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The Ewing Name

According to legend handed down through countless Ewing generations, the Ewing name came about as follows:

In pre-Christian times, a group of Celts settled along the eastern shores of Loch Lomond in Scotland and became shepherds. Their peaceful settlement was plagued by the depredations of a huge eagle that stole their sheep. Finally an infant child was taken by the eagle. The eagle's nest was in a precarious position under the overhang of a steep cliff, and one of the shepherds was lowered by rope to attempt to kill this bird that had caused them such injury. Unable to hoist the whole of the eagle's corpse back to the clifftop, the shepherd brought back with him one of the eagle's wings to prove that his mission had been accomplished successfully. This group of Celtic shepherds began to call themselves the Eagle Wing Clan. This clan name was shortened to E-Wing and finally to Ewing.

The Ewing Coat of Arms

The Ewing name is of Cymric Lowland origin and is among the earliest Saxonized names ending in g. It is, therefore, a Celtic name Teutonized. Ewin, the father; Ewing, the son. The g of the name is an important part of the evidence of its Briton origin. It was the Cymric Britons, not the Highlanders, who were earliest Anglo-Saxized. Eoghan of the Highlands became McEwen. Eoghan, Ewen, the father; McEwen, the son. Eoghan, Ewen, McEwen, Gaelic,; Engenius, Urien, Owen, Ewene, Euin, Ewin, meaning "well born" quite as much in the Cymric, Celtic Briton, and have the same meaning in the Cymric tongue as Eogan (or Eoghan) in the Gaelic.

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