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Cliff Barnes was enjoying his new found power as the Head of the Office of
Land Management. Having final say over which companies could or could not be
allowed to drill for oil in the state of Texas, he had succeeded in blocking
almost every venture the Ewings were involved in.

JR had made several attempts, legal and otherwise, to oust Barnes from his
position, but with no success. At a strategy meeting with his attorneys,
Smithfield & Bennett, Harve Smithfield introduced to JR a smart young lawyer
from Chicago named Alan Beam, a recent addition to his firm:

"I gotta tell you there is nothing about environmental law - or any kind of
law, for that matter - this boy don't know ... If anyone can make hash out
of Cliff Barnes' tail, this boy can."

JR was impressed, and welcomed Beam aboard. Alan's initial suggestion was to
draft a foolproof environmental impact study on an oil field Ewing Oil was
interested in, knowing that if Barnes rejected it, they could nail him on an
abuse of power charge. JR, however, had other ideas.

JR: In certain matters, I want you to report to me directly.

Alan: Matters concerning one Cliff Barnes?

JR: You might have to go undercover, do a little discreet snooping.

Alan: Well, I'm known as a devout ecologist, comes in handy these days.
That'll allow me into Cliff Barnes' inner circle when it seems judicious.

JR: Cliff Barnes doesn't give a damn about ecology. He hates Ewings, that's
his only motive.

Alan: Come on, Mr Ewing, you don't believe that!

JR: You gonna tell me what I believe?

Alan did his best to convince JR he was the right man for the job.

Alan: I was born devious, JR, just like you. I researched the Ewings just to
be prepared for a meeting like this - you had to fight for your place in
your family; I had to fight my way out of the back of the yards of Chicago.
You don't do all that fighting with your hands, you do it with your head and
your mouth. If you can't beat up the other guy, you verbally twist him like
a pretzel, wash him down with a schooner of beer.

JR: You think you're gonna wash down Cliff Barnes?

Alan: Yes, because his motive isn't vengeance, it's power; and men who want
power are blind to everything else - present company excepted, of course.

JR: I think we're gonna make a pretty good team.

Alan: My privilege to work for you, Mr Ewing.

JR: To say nothing of the tax free cash bonuses.

To Jock Ewing, and to the outside world, Alan was still Smithfield &
Bennett's golden boy.

At another meeting between Ewing Oil and their attorneys, the topic for
discussion was, as ever, ways to remove Barnes from the OLM.

Alan: There must be something he wants ... Before the OLM, he did run for
office ... How about 'Barnes for President'? I imagine he'd leave the OLM
for that!

Jock: All that talk don't help a bit ... There's not a man in the state of
Texas fool enough to back Barnes for office, not even dog catcher.

JR: Yeah, you're right, Dad. Who'd even dream of backing old Cliff Barnes
for public office?

Even as JR agreed with his father, a plan began to formulate in his mind.
Alan did the necessary research and reported back to him:

Alan: Whoever's the head of the OLM is required to resign his position
before he can announce candidacy for public office.

JR: ... Now, if it were possible to convince [Barnes] that he had enough
support to win -

Alan: - and enough financing to support a large scale campaign -

JR: - it'd be worth it to him, wouldn't it?

It would be an expensive plan, but getting Barnes out of the OLM was worth
literally millions of dollars to Ewing Oil.

Alan: Have you ever considered the possible consequences of Cliff Barnes
getting elected?

JR: Now that is a good question, Alan, it reassures me that you still have
some things to learn: once Cliff Barnes resigns, it wouldn't suprise me at
all to see all that money that's been supporting his campaign just suddenly

Alan: I'm glad it's Cliff Barnes you're after, and not me!

JR: That'd be a good thing for you to remember, Alan. Real good.

As per JR's instructions ("Just get the ball rolling and pay for everything
in cash") , Alan began drumming up support for a campaign - "schoolteachers,
ranchers ... not too political, no one with real clout ... grassroots, the
little people" - and spending money supplied by JR on 'Barnes For Congress'
posters and publicity.

A momentum began to gather:

"It's moving along fast, JR. If I didn't know better, I'd swear the whole
movement was genuine - six people here, a dozen there - 'Barnes For
Congress' groups springing up all over the state. All we need now is
someone to organise it all, keep the energy going so it doesn't dissipate.
We wouldn't want it to peak and burn out before Barnes takes the bait ... We
need someone we can trust to get close to Barnes, keep him headed in the
right direction."

As far as JR was concerned, there was only one person for the job: Alan

"But Barnes knows I work for you, he'll never let me near him."

As always, JR had a plan. For this, he enlisted the services of his
secretary-cum-mistress, Kristin Shepard. There was little love lost between
her and Alan who were in a sense rivals - both competing to stay in JR's
good graces, and reap the subsequent rewards.

JR staged a public row between them at the Ewing Rodeo at Southfork. Kristin
needed little coaxing to slap Alan hard across the face and accuse him of
making a pass at her. As the heads of Texas's finest turned, JR came to her
defence. He too struck Alan and ordered him off the ranch.

JR: I don't want you ever near a Ewing again, you hear?

Alan: I hear, and that's fine with me. I've just about had it with all of

As Alan was leaving, Lucy Ewing, the nineteen year old daughter of JR's
black sheep brother Gary, made a point of introducing herself.

Lucy: I guess I'll see you round sometime.

Alan: Not if your uncle has anything to say about it.

Lucy: He doesn't.

Having managed to round up enough eager volunteers to help run the new
Barnes For Congress headquarters he had rented, the time was now right for
Alan to approach Cliff. Despite Alan's hard sell - "I've a very comfortable
position with Smithfield & Bennett. I wouldn't be making waves if I didn't
think you could win" - Cliff had heard about his fight with JR, and was
suspicious of his motives. Alan 'admitted' he was angry at JR:

Alan: I wanna hit him where it hurts, and I figure you're the one who can
paint the target on the right place. But that's not my only motive ...
Vengeance is stupid unless you make something on the deal ... I'm also young
enough to want to make my mark ... by climbing right to the top, holding
firmly on to your shirttails.

Cliff: ... I'm not running for office, any office.

Alan: Cliff, you stand for the things the people in your district want! It's
a natural. I want you to endorse the Barnes For Congress movement ... Here's
a list of people and organisations who are lining up to back you ... I'm
gonna make you a winner.

While remaining reticent, Cliff had to admit he was flattered, especially by
the names on Alan's list. In reality, those names were of people who wanted
him out of the OLM almost as much as JR.

The charade continued: while the Ewing family were dining at the Golden
Horseshoe restaurant in Dallas to celebrate Jock's birthday, Alan arrived.
With girlfriend Betty Lou on his arm and a Barnes For Congress button on his
lapel, he made his way to the Ewing table - ostensibly to apologise to Jock
for the incident at the rodeo. He and JR soon began arguing again, this time
about Alan's support of Cliff, and it appeared to onlookers that only the
intervention of Jock prevented a brawl from taking place. Once again, among
those onlookers was Lucy Ewing. As the family were leaving, she tried to
speak to Alan, but was dragged away by JR.

At the Barnes For Congress headquarters, Alan carefully drew up a fake list
of campaign contributions whilst ensuring all funds came exclusively from
Ewing Oil. Soon after the fight in the restaurant, he was very suprised to
receive, in person, a donation of $100 from none other than Lucy Ewing. Her
motive was more personal than political:

"I just wanted to get another look at the man who's giving JR so much

As JR had hoped, news of the brawl at the Golden Horseshoe made the Dallas
gossip columns, and caught the attention of Cliff Barnes.

"Stroke of genius! He fell for it just like you said he would," Alan
reported to JR. "He trusts me like I was his blood brother."

While continuing to keep the pressure on Barnes ("Believe me, Cliff, you'll
never have another chance like this"), Alan was also doing his best to land
Lucy. It seemed he was succeeding.

Lucy: Wouldn't JR have a stroke if he could see us right now!

Alan: Sometimes I get the feeling my main attraction for you is JR's

Lucy: Oh no, I just happen to be with the one man who has guts enough to
stand up to him, and that's pretty rare in this town.

Alan: I've never been afraid of him because he's never had anything I wanted
- until now.

Expressing concern for Lucy, Alan proposed they keep their relationship a
secret in order to avoid any unnecessary conflict with her family.

Lucy was soon to discover she was not the only Ewing Alan was having
clandestine meetings with. The morning after their first date, Lucy drove by
the campaign headquarters on her way to school. Seeing Alan climb into his
car, she decided on a whim to follow him. He was on his way to meet JR,
having requested more financing. JR was beginning to grow impatient.

"For what it's cost me already, I could have had Barnes elected head of the
Holy Roman Empire!"

That evening, Alan was with Betty Lou in his apartment when he received an
unexpected visit from Lucy. He managed to keep the two women apart, but Lucy
was already furious with him:

"I thought you were different. When I saw you stand up to JR, I thought you
were brave and decent ... I saw you with JR today; you're still working for
him. The whole thing ... was a set up. He's bought you just like he buys

Lucy was gone before Alan could talk his way out of trouble. Meanwhile,
Betty Lou wanted answers.

Alan: I'm onto something really big, bigger than I ever dreamed ... I think
you and I should cool it ... just for a while. Lucy Ewing ... walked into my
office the other day, and handed herself to me on a golden platter ... Think
what it would mean for me to marry someone like her! No more scratching, no
more living from deal to deal. I just march up that aisle, and when the
preacher says 'Do you take?', I say 'I do.'

Betty Lou: I realise this is corny question, but what about me?

Alan: ... No one matters to me but you. You know that. Just give me a little
time. I can fix it so both of us can have everything we've ever dreamed of
... I love you.

Betty Lou: You're rotten, you know that? Rotten!

Alan: I'll call you in the morning.

In the meantime, there was the Lucy situation to deal with. He alerted JR,
choosing his words carefully:

"I ran into your niece - what's her name - Lucy? She saw us this morning
... I don't know what she plans to do with the information, maybe nothing,
but if it gets back to Barnes, it'll blow our whole operation."

By the time Alan sought Lucy out the following day, at the Southern
Methodist University where she went to school, JR had the situation under
control and Lucy was all apologies. (He had arranged for Lucy to overhear a
telephone conversation between himself and Harve Smithfield, where he had
explained away the meeting with Beam as an unsuccessful attempt to "talk
Alan back into the fold" .) Alan wasted no time in taking Lucy to bed. After
they had made love, she asked him about the woman she had seen him with at
the Golden Horseshoe restaurant.

"She's no one for you to even think about. No one matters to me now but you.
Nothing matters more to me than keeping you in my life for as long as I

Alan was making assurances all around: to Cliff that contributions to his
campaign were pouring in; and to JR that Cliff was on the verge of
announcing his candidacy. He arranged for Cliff to speak at an 'Anti
Oil/Anti Nuke' rally. By the end of his speech, the crowd ("all with starry
eyes and empty pockets," as Alan described them to JR) were chanting for
Cliff to run for congress.

The following morning, JR received the telephone call he had been waiting

Alan: Cliff Barnes just called me. He's been up all night, meditating or
something. I'm calling a press conference for him at noon today. He's gonna
run. He's quitting the OLM.

JR: ... Alan - you deserve a bonus, boy; a big one!

JR told Alan there would be no more money for Cliff's campaign.

JR: Spend what you got, the faster the better.

Alan: Then what?

JR: That's really his problem, isn't it?

The rivalry between Alan and Kristin intensified one evening, after Alan
arrived at Ewing Oil for an after hours conference with JR. JR had been
delayed at another meeting in town and, when he called into the office,
Kristin refused to let Alan speak to him.

Kristin: He only had time for his most urgent messages. Flunkeys aren't

Alan: What's the matter with you? You know how important I am to JR.

Kristin: For now. You're replaceable.

Alan: What's replaceable is a secretary who does most of her work on her

Kristin: I'd watch my mouth if I were you. Once the Barnes campaign is over,
you're back on the streets.

Alan: You're worried, aren't you? You're afraid if I get too close to JR,
I'll cut you out.

Later that evening, Alan and Lucy went out to dinner, only to discover JR
and Kristin eating at the same out-of-the-way restaurant. Lucy was all for
brazening it out - "Maybe it's time to tell my uncle where to get off" - but
Alan suggested they make a hasty exit: "Lucy, I want the whole world to know
you're my girl, but there's no sense in causing a scene, is there?"

The appointment with JR was rearranged for the following morning, with JR
anxious to know why Cliff's campaign had not yet collapsed.

Alan: Barnes' war chest is almost empty. The party tonight should take care
of most of the rest. There's a trickle left for print, but that'll be gone

JR: That money I gave you should have been spent a long time ago.

Alan: I couldn't control it all, JR. Some supporters sent in unsolicited
contributions ... There are a few misguided fools who think his attacks on
the oil companies are justified. I know it's hard to believe.

JR: I want a full report on his finances on my desk this afternoon ... If
anything goes wrong, Alan, I wouldn't even want to think about your future.

Alan saw the report as an opportunity to put one over on Kristin. He had it
messengered over to Ewing Oil by Serena Wald, a call girl, with instructions
that she deliver it to no one but JR himself, and to "make sure he gets
anything he wants." Alan knew that JR would be unable to resist Serena's
charms, thus proving to Kristin exactly how indispensable she was.

The Barnes roller disco party that night was an opportunity for Cliff to
thank his supporters, and for Alan to spend the rest of JR's money. He
invited Lucy, on the understanding that they keep a low profile. Still, Lucy
could not resist "accidentally" skating into him at the party, which led to
a little discreet smooching. Not discreet enough, however.

Alan was in bed with Betty Lou the next morning, when he was summoned to
JR's office. His plan with Serena had worked all too well, and so Kristin
had gotten her revenge by following Alan to the party and snapping polaroids
of him with Lucy. He tried to bluff it out.

Alan: It's not what you think ... we just kind of ran into each other.

JR: ... Now don't lie to me, boy.

Alan: You want the truth? I'll give it to you ... Lucy and I have been
spending a lot of time together. We're in love ... She's pretty, and
intelligent, and nice -

JR: And rich! Don't forget rich!

Alan: I mean it, JR, I love her and I'm going to marry her; and you can't
buy me off ... I'm not for sale, no matter how much you offer.

JR: Oh, I wouldn't dream of buying you off.

Alan could hardly conceal his disappointment.

Alan: You wouldn't?

JR: Of course not. It does my heart good to see that Lucy has finally found
herself a real man ... I'm tickled pink! I tell you what I'm gonna do; I'm
gonna set you up in your own law practice the day you get married ... Now
what do you think it would cost to set you up right? About $250,000,
something like that?

Alan: Well, if you really wanna do it right - double it.

JR: Yes sir, a half a million dollars ought to set you up for life in the
nicest new law office in Chicago.

Alan: Chicago?! ... Now, wait a minute, I like Dallas.

JR: Alan, listen to me and listen real good: Lucy's inheritance and her
trust are already set up, they are irrevocable. So it shouldn't make any
difference to you whether you live in Chicago or Dallas - but it makes a
great deal of difference to me ... Lucy is her father's only tie to
Southfork and, with her gone, he won't find it necessary to try and come
back here and muscle in on my action. But, if she stays, I'm gonna make sure
that you never see her again ... I'm
looking forward to having you as a nephew in law - in Chicago.

If Kristin was expecting another war of words with Alan when he exited JR's
office, she was disappointed. He simply smiled and gave her a kiss:

"You're a doll!"

Alan wasted no time in proposing to Lucy, but her response was not what he
was hoping for.

Alan: She says she needs more time.

JR: Well, you do have a problem ... When you shoot down Cliff Barnes, you're
gonna be out of the spotlight; and, if you lose that, you just might lose
little Lucy.

Alan: If I push any harder, I'll scare her off.

JR: Well, she's a Ewing - we always seem to want things we can't get. You
tell her everything's off between the two of you, and let me handle the

No sooner had she been rejected by Alan, ("If we're not gonna get married, I
see no reason for us to keep seeing each other ... I can't do it, Lucy, I
love you too much") than a confused Lucy returned to Southfork to have JR
use Kristin's photographs to expose her affair to the rest of the Ewings.
When he forbad her ever to see Alan again, all of Lucy's natural defiance
came roaring to the surface and she announced that she and Alan were engaged
to be married.

It was now time for Alan to break the bad news to Cliff:

"Cliff, you're broke ... you need big money to keep a campaign running, and
your supporters are not in that league ... the guys that contribute the big
bucks expect something for their money. To give them what they want, you
have to win. They don't think you can ... I'd give anything not to be the
one to tell you this: I think you should use this opportunity to bow out

Alan discarded his Barnes For Congress button and purchased an engagement
ring for Lucy. He found, however, that she did not share his sense of
urgency for tying the knot. JR was not impressed.

JR: Maybe if you spent a little less time chasing Betty Lou, and more time
trying to get Lucy to name the date, you might be a little more successful.

Alan: What do you know about Betty Lou?

JR: Everything that's important. You think I'd've trusted you as much as I
have without checking up on you? ... If you plan to be in Dallas two weeks
from now, you better have the wedding date set by then, boy.

Lucy seemed preoccupied, even forgetting an appointment at the jewellers for
her and Alan to select their wedding bands. She asked him to be patient
"just until the end of the semester. I'm really under pressure ... I've just
got to concentrate on bringing up my grades."

Now that the Barnes campaign was over and his engagement to Lucy was
official, Alan became a regular guest at Ewing family gatherings. It was on
one such occasion that Jock Ewing made the following suprise announcement:

"You know, I've been wracking my brains trying to figure out what kind of
present I can give Lucy for her wedding. Well, I think I've come up with
something that should please her and Alan both; and still keep them here at
Southfork with me and Miss Ellie, instead of going away from home to find
their fortune like a lot of young folks do. So, I'd like to introduce to you
the newest partner in the law firm of Smithfield & Bennett - Alan Beam!"

In front of the family, JR was all smiles and congratulations as Alan
accepted Jock's gift. However, when Alan returned to his apartment after a
celebratory dinner with Jock, Miss Ellie and Lucy, JR was lying in wait for

"You two timing, double crossing little rat."

He told Alan that, unless he turn down Jock's offer and move with Lucy to
Chicago as they had agreed, he would call off the wedding.

Alan: I don't think so, JR.

JR: You're calling the shots now, are you?

Alan: I guess I am. You backed yourself into a corner, and you can't do a
damn thing about it ... Your talking against me is what attracted Lucy to me
in the first place, according to plan - your plan; and now it's all blown up
in your face, hasn't it?

JR: You're making the biggest mistake of your life, boy.

Alan: I'm gonna marry Lucy and I'm gonna have that law partnership. You
can't do anything to stop me.

JR paid a visit to Betty Lou Barker, and offered her $2,000 to come forward
and tell Lucy the truth about her affair with Alan. Betty Lou refused.

JR: ... Surely you don't think a two timing con artist like Alan Beam is
worth it? ... What has that little snake got, anyway? I mean, I can
understand a nitwit like my niece going for all that palaver, but not a
pretty, intelligent girl like you. Betty Lou, Alan Beam is a liar and a
cheat and, whatever he's promised you, he's not gonna deliver.

Eager to score points with JR, Kristin took it upon herself to visit
Southfork, and spill the beans to Lucy about Alan's infidelity. The plan
backfired: Lucy loathed Kristin almost as much as she did JR - "she's
nothing but JR's little stooge" - and called her a liar. Far from breaking
off her engagement, Lucy was prompted to set the wedding date in front of JR
and Kristin.

However, as soon as Lucy and Alan were alone together, she became subdued.
Alan, fearing that Kristin's words were having their desired effect after
all, insisted that "Betty Lou and I were finished as soon as I met you. I
knew then there was no other woman for me. Lucy, I'm crazy about you."

Lucy could ignore the truth no longer: she simply didn't feel the same way.
At dinner the next night, she confessed:

"I don't love you. I never really did ... If I went on with this wedding,
feeling like I do, I'd just be using you."

For once, Alan's charm and smooth talking failed to work their magic. Lucy
gave him back his ring, her mind made up.

Alan: It's JR, isn't it? He made you change your mind.

Lucy: ... It's over, Alan. I can't help it; it's just over.

Alan headed for Betty Lou's apartment, only to find that she too had decided
to call it a day.

Alan: ... Somebody's gotten to you. It's JR, isn't it?

Betty Lou: ... You can have your little Lucy Ewing; you can have your Ewing
millions; you can have your prestigious new position and your high social
status; but you're gonna have all of that without me, baby. Because I am
walking - and I'm not coming back.

Worse was to follow when Harve Smithfield called, and told him that his
services at Smithfield & Bennett would no longer be required. Realising that
he would never have been fired without JR's approval, Alan went to Ewing Oil
to ask for his help.

Alan: It was wrong of me to go back on my promise to you. I was greedy. I
wanted it all.

JR: Looks to me like you got it all, just not where you were expecting to
get it.

Alan: Look what I did for you: I got Cliff Barnes to run for congress, I
buried all that money you gave me to run his campaign.

JR: ... I don't know what you're talking about, Alan, but I warned you of
the consequences of working for Cliff Barnes, and of trying to marry my
little niece Lucy. You're just gonna have to pay the piper, boy.

Alan: ... I know enough about you to cause a lot of grief.

JR: Well, you're welcome to try but, before you do, I wanna give you one
little piece of advice: get out of Dallas. Go back up North where you
belong, while the getting's good. Is that clear?

As Alan left the Ewing offices, he noted that Kristin was no longer at her
desk. She too had fallen from favour. He paid her a visit at the Ewing
condo, where she still lived.

Alan: Maybe together we can get him.

Kristin: What good would that do me?

Alan: Doesn't revenge mean anything to you?

Kristin: Not if there's no profit in it.

Alan: I'm beginning to see what JR liked about you.

Kristin: Don't get any ideas. If I decide to get together with you, it'll be
business, strictly business.

Alan: I kept records JR doesn't know anything about, could be trouble for
him. I know you did too ... Think about it, Kristin.

The final straw came when, after months of promising to marry her, JR asked
Kristin to have sex with, and spy on, members of the oil community for him.
She told Alan she was ready to do whatever it would take to get back at him.

Kristin: I know he's up to something right now ... Alan, what if I pretended
to go along with his idea - entertain his business associates, pump them for
information? Then JR would think I was working for him, and all the time I
could be putting together a file that would hang JR Ewing.

Alan: I love it!

Kristin learned from JR's associates that he had offered to sell them shares
of Ewing Oil's prize Asian oil leases. The day after the deal was closed,
however, there was a political revolt and the wells were nationalised. Ewing
Oil had narrowly escaped ruin.

Alan: JR must have had advance warning those wells would be nationalised.

Kristin: Maybe Hank Johnson ... JR's man in the Far East, he was in charge
of the oil wells ... tipped him off.

Alan: I bet those friends and associates would be very interested to know if
JR had been warned in advance -

Kristin: They'd string him up.

Alan: ... I bet JR would pay plenty to keep them from knowing.

At his suggestion, Kristin called Hank Johnson in Asia and told him that JR
wanted personally to destroy all evidence of Hank's most recent trip to
Dallas, and that he should send all records and receipts to the condo by
courier. This would give Alan and Kristin all the ammunition they needed.
They didn't bargain on Hank calling JR directly to tell how offended he was
that JR did not trust him enough to destroy the evidence himself. JR
confronted Kristin, who blamed everything on Alan.

That night, Alan was picked up by Sergeant Harry McSween of the Dallas
Police Department, and taken to JR's office.

JR: What are you and Kristin trying to do? ... She told me everything.

Alan: ... I don't know what she told you, but I don't know anything, JR.

JR: I've told you before: you're finished in this town ... Harry, what is
the penalty for rape?

Alan: What are you talking about?

JR: That woman you raped - it was a couple of months ago, wasn't it?

Alan: ... You can't get away with this. There is no woman.

JR: Harry, we got a woman yet?

Harry: Blonde, brunette or redhead?

Alan: ... You just leaned too hard on the wrong man, JR.

Alan was at the condo the next day when McSween arrived to tell Kristin she
would be arrested on a prostitution charge unless she left town. He reminded
Alan that time was running out for him, also.

Kristin: I'll kill him ...

Alan: Take a number, there are a few of us ahead of you.

Indeed, only hours later, an attempt was made on JR's life when a mystery
assailant gunned him down in the Ewing offices. The police found Alan in a
Chicago hotel room and brought him back to Dallas.
He ran into Kristin outside Dallas Memorial Hospital.

Alan: I'm here to see the great JR Ewing flat on his back.

Kristin: I wouldn't go in there if I was you. He's heavily guarded ... Are
you still a suspect?

Alan: No, I was checking into a hotel room in Missouri about the time JR was
shot, so I've got an iron clad alibi. Besides, Kristin, I figured you did

Kristin: I wanted to ...

Alan: Well, I guess it's time to say good-bye ... I'm sorry the two of us
were on opposite sides for so long. We could have made a good team. Listen,
if you're ever in Chicago -

Kristin: I will.

Alan: Listen, I forgot - how's JR?

Kristin: He's doing pretty well.

Alan: That's too bad!

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