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Sue Ellen's Diary

NOVEMBER 13 1967

Last night, all agreed, was a great success! Miss Ellie took me to one side
and told me that with someone like me around,we couldn't fail to raise
money. I am so relieved that she has taken to me. She occasionally gives
away little signs that she would like to have me as a daughter-in-law. I
didn't tell her that I've been practising signing my name "Sue Ellen Ewing"
to see how it looks! I must admit, it has a certain ring to it....

I did feel quite insecure last night though. I didn't get to spend much
time with JR, although I could see him looking at me. He was never too far
from my sight. There were just so many other eligible young women there,
and JR is so so handsome. Many of them were flocking round him, trying
their hardest to impress. Although he is always very polite and charming to
them, even when he was speaking to them, he didn't take his eyes off me.

But what makes me so special? JR could have his pick of any woman in the
state - maybe even in the country, but he just keeps telling me that I'm the
only one he wants. With my Miss Texas dress and crown on, it felt like the
first night we met. Me up there on the podium helping to raise money, and
him in the crowd watching.

I was slightly anxious about what JR had said to Mamma when he took her on
that little tour of the Ranch. When I asked him, he was quite coy, saying
he simply showed her the horses and explained a little bit about the Ranch's
history. But something in his eye told me that that wasn't quite the truth.
When we returned home from Southfork, I was getting ready for bed and Mamma
came in and told me she had something serious she wanted to discuss with me.
Kristin wanted to listen too, but Mamma said it was private.

She told me that JR had told her how much he loved me and that he wanted to
make me his wife. My heart started beating ten to the dozen when she said
that! But I didn't let her see how excited I was. She has not yet taken to
JR, and told me that the man she had picked out for me - Billy Frampton -
was even RICHER than JR. Maybe richer than JR and Jock Ewing put together.
"JR has oil, Sue Ellen", she said, "But Billy Frampton has oil, coal,
uranium AND diamonds!"

"That's very nice Mamma", I said, "But I have very strong feelings for JR, I
hardly know Billy".

But of course to Mamma, this small fact doesn't matter. She doesn't seem to
understand that I am deeply in love with JR and it wouldn't matter to me if
he didn't have any of these things that make the family so rich. She
tallked for nearly an hour about what she thought was the best thing to do,
but I wasn't really listening. She had told JR to do nothing until she had
had a chat with me. When she said that, I wanted to pick up the phone and
call him, but I decided it maybe wasn't such a bad thing that he be kept on
his toes for a little while longer!

When she left the room, I looked into the mirror and imagined myself making
some grand announcement at a charity fundraiser and repeated the words, "Sue
Ellen Frampton.....Sue Ellen Ewing....Sue Ellen Frampton.....Sue Ellen

Somehow every time I said Ewing, a smile crept onto my face!

NOVEMBER 14, 1967

Miss Ellie called me to tell me the total of the Fundraiser and to thank me
for all my help. I told her it was a pleasure, but was very distracted,
hoping to speak to JR. I talked to her for a little while and then asked
for him. He wasn't there, and she didn't know where he had gone...I thought
for a minute that what Mamma said to him may have put him off and I do admit
to feeling slightly angry and at a loss what to do. I decided to try and
study for a while, but couldn't really concentrate.

By bed time, still no word from him.

NOVEMBER 15, 1967

Kristin pushed me awake this morning and when I opened my eyes, she was
sitting on the bed beside me holding a huge bunch of yellow roses. She
begged me if she could open the card, and as she can be very persuasive (and
irritating) I let her, just to keep her quiet. I didn't want a fuss incase
Mamma came in.

She read to me" You are always in my thoughts my darling. Until tonight? JR
x" Kristin thinks I should be planning the wedding already....

Mamma came into the kitchen just in time to see me putting the flowers in
water. "Don't see any roses from Billy Frampton Mamma" I said, and left to
go to class!

JR arrived at 7pm and we went to the most beautiful and romantic restaurant
I have ever been to. I giggled as I looked at the menu, remembering our
first date when I didn't have the nerve to eat anything more than a salad.
JR looked pleased as I ordered Prawn Cocktail for starters, and salmon as a
main course. He said he didn't know how I kept my figure with the appetite I

I shared the prawns with him; we fed each other, it was all very romantic
and not at all how I'd be taught to behave at a table!Mamma would be
shocked! We sat side by side and JR kept whispering things into my ear -
things that made me blush. I wondered should I have another "little talk"
with him, but he looked into my eyes and told me that "those things" would
follow in time. He told me that it was difficult to be so near to me and
not be able to take things further, and I told him that it wasn't any easier
for me, but he said that he had so much respect for me and that "We have all
the time in the world" to get to know each other better. I think that it
pleases him that I haven't been with anyone else.

We went for a lovely walk after dinner and came across a small club which
played some jazz - music we both like. Before I could even think, JR had
pulled me inside and we were dancing. He held me really close. We laughed
and we kissed and as we were dancing I looked around and saw that the other
people had cleared the dance floor for us! We were centre stage - everyone
was watching us!! JR spun me round and made me laugh so hard when he dipped
me over - I thought I might fall, but he held me so tightly I knew I would
be safe. I had so much fun. When the dance finished, a lady who had been
watching said to me "You know, honey, you two just melt into each other".
She was right - we did!

We got back home at around 12.30. JR never comes into the house - he says
it's too much of a temptation not to leave. Of course Kristin was watching
from the window as we kissed goodbye, she always does that. I had a really
marvellous time.

Mamma was waiting up for me. She told me that she had had a long think and
that if I was truly happy with JR, then she didn't want to stand in the way.
She added that she still wasn't sure he was the right choice, but she could
see how happy I was. I gave her a hug and thanked her. She still mumbled
about Billy and his uranium but at the end of the day - she can't MAKE me
marry him. I've never been so sure of anyone as I am about JR. I can't
wait to be with him again.

Complied by Sarah Wilson


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