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An introduction to the secretaries of Ewing Oil.


    Sylivia Lovegren
    Phyliss Wapner
    Kendall in Dallas
    Julie Grey in Dallas


Sly Lovegren in DallasHi my name is Sly, I started work at Ewing Oil back in 1981 as JR`s secretary. I got the job after my Uncle Harry recommended me to JR, not that he's my `real` Uncle, he's just a very close family friend. I admired JR and we had a very professional working relationship, he could trust me, well most of the time, there was a point where I was working for JR`s enemy Cliff Barnes and spying on JR.
I felt I had no choice, my brother was in jail and Cliff promised he could help him or make it worse if I didn`t co-operate. When JR found out I thought my career was over and my life in Dallas was ruined, but JR being JR turned the whole situation around to his advantage. He used me to give Cliff false information. It worked and JR once again won the day. I was fired by JR after I got into a mess with his oldest son James Beaumont which led to JR being locked away in a sanitarium, I was so shocked and upset, JR had trusted me, I was more of a confidant than secretary, once he even made me head of one of his dummy corporations when Ewing Oil was in trouble with the Justice Department. Luckily he asked me back and I agreed.

I mentioned our relationship was strictly professional.....but I don`t know if I should reveal this! Ok....well once we did sleep together.

It was a spur of the moment thing and it was never mentioned again and I guess I regretted it. JR left Dallas in 1991 and then suddenly in 1996 I got a phone call from him, my marriage had ended at this time and JR told me he was coming back to Dallas and to set things up, he knew he could count on me.

JR was back in town and this time he meant business, it was great to see the fight back in him again, well so I thought. He ended up faking his own death in order to get some cyber byte shares left to John Ross by Jock, he even paid his detective Ratigan to place a tramps body in a car which exploded. I know JR has done some rotten things in his time but even I drew the line at that. I told him I couldn't work with him, so I quit and he fired me. I can`t recall which happened first.

Anyway JR runs Westar now and I stay in contact with him and who knows maybe one day I`ll return to Dallas. Oh and I still see Kendall and Phyllis from time to time, I miss those old days at Ewing Oil but I still have my memories and what fun memories they are too


Phyliss Wapner from DallasHi my name is Phyllis Wapner and I worked at Ewing for 12 years, from 1980 to 1991.

I was fortunate enough to be working for Bobby Ewing, if I had worked for JR I don`t think I would of stayed as long as I did. I admired and respected Bobby and I feel he respected me too. I was very loyal to Bobby and went to work for him when he started a new company after Ewing Oil was shut down - which I must add was down to JR and had nothing to do with Bobby. I recall vividly that awful woman Mrs Scotfield who burst into Ewing Oil declaring she was responsible for its downfall and blaming Bobby for her husbands death, little did she know the caring man Bobby is.

I felt so bad for Bobby when his first wife Pam left him, I liked Pam. I was happy he found happiness again with April Stevens, I didn't really know her and at first I didn't particularly like her. It was just terrible that her marriage to Bobby was so short lived with her tragic death in Paris. I can understand why Bobby blamed the Oil business and Ewing Oil for her death. This led him to sell Ewing Oil to Miss Dela Vega ,who gave the company over to that awful Michelle Stevens. JR eventually got Ewing Oil back for a short period and that's when I decided enough was enough.

I had waited years to tell JR what I thought of him and it gave me great pleasure to do just that as I quit Ewing Oil back in 1991. I still keep in touch with Sly occasionally, I liked Sly but didn't agree on her ethics and always suspected that she may have been more than just a secretary to JR but I'm not one to gossip so won`t guess if she ever slept with JR or not. I guess I`ll never know. I`m happy to say that Bobby and myself kept a very professional relationship. I don`t keep in contact with Bobby now, what's done is done. But I loved my time at Ewing Oil and remember it fondly.


Hi my name is Kendal, I worked at Ewing Oil as the receptionist for several years. I remember once JR requested a list of all the people who had visited Ewing Oil, Im not sure what was going on but I think JR felt someone was spying on him, Sly was acting really odd at that time too, and like I told Phyllis Im sure Sly she was up to something. I also went to work for JR when he started JRE Industries, but I preferred Ewing Oil to be honest.

In 1990 I started dating James Beaumont but he was only after information on JR and Ewing Oil then later on towards 1991 Michelle and James took control of Ewing, most of the other secretaries were fired but they kept me on I guess because I wasn't as close to Bobby and JR as Sly and Phyllis were. Ewing Oil eventually ended up in the hands of Cliff Barnes, which was a great shock but I stayed on and I enjoyed working for Cliff he was quite funny but I missed the old days of Ewing Oil, we were all such a great team then.

JULIE GREY (deceased)

Julie Grey in DallasThe atmosphere at Ewing Oil was tense. Not only was the company the subject of a senate investigation, but Bobby, the youngest Ewing son, had suprised his family by returning home with a bride - none other than the sister of the senate committee's legal counsel, Cliff Barnes. Elder brother JR was even nore bemused when Bobby announced his decision to quit working as a road man for the company, and become an executive at the Ewing Oil offices.

As president of the company, JR guarded his position jealously, and did not relish having his younger brother looking over his shoulder.

He hastily ordered his secretary Julie to place his top secret Red Files in a safety deposit box.

"Aren't you going to share your secrets with your little brother?," asked Julie, with mock suprise.

Despite running interference for JR, she remained on friendly terms with his brother.

Bobby: You know, it probably would have been a lot easier on Pam [his bride] if JR had married you instead.

Julie: Well, that wasn't exactly my decision.

Bobby: Hey, listen, I'm sorry -

Julie: That's OK, Bobby.

Bobby: Water under the bridge?

Julie: Whatever.

Julie also had to deal with the advances of Cliff Barnes, who was determined to take her to dinner.

Julie: Two drinks and you'll be prying all the Ewing secrets out of me!

Cliff: Think of all the fun that'd be.

Julie: You prying and me holding on?

Cliff: Till I find your weak spot.

Julie's weak spot was, in fact, JR himself.

Julie: JR, it's no good like this, not in this way.

JR: You still love me, this way?

Julie: I loved you before Sue Ellen. I knew you'd never marry me, but I accepted the way things were. All these years you've been coming here, and I let you. But in the mornings, JR -

JR: You're the only woman I could ever talk to, could ever count on.

Julie: JR, every morning I have breakfast alone.

JR: I need you to love me.

Julie: JR, please, let me move on.

JR: I need you now.

Julie: Let me move on!

JR: I need you now, Julie.

Julie: JR, please.

JR: I need you right now ...

One night, as Julie lay in bed and JR prepared to return home, he realised he had overlooked her birthday. He placed a hundred dollar bill on the pillow beside her before leaving, and something in Julie snapped. Deciding how she would spend the money, she called Cliff Barnes and told him that the following evening she would take him to dinner.

Next morning, the discussion at Ewing Oil between JR, Bobby and their father Jock was of a senator they had on their payroll, 'Wild Bill' Orloff. The Ewings held a deed on Orloff's home and were anxious that this information not find its way to the senate investigative committee. The only copy of the note was in a file Bobby had been studying overnight and had left at home, much to JR's annoyance. Bobby had his wife Pam drop it into the office later
that day. Julie was all smiles as she took the file from the new Mrs Ewing, but hesitated before passing it on to JR and Bobby.

That night, Julie began an affair with Cliff Barnes. The following morning, she slid a copy of the Orloff file under his pillow, "as a bonus."

Cliff went straight to the press, determined to expose Orloff.

"He took fifty thousand dollars from Ewing, he hasn't paid back a dime, he's voted their way every chance he's had, so let the ethics committee have him!"

Julie was at Cliff's apartment when the news broke that Orloff had resigned his senate seat. She could not understand Cliff's bitter disappointment.

Julie: You said you wanted the crooks out of office, and you wanted to give government back to the people.

Cliff: I do, I still do, but I need Orloff! He's the key to open up the whole can of worms, the Ewing worms, for everybody to see!

Julie: It isthe Ewings you're after! You don't give a damn about ethical government!

When Cliff tried to persuade her to continue spying for him, Julie realised that they had no future, and that Cliff had simply been using her as part of a personal vendetta against the Ewings.

Lying in wait for Julie outside Cliff's apartment was Pam Ewing. She had been accused by JR of giving her brother the Orloff document and wanted Julie to come clean.

Julie: Pam, if you can't hold your own with the Ewings -

Pam: Is that what's been eating you up? ... Both of us working girls; you settled for what you could have with JR, and I married Bobby - I did what you were afraid to even try ... Maybe way back when, if you'd stood your ground, you could have been Mrs Ewing. What have you got now, Julie? Not even your self respect.

Julie went to Ewing Oil and told JR she was quitting.

Julie: I gave the file to Cliff Barnes.

JR: Why?

Julie: I liked the way he made love. Thought he deserved a reward.

JR: You love him?

Julie: I don't love anybody.

JR: Tell me, why?

Julie: Because you have to ask that, that's why.

Julie resurfaced the following year. She arranged to "accidentally" run into Jock Ewing at his local haunt, the Cattleman's Club. She apologised for her betrayal.

"Well, I never will understand why you did it. That file was Ewing property, you were a Ewing employee. You shouldn't have done it, Julie. Besides, you let Cliff Barnes destroy Orloff. Wild Bill was a good friend of mine ... What the hell, it's politics. We've done as much to Barnes. I'm glad you're

As Julie had hoped, Jock asked her to join him for lunch, and was suprised when he told her that JR and his wife were expecting their first child. Her own attempts to start a new life in New York had been less successful:

"My job was boring, I had very few friends. I just couldn't wait to get back to Dallas."

Jock had also been going through a period of adjustment, following a heart operation some months earlier. He admitted to Julie that, with JR and Bobby running the family businesses, he was at something of a loose end.

"Most everything's behind me now, but you - you've got it all ahead of you and you don't seem very happy about it."

They spent the next couple of days together, lunching and whiling away the afternoons reminiscing about the days when Julie worked for Jock, before JR took over as president of Ewing Oil. On one occasion, they ran into Bobby and Pam, affording Julie a chance to ask Bobby for his forgiveness.

News of Julie's return began to spread, and it wasn't long before JR found his way to her apartment, bearing a bouquet of yellow roses. He invited himself in and, after making small talk, asked Julie why she was seeing his father.

Julie: I wanted to apologise.

JR: A two day apology? That sets some sort of record.

Julie: I guess I went looking for him because I thought it would bring you
running ... That's how it started, but it's different now ... We talk, we
laugh, we enjoy each other. He's lonely and, very frankly, so am I.

JR: That's a lot of bull, honey. Jock Ewing's got family and friends, he's
not a lonely man.

Julie: Seems to me his wife treats him like a child, his children treat him
like an invalid. I treat him like a man.

JR: That was always your speciality, if I remember correctly.

Julie knew that JR was not questioning her relationship with Jock out of
concern for his parents' marriage:

Julie: You came here to find out if I'm going to tell your daddy about the
Red File ... Jock Ewing has a wonderful sense of humour, I know it would
just tickle him to know that his own son forged his will ...

JR: You plan on telling him?

Julie: Tell him what? That his son intends to turn his ranch into an oil
field when he dies? Now why would I do that?

JR: To get back at me. That's why you're seeing him, isn't it?

Julie: You know for years I never asked you for anything. I knew you'd never
leave Sue Ellen. I knew I'd never be anything in your life but a
convenience. But I was here when you needed me, and I was grateful for the
time that you gave me.

JR: So grateful you slept with Cliff Barnes and gave him secret information
about Wild Bill Orloff?

Julie: No, angry, finally angry at being used. But now I'm back and things
are gonna be different. I'm not gonna let you run my life anymore. I'm gonna
do things my way.

JR: By using a sick old man to get back at me?

Julie: He's twice the man you ever were ...

JR: Aren't you forgetting how good we were together?

Julie: I haven't forgotten, and I don't want you to refresh my memory. Now I
want you to get out of here.

Julie then received a summons from Miss Ellie, Jock's wife, who also wanted
an explanation of the relationship.

Julie: We keep each other company while the people that we love are too busy to see that we're in pain, that we're lonely. We make each other feel needed, respected. We shop, we lunch, we talk about the people we love. That's all ... For you, he's a man who's got to be told not to smoke, not to eat salt, not to get excited, not to overdo, but for me, he's Jock Ewing, and for that man to need my friendship, to want my company, you don't know
what that means to me ... Our relationship is not what you thought it was.

Miss Ellie: No, Julie, it isn't. It's far more serious.

That night, Julie received a visit from Jock who presented her with the gift of a necklace. Julie guessed correctly that it was his way of saying goodbye.

Jock: Your friendship meant a lot to me. I don't want to give it up. but I don't want anything more either. It would hurt Miss Ellie too much and, what hurts her, hurts me.

Julie was not alone for long, however. No sooner had Jock left than JR was at her door. Julie tried to bar his entry to the apartment, but he pushed past her. Once inside, he grabbed Julie and started kissing her. At first she resisted, and then, once again, gave in.

JR had Julie back, and was soon lavishing every attention on her. However, as she mused during their three day trip to the Gulf (where JR was obstensibly inspecting Ewing Oil's offshore oil platforms), "I never know whether it's me or the secrets we share that make me so appealing to you." The vacation was cut short by the news that Cliff Barnes, in his new
position as the head of the Office of Land Management, was once again gunning for Ewing Oil.

As JR planned a counter-attack, Julie returned home to the realisation that JR had had her apartment searched while they were away.

"You'll never find it," Julie smiled to herself, "because you don't know where to look!"

The following day, while killing time before a job interview, Julie ran into Cliff. As usual, the uppermost subject on Cliff's mind was Ewing Oil.

Cliff: You know where every one of JR's skeletons is buried ... If you've got something to sell, I'm always ready to buy.

Julie: It would take more than I got from you the last time ... I sold out very cheaply.

Cliff: You know what this means, Julie? JR hasn't hurt you badly enough this time.

Neither Cliff nor Julie realised their meeting was being observed by oil man Willie Joe Garr who, along with his associate Jeb Ames, was partnered with JR in several major deals. News of the meeting soon reached JR's ears, and, that evening in her apartment, he had a suggestion for Julie.

JR: A way of putting your friendship with Cliff Barnes to good use ... I've known men to give away state secrets in the height of passion.

Julie: You don't want me to sleep with Cliff, do you?

JR: I'm not the jealous type, not cheap either. Think about it, huh?

Julie thought about it. As soon as JR was out of the apartment, she was dialling Cliff's number. She left a message on his answering service:

"You're right, I do know where the skeletons are buried. I've been hurt enough and I'm ready to sell. All we have to talk about is the price."

She then took a pawn ticket and key, that she had previously taped to the bottom of a jewellery box, and placed them in an envelope, which she hastily addressed and posted.

Shortly afterwards, she received a visit from Jeb Ames. He told her it was time to leave Dallas.

Julie: Did JR send you?

Jeb: No, no, but I'm sure he'll agree once he finds out you've been trying
to make a deal with Barnes.

Julie: You had my phone tapped, didn't you?

Jeb: Julie, when you were JR's secretary, you knew all about our deals. We
can't allow you to sell out to Barnes.

He ordered her to start packing, and Julie went into the bedroom. Deciding to make a run for it, she left her apartment by another door, but was unable to summon the elevator before Ames discovered her absence. Panicking, she made for the stairwell, where she was spotted by Willie Joe Garr, waiting down below. With no other means of escape, Julie ran up to the roof of the building, pursued by Jeb and Willie Joe.

Terrified, Julie hid while they searched the roof. Jeb spotted her and she ran past him, straight into Willie Joe's arms. She screamed, and Willie Joe slapped her hard.

"You're going to kill me aren't you?!"

Julie managed to break away from his grasp, but then she stumbled and lost
her balance, falling off the roof to her death below.



Full List:

Roberta Lessing
Kendall Chapman
Julie Grey - 1977-79
Phylliss Wapner -1980-90
Louella - 1979-81
Sly Lovegren - 1981-91, 1996
Jamie Ewing - 1985-86
Krisitn Shepherd - 1981
Jackie Dunggan - 1988-91
Derek - 1991

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