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"Once upon a time there were three little girls who worked at K-Mart, each of them were assigned very boring duties, but I took them away from all that, and now they work for name is JR"


Hi my name is Sly, I started work at Ewing Oil back in 1981 as JR`s secretary. I got the job after my Uncle Harry recommended me to JR, not that he's my `real` Uncle, he's just a very close family friend. I admired JR and we had a very professional working relationship, he could trust me, well most of the time, there was a point where I was working for JR`s enemy Cliff Barnes and spying on JR.
I felt I had no choice, my brother was in jail and Cliff promised he could help him or make it worse if I didn`t co-operate. When JR found out I thought my career was over and my life in Dallas was ruined, but JR being JR turned the whole situation around to his advantage. He used me to give Cliff false information. It worked and JR once again won the day. I was fired by JR after I got into a mess with his oldest son James Beaumont which led to JR being locked away in a sanitarium, I was so shocked and upset, JR had trusted me, I was more of a confidant than secretary, once he even made me head of one of his dummy corporations when Ewing Oil was in trouble with the Justice Department. Luckily he asked me back and I agreed.

I mentioned our relationship was strictly professional.....but I don`t know if I should reveal this! Ok....well once we did slept together.

It was a moment thing and it was never mentioned again and I guess I regretted it. JR left Dallas in 1991 and then suddenly in 1996 I got a phone call from him, my marriage had ended at this time and JR told me he was coming back to Dallas and to set things up, he knew he could count on me. JR was back in town and this time he meant business, it was great to see the fight back in him again, well so I thought. He ended up faking his own death in order to get some cyber byte shares left to John Ross by Jock, he even paid his detective Ratigan to place a tramps body in a car which exploded. I know JR has done some rotten things in his time but even I drew the line at that. I told him I couldn't work with him, so I quit and he fired me. I can`t recall which happened first.

Anyway JR runs Westar now and I stay in contact with him and who knows maybe one day I`ll return to Dallas. Oh and I still see Kendall and Phyllis from time to time, I miss those old days at Ewing Oil but I still have my memories and what fun memories they are too

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