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Donna Krebbs  in Dallas

Donna Krebbs finds out she is pregnant in DallasDonna was thrown into further turmoil when she discovered she was pregnant with Rays child. Her time at Southfork gave her time to think. After the party where the Ewings were celebrating yet another victory over Cliff Barnes, Donna told Ray about the pregnancy. Ray was delighted but Donna explained that a baby was not a solution to their problems.

Ray tried his best to get Donna back, he even bought his own Ranch next to Southfork to encourage a fresh start but again Donna did not feel this was a solution.

In 1986 the Oil Industry was in crisis with cheap oil coming in from the gulf, the Texas Oil Industry was going under. JR suggested Donna should head up a new lobby, she had the talent, this lobby would encourage a tariff on imported oil. Donna was undecided about his, she knew it could put a further strain on her marriage as it would she would be spending a lot of time in Washington. Undecided Donna spoke to Miss Ellie and Sue Ellen, it was Sue Ellen who helped Donna reach a decision, she told Donna "any woman who builds her life around her husband is heading for disaster and if you want a shining example of that look at me".

Donna took up the position and headed out to Washington. Ray and Donnas lives were changing rapidly and the gap between them are widened to a point where there was no going back. Ray had started up his own business with Clayton and Jack, and had developed a strong relationship with Jenna Wade, Donna was busy in Washington and she too had met a man called Andrew Dowling who she was developing a relationship with but held out on until her marriage to Ray was settled.

In 1987 Donna and Ray were divorced, both found this a painful experience but their marriage was over and nothing could change this. The problems had always been there, and now it was over.

Donna returned to Washington and free from Ray she followed her heart and began a loving relationship with Andrew, they both had so much in common, politics, a love of fine arts. At this stage in her life it was what Donna wanted.

In March 1987 Donna gave birth her and Rays child and named her Margaret after Rays mother. Donna moved to Washington on a permanent basis where she eventually married Andrew.


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