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Digger Barnes  in Dallas

Now that Cliff was out of work, Digger felt that he was becoming a burden to him. He decided that it was time for him to get back to work and announced his intention to leave for Galveston. Pam, worried about his health, tried to talk him out of it, but Digger was adamant.

"I've got to go. I can't keep hanging around, and feeling useless and worn out. I mean, if I can't work the field anymore, well, I gotta find something else - work in an office, drive a truck, anything - but I gotta feel useful again."

Soon Cliff was also back in gainful employment, this time in the Dallas district attorney's office, where he became intrigued by the recent discovery of a skeleton that had been buried on Southfork ranch for the past twenty-five years. He returned home from work one evening to find Digger in a drunken frenzy, tearing up the apartment looking for booze. Before passing
out, he mumbled something about being fired from his job in Galveston. However, as he told Pam, Cliff believed the root cause of Digger's condition lay elsewhere:

"They've done it to him; the Ewings have finally finished off Daddy."

Cliff swore to avenge his father, and was sure that the body that had been found on Southfork would hold the key to the Ewings' downfall. He was out gathering evidence the following day, when Pam arrived at the apartment and found Digger unconscious on the floor, surrounded by empty bottles. Unable to rouse him, she called for an ambulance to take him to Dallas Memorial Hospital.

He did not regain consciousness until two days later, during which time Pam remained at his bedside, and Cliff continued his investigation. By the time Digger woke up, Jock Ewing had been arrested for murder. Cliff to could not wait to tell his father the good news:

Cliff: Daddy, I did it. I finally got Jock Ewing for you.

Digger: Hey, Cliff - I sure could use a little drink.

Digger continued to slip in and out of consciousness as the days passed. Eventually, he became more lucid, but remained very weak. He received a visit from his son-in-law Bobby, who made a desperate appeal to him:

Bobby: Your son is framing my daddy for murder ... Is that what you want,
Digger - for Jock to go to prison for a murder he didn't commit?

Cliff: Come off it, Bobby. Jock's managed to hide it all these years, but he
did kill Hutch McKinney.

Bobby: ... Answer me, Digger, is that what you want - for Daddy to go to prison, and Momma be left alone? Is that how much she means to you? I didn't know your hatred for Daddy included her too. I thought you loved her.

Digger: Bobby, I never wanted this - not this. I never wanted to hurt Miss Ellie.

It was too late - Jock's trial was underway. Digger's health continued to deteriorate, and his sister Maggie arrived from Kansas.

"It was bound to end up like this," she told Pam sadly.

"You could have saved yourself a trip, Maggie. I'm gonna be out of here in
no time."

Cliff was in court when word reached him that his father was dying. He informed Miss Ellie that Digger had asked to see her. Bobby drove her to the hospital, and they joined Cliff, Pam and Maggie at Digger's bedside.

Digger: Ellie ... I wasn't gonna say anything. I was gonna let Cliff get his final revenge against Jock for me. Then Bobby asked, do I still love you? I do ... I can't let Cliff do this to you ...
I was drinking. It was another of those three day benders. we were living in Braddock, maybe a mile from Southfork. I came home to your momma, Pam, Cliff, I always did. Only this time, it wasn't the same.

Digger had come home to find his wife Rebecca in the arms of Hutch McKinney. She told Digger that she and Hutch were in love, and - now that Jock had fired him as foreman at Southfork - she was leaving Dallas with him and Cliff.

Digger: You're pregnant - what about my baby?

Rebecca: Digger, Hutch is the daddy.

Digger: You whore!

Digger had struck Rebecca, and then turned on Hutch, knocking him down. McKinney then pulled out a gun. Rebecca knocked the gun out of his hand and onto the floor. Digger picked it up, and shot Hutch dead.

Digger: I dragged him outside, put him in the car. I buried the body in the first open space I saw. I realised later it was a section of Southfork. And then I took Becky and Cliff, and we moved to Corpus Christie. When Becky died, we went to Dallas, to Maggie. I wouldn't let Jock take the blame for what happened to Hutch, Ellie. You had to be taken care of.

Pam: Daddy, what about the baby?

Digger: ... I always loved you, Pam ... just like you were my own.

Moments later, Digger died.

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