all, they had been married for ten years, and Sue Ellen was still one of the most beautiful, and desirable women in all of Texas. And her affairs and the birth of their son had brought out a side of her that had long been hidden. Instead of being detached, cold, Sue Ellen was actually a loving, affectionate, and passionate woman.

It caused JR untold pain to find out that Sue Ellen was seeing Cliff Barnes again, and while everyone else said that JR was upset only because it was Cliff, that JR wanted John Ross back at Southfork because of his voting shares in Ewing Oil, the truth of the matter was that JR only wanted his family back, and that included Sue Ellen.

In 1982, JR learned that Christopher, the dear little boy whom Bobby and Pam were adopting, was his child by Kristin. JR had loved the baby the moment he saw him, before he had even known. But then he was crestfallen. It turned out that Kristin had miscarried his baby and that this child was someone else's. JR would have loved to have had another child and, although he was happy for Bobby, he would always play with Christopher a bit wistfully.

JR slowly made progress with Sue Ellen. No matter what they had done to each other and themselves, there was still an undeniable bond between them. If nothing else, they were survivors, they were the parents of John Ross, and Sue Ellen was, by this time, a Ewing at heart. The spark of the years before came back and their love rekindled. JR's dream of having her back as his wife seemed to be realized when she agreed to marry him again. Meanwhile, though, JR had quietly aided Cliff Barnes's greediness and watched as Barnes destroyed his own company career. But to JR's shock, Barnes then tried to kill himself. Sue Ellen and Miss Ellie held JR responsible -which JR didn't understand, since it was obvious that Barnes's own greed and stupidity had been his undoing, with little help from him-and Sue Ellen put off their pending marriage while an angry Miss Ellie led the family in voting J,R. out of Ewing Oil.

JR Ewing and Holly Harwood Dallas

Not to be left out in the cold for long, JR became the silent Chief Executive Officer of Harwood Oil, for a 25 percent interest in the company. The position had been offered by Holly Harwood, the beautiful young thing who had just inherited the company from her father, Al, and didn't know how to run it, So, JR had something to do until his father's will was read and he was reinstated at Ewing Oil to run half of the company in the yearlong contest with Bobby. Despite that workload, JR continued to run Harwood Oil until well into 1983.




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