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Today there are several family owned and operated Oil Companies like Ewing Oil, though certainly not as many as Texas had in previous years. These companies are nowhere near the size of conglomerates like Mobil. In order to maintain a strong voice in the Oil Industry, these companies are bonded by the IOA, The Independent Oilman's Association. They vote on various issues internally and then present a united front in political and economic arenas.

Within the IOA there are CARTELS- groups of companies that invest in major ventures together.

The Cartels limit the competition within the Independents, provide an opportunity to go up against such awesome conglomerates such as WESTAR OIL, and share the risk of any venture between companies.

Jock Ewing was founding member of one of the first and most powerful cartels in the Oil Industry. The original charter of the Dallas based Cartel had the following members:

Members of the Cartel
Punk Anderson Punk Anderson, Anderson Oil (retired )
JEBSON AMES, Sr. (deceased), Ames Oil (Expelled from the Cartel in 1980 due to illegal activities by Jebsons son)
Jordan Lee Lee Oil, retired from the business but he continued to be involved in political activism leading to his assassination in 1990.
Andy Bradley

Andy Bradley (retired), Bradley Oil

Jock Ewing John Ross Ewing, Sr. (deceased), Ewing Oil

William Joseph Garr, Sr. (deceased), Garr Oil (expelled from the Cartel in 1980 due to illegal activities by his son Bille Joe)

Marilee Stone Martin Hurst (deceased), Hurst Oil. Name changed to Stonehurst Oil when Martin died and his daughters husband Seth Stone became CEO, upon Seths death, Martins daughter Marilee Stone became CEO. She retired from the Oil Business.

Wade Luce, (retired).Luce Oil. Luce sold the company to Rebecca Wentworth and it kept its place within the Cartel. Upon Wentworths death in 1983, her son Clifford Barnes became sole owner and CEO. Cliff retired from the Oil Business.

Lucas Wade (deceased), Wade Oil. The company went bankrupt after Lucas`s death and its assets were auctioned off by the banks.

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