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JR Ewing of Dallas


Still, there was a void in his life. He saw scads of women, and his parents wondered out loud if he had thought about marrying, settling down,producing some heirs. JR assured them that he was looking, and indeed he was, but like everything else, J. R. Ewing was determined to bring home the best, and, more important, and most difficult, he wanted to love and be loved. Of the hundreds of women he dated, wooed, bedded, none fit the bill. Then, in July 1963, serving as a judge at the Miss Texas Pageant in Fort Worth, out came young Miss Dallas. As J. R. later said to Sue Ellen, "When it came to the bathing suit contest all the rest of the girls were strutting and trying to look sexy. You didn't try, but you sure looked sexy and . . . something else . . . you looked like a lady."

Sue Ellen and JR Ewing Sue Ellen Shepard won the pageant and J. R. Ewing's heart. It was quite a lengthy romance. Sue Ellen loved J,R. and he her, but he was hesitant about marriage. After all, every girl in the state was after him. How could he be sure Sue Ellen was the one? Unlike every other girl in the state, Sue Ellen flatly refused to go to bed with JR unless they were married, It made her all the more desirable, and the more he desired her, the more aloof she became. Then, finally, crazy in love with her, convinced that she had to be the one he asked her to marry him. They had a huge wedding at Southfork in 1971.

The marriage was a great disappointment to JR Oh, he loved Sue Ellen, but he had trouble in the one place he had never had before-bed. It wasn't that Sue Ellen was exactly cold, it was just that she was so restrained, so ladylike, that JR was practically afraid to touch her. JR honestly believed that Sue Ellen was a lady, a great lady, and, based on their first time in bed together, he came to believe that true ladies weren't interested in such things and shouldn't have to be sullied that way. So he left Sue Ellen pretty much alone after the honeymoon. It wasn't that he wanted to, but it seemed to be what she wanted, although they never talked about it. So rather than debase his beautiful wife, JR discreetly took his desires elsewhere. (He found solace with his secretary, Julie Grey, who not only met his appetite in bed, but who also was a confidante, one who generously gave him affection. She would be more a wife to JR than Sue Ellen would be for several years.) The other disappointment that was related to this was that Sue Ellen didn't conceive, and JR very much wanted to have children.

When his daddy retired in 1977, JR was made President of Ewing Oil. It was a wise choice, for JR was a man of the times and his new ideas and ' ventures were highly successful-so long as he had absolute power. Though ,JR had wonderful business schemes, they were so intricate, often so cloak` and-dagger, that they required a great deal of secrecy and shooting from the hip. Their success depended on ].R.'s masterminding them, without any outside interference. One naive step could result in the undoing of months of ground work and cost the company millions. Until 1978, JR had no such interference and the company was in blazing good health.

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