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Host- Charlene is here everyone. Welcome Charlene!

Host-Keep those questions coming in everyone!

Charlene_Tilton - Hello everyone
Charlene_Tilton - Ready for the first question

Luke- Welcome Charlene, Tons of folks are saying Hi, and how much they love you!
Question_From- - Charlene its so good to see you here.Can you start by telling us anything about Bring back Dallas ?
- I love them all too

Charlene_Tilton- Well I guess it is going to be pretty fun
Charlene_Tilton- They caught me at a very awkward time that all I can say . I was not fully dressed

Luke- Charlene, Barbarafan is one of Dallas biggest fans. She has a HUGE collection of memorabilia and keeping Dallas alive! She actually visited the set in 1983

Question_From- - (barbarafan) - hi Charlene BBG was my fav actress and Mastectomy my fav episode -it also features my fav scene of you with Barbara the 'Why me' lucy scene, what was it like to film that episode, i would imagine it must have been hard on BBG (who i miss so much) any comments!? thanks BF

- Well Barbara was one of my all time favorites. In that episodes where she finds out she has cancer and looks at herself in the mirror and she cries. They let the camera role and she was great
Host- Keep those questions coming in!
It was very brave of her to relive that as she had a mastectomy in real life

Question_From- - (Melanie) - Hi Charlene! Thanks for chatting with us. I heard you were back in school. What are you studying?

- I am taking French, beginners French LOL. I am going to be doing the Maride Country Music Festival in France from July 10th through to 15th
Charlene_Tilton- A huge festival and I will be there with other Dallas cast mates.

Question_From- - (Jon_host) Would you have liked to have seen Lucy have some involvement in Ewing Oil especially towards the end when it seemed like the writers were running out of ideas for the character.

- Yes, Lucy did have a part in Ewing Oil, she had a percentage. She should of had much more of you know, rather than running off buying an art gallery or something

Question_From- - Luke who Runs Charlene Tilton On-Line wants to know if there are any upcoming stage rolls in the works ?

Charlene_Tilton- Is that the real Justin who joined the chat ?
Charlene_Tilton- If it is where did we do our interview as only he would know ?

Charlene_Tilton - Luke I am doing a play reading
Charlene_Tilton- The first play reading of a show that is going to broadway. I hope it does go. I can't say what play.

Charlene_Tilton- A play that I co-produced and starred in two years ago Tell Veronica is going to be a website televison series

Luke- cool, congrats on your award for dish babies and good reviews for Tell Veronica! When will The Tell Veronica Web series begin?

Charlene_Tilton- I play a very wacky talk show host and I always get the better of my guest. We have some great guests some famous and some not
Charlene_Tilton- It premieres July 31st on

Question_From- -(fan) - i really missed you when you left in 85 - the show just wasn't the same. how did you feel when you knew you were leaving?

- Fan - I was very shocked they chose to do that
Charlene_Tilton - I was also grateful to the fans when they brought be back because there was such an outpouring from fans to bring me back. So I was very grateful

Question_From- - (Mickey) - Was there any tension working with Jenilee Harrison your last year before leaving the first time

- Mickey no not at all. I did not really work with her

Question_From- - (abby_cunningham) - Hi Charlene. I'm a big Knots Landing fan aswell as Dallas...would you have considered appearinging more knots episodes once you left Dallas

Charlene_Tilton - Abby absolutely, I did ask all the time why they did not bring me back on Knots Landing. That show became a whole separate thing apart from Dallas and I have to say I never watched it

Question_From- - (PTG) -> Many people of all ages are very sensitive when it comes to height, yet you are 5ft and landed a role on one of the most famous TV shows - did your height ever discourage you or did it actually help you stand out?

Charlene_Tilton- PTG - Well it is who I am and there is nothing I can do about it. Myself Eva Longoria are the same height, so there are many of us.

Question_From- - (Xander)> What was it like working with Angela Landsbury on Murder she wrote ?

- She is a star, a legend and couldn't be nicer. My relatives were very excited about me working with her.

Question_From- - (pamstwinsister) Hello Charlene, it́s a pleasure to talk to you. My question is: what kind of person do you think that Lucy Ewing would be today (Ím writing a fanfic called Ewing Empire and I think shébe a single mother still looking for love)? Thank you and many kisses. PTS from Barcelona, Spain

Charlene_Tilton - A smart business woman but also getting in some trouble. I would hate to see her too sedate. Lucy still has to be wild.

Question_From- - (Afton) Can you tell me what is was like producing the Dallas Reuion return to Southfork. How did you get Victoria to take part ? Did you try for Barbara Bel Geddes

- Producing the Dallas reunion, coming up with the concept and really knowing in my heart it would be a good idea for a special. I was so pleased Henry Winkler was on board right away.
Charlene_Tilton - With my Dallas cast I was always the baby of the group until this. Patrick Duffy thanked me for all my hard and he said all those nice things
Charlene_Tilton- Anyone who watched it can see we all had a great time together
Charlene_Tilton -I did try for Barbara
Charlene_Tilton - I spoke to her on the phone for 45 minutes
Charlene_Tilton- We had a lovely chat and she was too ill to participate and sadly since she has passed away
Charlene_Tilton - Next question please

Luke - I Remember watching you with Henry playing a cheerleader on Happy Days! Great Episode!

Question_From- - (Day_Dreamer)- Hello, Charlene. Before I ask the question I just wanted you to know Lucy is my favorite character and the main reason I watched "Dallas." Lucy has had several relationships on the show. Which one of her lovers did you like the most?

Charlene_Tilton - Day Dreamer I loved working with all of them. Personally I enjoyed working with all of them but as a storyline I loved when Lucy was with Kit
Charlene_Tilton- He came out as gay
Charlene_Tilton- Next question please

Question_From- (barbarafan) - I met Judy Keel 2 weeks ago for dinner in LA and she told me she arranged a baby shower party for you before Cherish was born, thats cool, does it seem a long time ago now??
- It was 24 years ago
Charlene_Tilton- It was the most wonderful baby shower. Howard and Judy had a treasure chest made for Cherish to keep her baby clothes in and we still have that
Charlene_Tilton- And Victoria Principal gave Cherish her first ever directing chair

Question_From- (james_host) - Hi Charlene what's your fondest memory of Dallas?

Charlene_Tilton- Hi James the good times on the set, we laughed a great deal. Patrick and Larry are the biggest jokers and are so much fun to be around.

Question_From- - bobbys_angel - Did you get to meet 'little' Eric Farlow during the Bring Back Dallas Show? Was it a lovely surprise to see how he has grown up??
Host To ask a question type it into the room where it will be received by our moderators to ask Charlene
- Watch the show on Sunday and find out

Question_From- Luke says you made several Love Boat appearances, but did you do an uncredited appearance playing your Dallas Grandmother Julie Harris secretary on one?

Charlene_Tilton- No I did not. I wish . I would love to work with Julie Harris

Question_From- - barbarafan - what ever hapened with the interiew in OK magazine that printed false stories!(i scanned them in for you) i have never yet seen an apology to you, has it been resolved. You looked great in the pics tho!

Charlene_Tilton Barbara - all I can say is the matter was resolved where an apology was sent to the people who were harmed in the interview. An interview that never took place

Question_From- Melanie - What was it like to do the rape/abortion storyline for you? And by the way I am also 5ft tall so you're definitely not alone!

That was difficult as I had just found out I was pregnant. So it was not easy to film at all

Question_From- cherryone - hi charlene. big fan of yours. I actually saw TELL VERONICA as a stage play in LA. Is your daughter going to be in the web series?

- My daughter is going to be in the web series. She plays a very funny part, where she plays an ex nun who is now a stripper
Charlene_Tilton- My daughter has just completed four films.
Charlene_Tilton- The Grim Reaper and The Salon.
Charlene_Tilton- Also she has just completed a movie with Al Pacino called Soleme
Charlene_Tilton- As you can imagine any young actress getting a chance to work with Al Pacino is a thrill of a lifetime
Charlene_Tilton- Going back to Tell Veronica, we have Tiffany the singer as one of the guests and several others. You will have to watch

Question_From- bobbys_angel - Charlene - is there any particular storyline that you would have liked for Lucy?

- I enjoy the wonderful opportunity the writers gave to Lucy. Abandoned by her parents, kidnapped, raped, married and divorced twice, addicted to pills.
Charlene_Tilton- Lucy had a very full life

Question_From- Mickey - Charlene Leonard Katzman gave you away at your first wedding and seemed loved by the cast but also seemed to not know how to write for the women. Would you agree with this

- No I think some of the women had ground breaking things to play such as Sue Ellen. Lucy engaged to a gay man. At the time that was a first for TV. I enjoyed that
Charlene_Tilton- Everyone in that show was good and bad. Even nasty old JR had some good qualaties

Question_From- - Miss_Texas - What was it like seducing Barbara Streisand’s soon to be husband on Hotel?

Charlene_Tilton- First of all I think James is the most talented actor around.
Charlene_Tilton- The scene where I show up naked in his bed, he was literally across the room. We never got 2ft between each other. The way they directed it we could not be near each other due to the lighting

Question_From- Mark - Have read there was some conflict between leonard and Phil Capice. What was your relationship with Capice?

Charlene_Tilton - I don't know. I never saw it. I was completely unaware. It was nothing to do with me.

Question_From lucylover Any Jodi Foster stories from Freaky Friday?

Charlene_Tilton - Jodi was 13 and I was 15. We had to have school on the set. Jodi is a very smart woman, at 13 she was studying geometry in French, I could barely pass it in English. As smart as she is, she was a fun and regular 13 year old. We had so much fun doing that movie
Charlene_Tilton - She was nominated for an Academy award for Taxi Driver during the time we did that movie

Question_From abby_cunningham - Charlene, what was it like taking part in Bring Back Dallas and what is Justin Lee Collins like

- Justin is quite handsome in person
Charlene_Tilton - He is so much fun, when he was interviewing I love how he looks at you right in the eye like he is genuinely interested in the questions

Question_From- DallasDame how early did you have to be on set and in make up - belive BBG used to stink out the room according to Larry with cigarette smoke!!

Charlene_Tilton - It would be 5.30am and we would wrap our day at about 7pm
Charlene_Tilton - Barbara was a heavy smoker when she started the show but had heart surgery and quit

Question_From Henry Can you give us a one word description of your Dallas lovers. Leigh. Timothy Patrick, Chris Atkins, Andrew Stevens And a Von Trapp!

Charlene_Tilton - For all Hot hot hot hot hot
Charlene_Tilton - But I was most excited to work with Nicholas Hammond due to the Sound of Music - my all time favorite movie and I kept asking him questions about Julie Andrews which I am sure became annoying

Question_From bambi Did you like working in Texas? Loved the story of you answering BBG's phone from Williams. I’m from Newfoundland Canada

- We loved working in Texas. Southern hospitality is really true. Everyone was so nice and welcomed us with open arms but it was really hot

Question_FromTread Was John Laroquette as fun to work with as it seemed?

Charlene_Tilton - John is a very gifted actor and a very nice man

Question_From - CTFan Do you visit The Ultimate Dallas forum or Charlene Tilton On-Line and do you post on any chat forums about Dallas

Charlene_Tilton - I love the Ultimate Dallas website and people can always contact me at If anyone wants an autograph or lip print card they are always on sale
Charlene_Tilton - I always love to talk to my fans

Question_From-Charlene, if you could take a roll on any tv show currently on, which one would you pick?

Charlene_Tilton - Desperate Housewives, I would love to be on Wisteria Lane. The writing is genius
Charlene_Tilton - It is so funny and so well written
Charlene_Tilton - All of the actors are amazing

Host- Now for the final question

Question_From Looselucy Trapped on a desert Island, who you take...Linda or Victoria...

Charlene_Tilton - I would take Patrick Duffy. I'm no fool LOL He is gorgeous

Host- Any last words Charlene for the fans ?

Charlene_Tilton - Thank you so much everyone to take time out to chat with me. I send my love and I pray for gods blessings on each and every one of you
Charlene_Tilton - Thank you. Bye everyone

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