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Miss Ellie Ewing  in Dallas

Their path to marriage seemed clear. Then, in a ghastly incident just before their wedding in 1984, Ellie was nearly killed by Clayton's sister, Lady Jessica Montford. It was quite a shock that such a gentle man could have a psychotic killer for a sister. The quick reflexes of Clayton, along with J.R. and Bobby, saved Ellie, and it was Ellie and Clayton's love that saved their wedding the very next day at Southfork.

Miss Ellie and Clayton Farlow marry in DallasThe wedding was a beautiful affair, a dignified ceremony marking the beginning of a new chapter for both. Miss Ellie was given away by her sons J.R. and Bobby; and Sue Ellen Ewing, her daughter-in-law, of whom she is extremely fond, served as matron of honor. Ellie and Clayton took a long, romantic honeymoon cruise among the Greek Isles.

1986 brought a great heartache for Ellie as she was given a painful reminder of the past. A man by the name of Wes Parmalee took up the job of Ranch foreman, he was an elderly man but distinguished and strong in presence. Upon meeting him Ellie found herself instantly attracted to this man , he reminded her of someone she once knew but she couldn`t quite place him.

Ellie then accidentally stumbled across Wes`s belongs and to her shock, discovered Jocks buckle that he had been wearing during the time of the helicopter crash in South America, she also found some pictures of herself, much younger, pictures Jock had once carried around in his wallet. She was horrified , who was this man.? Wes revealed to Ellie that he was indeed Jock, her husband declared dead some years previously., explaining that he had been in that awful helicopter crash and had been near death and after extensive reconstructive surgery had decided to return to his `family`. Ellie was in a state of shock and confusion , part of her wanted to believe Jock had returned, but what of Clayton.

The Ewing Family were in chaos, Ellie continued to make contact with the man, causing Clayton to move out of Southfork, meanwhile the rest of the family refused to believe his story. Ellie confided to Mavis Anderson about her confusion, Mavis questions Ellies feelings "is it Jock ? or is it that man Wes your attracted to?" she asked. Deep down Ellie knew he wasn`t Jock, and eventually Wes confessed that he indeed had been in that helicopter crash in South America, and he had met Jock, and during a period where Jock had a bad fever he had revealed the history of the Ewing Family. Wes then left Dallas and has not been heard of since.

1987 brought new heartache to Ellie, not only had Pamela been involved in a terrible car accident and left Dallas but Clayton was diagnosed as having a heart problem and needed to undertake surgery. Clayton began to feel vulnerable and felt a need to prove himself by ignoring the doctors warnings to take things easy. Ellie went out of her way to protect Clayton from`himself` by making sure he took care of himself., but this seemed to drive Clayton further away from Ellie and put a terrible strain on their marriage.

Clayton befriended a young woman by the name of Laurel Ellis, she breathed new life into Clayton attempting to inspire him to find something fore filling to do with his life. Clayton began to spend more time with Laurel , even forgetting his 3rd Wedding anniversary with Ellie. Ellie was convinced Clayton was having an affair with this young attractive girl, and confides to Mavis about her fears. Ellie then left for St.Croix to sort out her thoughts and upon returning confronts Clayton about Laurel and refuses to believe him when he claims the relationship is innocent and asks him to leave Southfork which he does. The situation came to a head when Laurels `blackmailing` artist friend was found dead and Clayton was arrested for the murder, it was soon discovered that Laurels ex boyfriend was responsible and Laurel explained to Ellie that her relationship with Clayton was purely innocent and Ellie and Clayton were reunited.

To the outside observer, Southfork Ranch is a tranquil place. That is how Enoch Southworth foresaw it in the 1860s, and that is how Aaron tried to maintain it. But the union of Southworth and Ewing blood has created a family of inordinate will, power, and high passion, and no one but the possessor of the most fierce clan loyalty and unflagging love of family and tradition could possibly manage it. And Miss Ellie not only manages it, but also commands it. For more than their love for her, the family has an overriding, nonnegotiable respect for this woman. When Rosalyn Carter was nicknamed the "Iron Magnolia," the family shared discreet looks and chuckles at the dinner table in Miss Ellie's direction. She was mildly amused, but really rather disinterested, for she knows better than anyone else that the name Miss Ellie needs no further amplification.

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