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Digger Barnes  in Dallas

Humiliated and angry, Digger shunned Pam and Ellie's attempts at consolation, and insisted on getting drunk. While Pam went to find Jimmy to drive him home, he continued to drown his sorrows with an equally inebriated JR - no happier about his little brother's marriage than Digger himself.

From there, Digger went on an almighty binge, lasting several weeks and refused to have any contact with his daughter. During this period, Digger's sister, Margaret, with whom he lived, told him that Pam had suffered a miscarriage, but it barely seemed to register with him. Finally, he collapsed in the street and was taken to the detox ward of the county hospital.

After he was discharged, Pam went to visit him at Maggie's house, to apologize for what Jock had done to him at the barbecue. Digger told her to get out, that as long as she remained under Jock Ewing's roof, she was dead to him.

He showed up at Southfork later that day, staggering out of his car to demand from Jock $10,000, for "the only thing I had [left] that you could get" - Pam herself. Pam watched silently as Jock talked Digger down to $100.

She then paid Digger another visit, this time refusing to listen when he ordered her to leave.

Pam: You're a drunk, Daddy. You do idiotic drunken things and I'm ashamed of you.

Digger: I don't marry Ewings.

Pam: I did. I did and I'm glad, because Bobby's a decent man. He doesn't smell the way you do, and I don't have to be ashamed of him the way I am of you. I love him and he loves me. That's it. The rest we have to put up with ... You're the only father I have and I'm not ready to be an orphan. Next to Jock Ewing, you're the most unwholesome man I know, but I love you and you're not getting rid of me.

Contrite, Digger attempted to give her the hundred dollar bill he had taken from Jock.

"Keep it - the old louse owes you a lot more than that!"

After four days' work in an oil field near Lubbock, Digger had earned enough for another binge. He holed up in his local bar, but it wasn't too long before he was out of money again. A younger man came to his rescue, buying Digger drinks and even listening to him reminisce about his wildcatting days and his daughter. When they left the bar and Digger saw the man had a fifth of whisky on him, he invited him home for a night-cap.

The next day, a sober Digger received a visit from Pam and Cliff. A figure from their past had shown up in Dallas:

When Pam was fifteen, impressionable, and on an overnight cheerleading trip to El Paso, she had met and married a young soldier, Ed Haynes, who was being shipped off to Vietnam the
following day. When word reached Digger, he followed them and dragged Pam back to Dallas before the newlyweds had a chance to consummate the marriage. Ed went off to the war, and
Digger had the marriage annulled.

Now Haynes was in Dallas, claiming that he had never received the annulment papers, and that he and Pam were still married. Pam needed Digger's copy of the papers to avoid charges of bigamy. Digger was certain they were stored in an old cigar box in his bedroom, along with other family documents and photographs. He looked there, but to no avail. Digger was adamant he had not lost the papers, insisting he had been stone cold sober when he filed them. Feeling responsible, he decided to confront Haynes himself. Cliff tried to
dissuade him, but he would not be talked out of it.

"Pamela's marriage to Bobby Ewing is very painful to me, but I'm not about to see her suffer because of something I may or may not have done."

Cliff drove Digger to the motel where Haynes was staying. Haynes was on his way out and refused to speak to Digger, dismissing him as a drunk as he left. Cliff commented that it was an odd thing for him to call Digger, as he had never seen him drunk. Suddenly, Digger realized: the man who had bought him drinks in the bar, and then come home with him, was Haynes. Digger remembered showing him pictures from the cigar box, which was when Haynes
must have stolen the annulment papers. Cliff and Bobby went to face down Haynes, and he left town.

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