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This press article shows grainy footage of the alternative solution to Bobby's return. This was sent out as publicity materiel to fuel the speculation following Bobby's return in the shower at the end of the 9th season. Other footage (not shown) reveals Patrick Duffy informing Jenna Wade he is Bobby's twin.

DALLAS BOBBY BACK TO LIFE (News of the World August 1986)
Is Bobby Ewing alive in Dallas?
Who's who: Bandaged mystery man


Now actor Patrick Duffy, who says he was talked into returning to the show by JR, actor Larry Hagman, will be first seen with his head swathed in bandages. The drama unfolds as they are unwrapped - and as JR gets his first sight of his brother he says "Oh my god, it can't be! I saw them bury you". Bobby explains "They were wheeling me down to the morgue. One of the doctors saw my eyes flicker, he put me into emergency and my heart started again. But I was paralyzed, I could barely talk"

He reveals he paid the doctor to tell no one. "I didn't know if I'd ever walk or I'd even live. They substituted a body in the coffin" And he explains that he's spent a year in hospital learning to walk and talk again.

Whether J.R. - and the viewers - buy this explanation is yet to be seen. But the producers are hoping to keep everyone guessing and have filmed extra scenes for a different plot. This has a doctor removing the bandages but this time it's not Bobby but an imposter who has had plastic surgery so he can gets his hands on the Ewing fortune.

Patrick Duffy believes his return could rival the Who Shot J.R. ratings. He says "it took about a week to negotiate my comeback, because I wanted to know how they would do it. Only me, my wife and about 10 other people know how Bobby really comes back"

Could this be Bobby Ewing?
Peek-A-Boo: A hospital doctor starts to take off the wraps
The doctor removes Bobby Ewing's bandages
Yoo-Hoo: Can it really be Bobby, back from the dead?
Bobby Ewing is back
TOO-TRUE. Yes it's our hero, after a year long rebuild.
JR hugs Bobby Ewing
HOO-HA: A hug from JR.."where the hell have you been?"

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