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Dallas interview with the production team on the hit TV show Dallas.

Patrick Duffy and David Jacobs

Interviewer: In the late 70`s, 80`s came the super rich in peak time soaps in Dallas

Patrick Duffy interviewPatrick Duffy : Dallas personified America at that time, we were at the heights of Reaganomics no matter that it was the worse financial thing the Republican party could do to this country it produced a lot of content and that's all we were looking at.

David Jacobs : Dallas reflected the Reagan administration because it was about the acquiring of money and power and it was ok. Something happened within American society at that point , the 60's were truly over.

Patrick Duffy : America became the biggest spenders in the world and the Ewings were the biggest spenders in the world and we walked through the world like everyone should step behind us and get in line and that is what Dallas did on the show. Football was at its height, the Cowboys were at their height. Everything miraculously dovetailed together and we happened to be doing the same thing at the same time.

David Jacobs : I said earlier that Dallas was the perfect show for the first Reagan administration and I think Dynasty was the perfect show for the second Reagan administration. One was about the acquiring of wealth and the other was about the things money could buy.

Interviewer : In Dallas the villain was always the star.

David Jacobs : I always wanted a character that enjoyed being bad, he justified it. JR justified it in the fact his attitude was you have to screw them before they screw you. That's the way the world turns, one actor offered the role (Robert Foxworth) wanted to know how we would be sympathetic with JR or at least understand him. I said I don't think we are going to, this guy just likes it, and the actor passed. I think the audience like to see rich people that miserable and they sure were miserable on Dallas.

David JacobsDavid Jacobs : When I first did the treatment for the series the cover said untitled Linda Evans series. I sent it to Mike Filerman and he sent it to CBS. He said he took off that that page, I asked why. He said first of all I don't think its what they want for Linda Evans and secondly I don't want to put untitled. So I asked what he called it and he said Dallas. I said I'm not sure this takes place in Dallas, I said Kennedy was killed in Dallas. I don't even think there is Oil in Dallas, Dallas is a cattle town. He said then we'll change it later but then I thought hey they won the Super bowl last year so perhaps its time to move with it.

Interviewer : So this is the first ever Dallas script?

David Jacobs : yes that is actual shooting script of the first ever episode yes.

Interviewer : Diggers daughter! So the concept of Romeo and Juliet was in the back of your mind.

David Jacobs : Yes, guilty (laughs)

Interviewer : so the Montegues and Capulets transferred to Texas.

David Jacobs : Yes to the Ewings and Barnes

Interviewer : So Ray and Lucy are lovers but later it turns out to be incest as well

David Jacobs : yes so later they make out they were not lovers.

Interviewer : So Ray turns out to be Jocks illegitimate son?

David Jacobs : Illegitimacy is an essential ingredient in drama

Interviewer : so the major plot in this type of thing tends to be who's child is someone

David Jacobs : Dallas unlike Knots Landing almost had the same story every year, the struggle for Ewing Oil. Who will control Ewing Oil.

Interviewer: Did this episode have a cliffhanger?

David Jacobs : not exactly, the story was told completely in this episode but it does end with JR saying I underestimated the little lady I'll never do that again and laughing. So you knew next week hes going up against her again.

Patrick Duffy : I don't think JR was originally intended to have that wonderful maceovelian enjoyment of his badness. As everyone, especially Leonard Katzman saw what Larry was doing they saw the potential of what that character was and started writing and directing to it.

Dallas TV show sceneDavid Jacobs : Larry Hagman played the part as if he were the hero and everyone loved it. The character of Bobby Ewing who was written differently then he evolved. Bobby was supposed to be a playboy , not wanting to take anything seriously. He was more like Rick in Cat on a Hot tin Roof. The Network and the producers and Patrick really wanted to play him more heroically from the start. I think that was fine and it obviously worked but it also created a vacuum , I don't think he was as interesting as JR. Larry Hagman as JR Ewing just stepped in and took the show.


Interviewer : The most notorious of all storylines was the resurrection of Bobby Ewing.

Patrick Duffy : When I first got the phone call from Hagman he said come on out to the beach and we'll take a Jacuzzi and get drunk I want to talk to you. I hung up the phone and turned to my wife and said I think they are going to ask me back on the show, I don't know why. Her immediate response was the only way you can go back on that show is if the entire last season was a dream. We came back to the show with the famous shower scene, the ratings for that show were astronomical and next season started off great because we took a whole half a year to explain it. The show was up and running again and we got another five years out of it.

David Jacobs: I don't think the show really recovered , particularly it negated the emotions the audience felt when they went through the death of a character. It was like telling them they cried over nothing.

Patrick Duffy : I never meant to go back. But I have learned never to say never.

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