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Dallas Star Bobby Back in a Flash(News of the World May 1986)

Millions of American TV viewers were in shock yesterday as actor Patrick Duffy returned to Dallas.....stark naked.
Duffy apparently killed off as "goody goody" Bobby Ewing in the last series, popped up in his widow Pam's shower.

Soap fans watched as Pam awoke from her wedding night - she had just married long time suitor Mark Graison- to find her new husband gone.

She wanders into the bathroom as romantic music plays gently, slides back the shower door and there is Duffy lathering up in his birthday suit. "Good morning" he says as the credits roll. Lorimar, the ailing show's producers, had one final tease up their sleeves. Duffy appeared in the ratings like this Patrick Duffy as......... So viewers still do not know if Bobby, mown down by a jealous woman's car, has returned from the grave or if Duffy has a new part.

Dallas has slumped from second place to No. 17 in the U.S. ratings.

Lorimar chiefs are convinced Duffy's return will push them back up the viewing league when Dallas returns in September.


JR's dad back from the dead (News of the World May 1986)

The JR's dad is returning from the grave to boost the sagging viewing figures of TV's Dallas.
Jock Ewing was killed off in the South American helicopter crash five years ago when Jim Davies died. Now viewers will be told Jock survived and after spent years in in a mission hospital having plastic surgery. The new Jock will be played by Steve Forest.


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