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Barbara Bel Geddes
Barbara Bel Geddes Miss Ellie on the TV show Dallas
Tribute to Barbara Bel Geddes who played Miss Ellie on Dallas.

Patrick Duffy
Patrick Duffy Bobby Ewing on Dallas
Biography of Patrick Duffy who played Bobby Ewing on the TV series Dallas

Steve Kanaly
Steve Kanaly Ray Krebbs on Dallas
The biography of film and TV actor Steve Kanaly.
Larry Hagman
Larry Hagman Biography
Biography of Larry Hagman who played JR Ewing in Dallas.
Linda Gray
Linda Gray Sue Ellen on Dallas
The biography Dallas and theatre star Linda Gray.
Charlene Tilton
Charlene Tilton Lucy Ewing on Dallas
Biography of actress and producer Charlene Tilton.
Victoria Principal
Victoria Principal played Pamela Ewing in Dallas
The life of actress, business woman and producer Victoria Principal.
Ken Kercheval
Ken Kercheval played Cliff Barnes in Dallas
The biography of Dallas actor Ken Kercheval who played Cliff Barnes.
Howard Keel
Howard Keel as Clayton Farlow in Dallas
Tribute to film star and Dallas actor Howard Keel
Leonard Katzman
Leonard Katzman Dallas producer
Tribute to Dallas producer Leonard Katzman.
Donna ReedDonna Reed played Miss Ellie on Dallas

Tribute to Donna Reed who played the character of Miss Ellie for one season.

Dack Rambo
Dack Rambo who played Jack Ewing on the tv show Dallas
The life of Dack Rambo who sadly passed away.


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