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Cliff Barnes in Dallas

Cliff felt great remorse for the terrible way he had treated Jamie, but the pain was eased when he learned that Jamie had never divorced him or signed a will, so as her legal husband he was now the owner of her 10% of Ewing Oil. JR was enraged by this turn of events and even tried to frame him, by making it look like Cliff had arranged Jamie’s death. These accusations were quickly disproved and he was once again a free man. Cliff was on top of the world, he had finally got a piece of Ewing Oil. Unfortunately for him, Ewing Oil would soon cease to exist after the justice department shut it down for its involvement with terrorist B.D. Calhoun. Cliff did, however, receive a large sum of money for his shares of Ewing Oil when it had to be sold
Another disaster, probably the greatest in Cliff’s life, struck when his sister Pamela was involved in a fiery car accident. She was very fortunate to survive but received severe burns and had to have a lot of plastic surgery. This accident caused her so much mental and physical anguish that she left her family and Dallas and disappeared, saying that she didn’t want to burden them and she didn’t want them to try and find her.

Eventually things got back to normal and Cliff went back to work. One day he happened to meet Harrison "Dandy" Dandrige, a man that reminded him very much of his father Digger. Dandy had a piece of land that Cliff was sure had no oil on it but decided to give Dandy the funds and equipment to drill anyway and give him a chance and maybe some dignity, some things that his father never received. Dandy didn’t strike any oil, but he managed to find one of the largest gas deposits in Texas.

There was only one problem with this strike. The land that Cliff needed to run the gas pipes through was bought up by JR and he refused to give Cliff the right of way until he agreed to buy up Weststar stock and hold on to it until he told him otherwise. Cliff despised doing business with JR, but he had no choice. The deal made him very nervous and he grew addicted to tranquilizers when the stock prices began to fall and JR wouldn’t let him sell the stock. Eventually JR’s master plan to take over Weststar fell through and Cliff sold the field and the stock to Jeremy Wendell, because he felt that he was the one person who could crush JR

With that ordeal finally over, Cliff received some surprising news from Jordan Lee who claimed he saw someone that he thought was Pam while on a vacation. Cliff quickly packed his bags and he and April Steven’s set out to find his sister. When he did find her, he was shocked to learn that she had no intention of returning to Dallas because she had a new life there. What Cliff didn’t know was that Pam felt that she only had a few months to live and she didn’t want to cause her family anymore grief. Cliff returned to Dallas devastated.

With all of the past difficulties in his life, Cliff decided that it was time for him to sell Barnes-Wentworth. He eventually sold it to Bobby and was shocked when Bobby offered him a partnership in the newly re-formed Ewing Oil, which Cliff eventually accepted. JR was intensely opposed to this move, but he really had no say in it because Bobby was the president of Ewing Oil and he was technically out of the oil business. The thought of Cliff as a partner in Ewing Oil made JR’s skin crawl and he tried several times to undermine any deal that Cliff was involved in.

At this same time Cliff received a great surprise. Afton returned to Dallas and was singing in a local club. Cliff began seeing her again, but she seemed hesitant to enter a relationship. Cliff received a greater surprise when he unexpectedly showed up at Afton’s house when she wasn’t home and learned that she had a little girl. Cliff began to wonder if the child was his and his investigator discovered that the child was tested for neurofibermitosis a few moths earlier. Afton learned about Cliff prying into her past and left Dallas with the child. Cliff tried to find them, and after several meetings with Afton’s ex-husband Harrison Van Buren in Louisiana, he was able to listen in on a staged conversation Harrison and Afton that made Cliff believe that Harrison was the father.

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