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Larry Hagman interview with the official Dallas website

Larry chats Dallas, Politics and Britney Spears.

Earlier this year Larry Hagman and his wife Maj befriended Dallas fan Karin Schill during a trip to Mirande in France. Karin recently contacted Larry and put forward questions from Dallas fans across the world.

Larry Hagman - Hi Karin.

Karin Schill - How are you?

Larry - Hur står det till krokodil? (This means: How are you alligator?)

Karin - (Laughing). Bara bra tack. (I’m just fine thanks)

Larry - Good.

Karin - You know some Swedish?Larry - Yeah a little bit, Goddag, Goddag. (Good day, good day)

Karin - Okay, that’s fun.

Larry - Yeah

Karin - So you’re ready to start with the interview?

Larry - Yeah.

Karin -I have a question from Sarah from Northern Ireland…

Sarah in Northern Ireland asks, “What do you think of the Vanessa storyline?”

Larry - Oh, Oh, I don’t know. You know I don’t even remember the ending of that…part.

Karin - No, I think that the reason why she thinks that is because most fans likes JR & Sue Ellen so much…Larry - Oh yeah.

Larry - Oh yeah. Who was that, the other woman?

Karin - I think she was played by Gayle Hunnicutt…

Larry - Oh, oh, oh, yeah, yeah, yeah that was my old love affair or something like that yeah…

Karin - Yeah exactly.


Larry - Well…yes but you know, I mean…Sue Ellen…wasn’t there. I mean…you know she… she left the show so they had to get another love interest I guess I don’t know.

Karin - Yeah probably. Most fans didn’t like her much.

Larry - I know, I know they didn’t. Well… that’s, you know that’s the way it goes.

Karin - Yeah and anyway you mentioned Sue Ellen wasn’t there, so we’re talking like Linda…

Larry - Aha…

Sarah also asks, “Is there any chance that you will work with Linda again, like maybe doing a theatre play or something?”

Larry - Well yes we sometimes tour in Love Letters…we’ve done that, so you know that show?

Karin - I’m familiar with it. I think you did a tour of that like in the early 90s or something…

Larry - Yeah, yeah, aha.

Karin - So that’s something that’s still on going?

Larry - Um…yeah…we can do that play anytime…

Karin - In the US or in the UK or like?

Larry - Oh I don’t know…um…it’s just one of those things you have in your back pocket, you know? That you can do anytime.

Karin - Okay, I understand. Also we have some questions about solar energy.

Larry - Oh yeah. (happy)

Linda McIntyre in New Jersey says, ”Congratulations on having the largest residential solar power system in the US…It’s great to see someone practising what they preach. I found your appearance on “Living with Ed” very interesting. Did you ever install the wind turbine units at your home?”

Larry - Uh…no I haven’t. I have been investigating it recently um yeah it’s very interesting. I really don’t need to but I think it might be fun if I just did a small one. Just so I could cover the whole spectrum right now of solar energy and wind power and stuff.

Karin - Yeah it’s…a very good way to get energy because it’s good for the environment and such.

Larry - Oh yes, yes, yes, yes. Well it is true it has one problem. It has too many moving parts that’s the one bad thing about it.

Karin - Yeah.

Larry - And the sun it just sits there you know and it just absorbs the energy for years and years and years.

Karin - Yeah at least you’re lucky in California because you have a lot of sun.

Larry - Well not only that but I live at 25 hundred feet on top of a mountain and I’m above the smog and I’m above the fog you know you get a lot of fog living next to the ocean here and I don’t get that up here.

Karin - That sounds lovely.

Larry - So see…yeah I know. So I get plenty of…you know stuff like that all the time.

Rani in Argentina asks, So how did you become interested in the environment?

Larry - Well I read a book called “The Long Emergency” I recommend you’ll read it if you can.

Karin - Okay.

Larry - Did you get that name?

Karin - “The Long Emergency”?

Larry - Yeah by a guy named um…oh God…Kunstler his name is Kunstler and you can get it online.

Karin - Okay. I will definitely look that up

John Scott in Portland asks, “Do you save a lot of money on solar energy power?”

Larry - Oh yeah. My bill went from $37000 a year to $19 on a year.

Karin - That’s wonderful. I think everyone would like to do that with their energy bill.

Larry - Well yeah. But I had to invest a lot of money to do it you know, of course.

Karin - Yes of course.

Larry - It cost us…$750000 to do it and…

Karin - Wow…

Larry - but the electric company, the energy company here gave me $310000 so I am an electrical manufactory.

Karin - That’s very cool.


Larry - Yeah and anything that I don’t use…after a year I put the units in, in April and every April they take whatever electricity I’ve made and just take it and last year they took ten thousand dollars worth of electricity.

Karin - That’s a lot.

Larry - Oh yeah but still they gave me $300000 dollars you know, $310000 so…

Karin - So it’s another good way of making money then?

Larry - Well for them, yeah.  

Serkan in Turkey asks, “Is it true that you and Charlene are going to Turkey in March 2008?”

Larry - I don’t know…might be. But I…in February I might be going.

Karin - Okay. Also there are people from other places like Chile, Netherlands, France, Germany…UK, Italy, Austria, Australia, Belgium, Ireland and well naturally we in Sweden also that would love for you to come to our countries. 

Larry - Ah-huh-ah, well maybe we can do that.

Karin - Yeah, I think there’s probably, like for instance when it comes to Dallas, if you would like to do like a publicity tour for the DVDs or something that would probably work really well.

Larry - Yeah?

Karin - I think there is a lot of interest and a lot of Dallas fans around the globe still that would like to meet you.

Larry - Well maybe I could do…a signing, you know autograph signing?

Karin - Yeah I think people would love that.

Larry - Aha.

Karin - Definitely. I think in some places you still haven’t been with your book…

Larry - Yeah right. (sarcasm)

Karin - But that was years ago anyway.

Larry - Yeah well I don’t know if there’s many of those books left. (chuckles).

Karin - No, I have a copy at home.

Larry - You do? Good.

Karin - Yeah, I enjoyed reading it a lot, especially what you thought about Sweden when you first got here and the “filmjölk” and such. Because obviously when you live in Sweden that’s something you’re brought up with.

Larry - Yeah, yeah.

Karin - Um…also if you remember this summer we talked a bit about any possibility of a Dallas reunion and I have a question from Pamela in the UK…

 Pamela in the UK asks, “You have said that there is a lack of interest in another Dallas TV project, what makes you think that?”

Larry - Well…the bloom is off the rose…Still…I mean…we did 13 years that’s a long time and two movies…and now they are going to do another movie…

Karin - Yeah that pretty much no one wants because it’s not the original cast…

Larry - No…I know um…but they seem to be going ahead with that…

Karin - Yeah but…

Larry - John Travolta is not gonna do it apparently.

Karin - Thats a shame I don’t know…

Larry - Well I don’t know…I thought he might be…pretty good you know?

Karin - Yeah because you worked with him in Primary Colours?

Larry - Aha, yep, he’s a good actor.

Karin - Yeah. Anyway I think that was Pamela was trying to say was that…

 Pamela also says, “The show is a brand, a huge success to this date so in the right hands don’t you think the brand could be reinvented?”

Larry - (Makes a sound) I don’t know. I don’t know. 

Karin - I can say that among the fans there is at least a lot of interest for another movie because like we had hundreds of questions coming in for you and most of the questions was actually about if there would be another Dallas reunion movie with the original cast or a Next Generation TV-series or something like that. And like there are new fans that are coming on, that are like born in the late 80s that have just gotten into Dallas with the DVDs release and things…

Larry - Hmm…

Karin - Anyway you said that the bloom is off the rose but um…for you personally would you want to do anything more with Dallas or do you think that it…

Larry - Well I think…hmm….no I don’t think so. I can’t see any future in that. Um…it would be fun maybe if we get everyone back together again but I don’t think there’s a ground swell…

Karin - Yeah?

Larry - I don’t think there’s a big push to do that momentarily.

Karin - Yeah but I was thinking like just one final project for like maybe the 30th anniversary or something? 

Larry - Mm…

Karin - Like to just wrap it up because at this point I think that most people feel like…well while JR Returns was a good movie War of the Ewings wasn’t as good, if you know what I’m saying?

Larry - Ah-huh…

Karin - So I think everyone pretty much wants a nice ending to the show…

Larry - Yeah I know. But…I don’t know that’s in the hands of the God…

Karin - Yeah well not only because if you would want to do it that’s basically the main thing, because if you would want to do it, like I told Linda this summer we could start fan campaigns and start to work on Time Warner and such…

Larry - Mm…hmm…I don’t think so. I really don’t think so.

Karin - Okay.

Larry - I think I’ve done that…Did you see Nip/Tuck by any chance?

Karin - Um…unfortunately not. But I know you were in that last year and I have a question here…

 Jason in Minnesota says, I loved your guest starring on Nip/Tuck last year. Are you planning on being in any other projects?

Larry - Well I don’t know if the right part comes along you know? I…I’m not actively…oh…looking for work or anything like that. I have a pretty nice life, I travel a lot…I’m going to London next month and then perhaps to Turkey.

Karin - Are you going to see Linda when you are in London?

Larry - I’m gonna what?

Karin - Gonna see Linda’s play?

Larry - Oh she’s back here now.

Karin - Did you ever manage to see Terms of Endearment?

Larry - I didn’t see that one no.

Karin - Okay, it was a good one.

Larry - I hope so.

Karin - Yeah, I went in October with a friend, it was good…

Larry - You did? You went to see the play? (Happily surprised)

Karin - Yeah I did.

Larry - Oh my God did you go backstage?

Karin - No, unfortunately I missed Linda…

Larry - Ooh…that’s…

Karin - Because she didn’t know I was there, so I was waiting by the backdoor with a lot of other people I should probably have let her know I was there …

Larry - Yeah.    

Karin - Anyway you can give her my best the next time you talk to her…

Larry - Okay.

Karin - And tell her I love the play.

Larry - Oh you did love it, huh?

Karin - Yeah.

Larry - It was good huh?

Karin - Yeah it was good I was like fighting back the tears and yeah I try not to cry that much but yeah…

Larry - Whoa-huh…great.

Karin - It was great.

Russ in Louisiana asks, “I’ve been a big fan of the show Dallas and a big fan of yours for years. My question to you is how come Dallas never had one big Christmas special like most shows did back then?”

Larry - I don’t know I had never thought of it. Um…for one thing it would tie you into a shooting schedule that may not be a little…you’ll see we went down to shoot um…in Dallas…for three months in the summer. So all those scripts had to be written a long, long time in advance. I don’t know why they never did a Christmas…to tell you the truth. (Blowing his nose)

Karin - No it’s something I’ve always missed in Dallas also, because I think it would have been nice to watch.


Pauline in Glasgow, Scotland asks, Do you think you could ever have made it in Showbiz without your wife Maj?

Larry - No of course not. No, no, no, no. No she was…she’s part of my career, part of my life by the way.

Karin - Yeah, she’s a lovely woman.

Larry - Yeah no kidding.


Pauline also asks, I am a big fan of Barbara Bel Geddes so I have to ask this as I ask everyone, what was she like to work with?

Larry - Oh we had a great relationship, she was so…she was so nice and you know that’s the reason I took the part. When they told me she was gonna be playing my mom…my mother I said well I gotta do this.

Karin - Yeah?

Larry - Yeah. She was great to work with I’m very happy with her.  

Karin - Yeah we were all very saddened when she died.

Larry - Yeah. Everybody was. (low sad voice)  


Jilly in LA asks, what did you think about certain producers on the show, like Leonard Katzman, and his work and such?

Larry - Oh he was my mentor. He was the guy that stuck…stuck by me all that time.

Karin - Could you expand a little bit on that? Like…

Larry - Well yeah he…I don’t know he liked what I was doing. You know my part…originally was a secondary part, you know?

Karin - Yeah.

Larry - And…I didn’t have a…story to be a part of, but he liked what I was doing with…my part and…he went in that direction. From which it made me a very big star.

Carol in North Carolina asks, how did it feel like to be so powerful?

Larry - It felt powerful. (Chuckles) That’s what it felt, very powerful.

Karin - Yeah. (giddy)

 Calpurnia in Rome, Italy asks, “Like if you would for instance explain the hierarchy of the show, like we fans of you we probably have a perception of you as someone who had a lot of clout on the show. So how would you exercise this?

Larry - I never did. I don’t believe…I don’t believe in using…if you have to use your power you’ll loose it.

Karin - That’s a good one.

Larry - Yeah because…I don’t know power is always an intimidation I think more than anything else. You don’t have to use it people…do what you want without you even having to ask them.

Karin - Okay.

Larry - On a couple of occasions I went to Mr. Katzman…He’d left the show and I went to him and I said. “Look we’ve gotta have you back on the show, this is my…my biggest earning period of my life is gonna be right now in the next four-five years and you’ve left the show and I can see that the show is going towards Dynasty, you know kinda glitzy and so forth…"

Karin - Yeah exactly it did go in that direction.

Larry - and so I said “I would like to have you back on the show would you like to come back on the show?” And he said “Yes sure”. So…I went to the producers and I said “I want Mr. Katzman back on the show” and they said:

“Well we can’t do that now” and I said:

“Well I tell you what, I’ll…I’ll pay the guy who’s producing now a million dollars if he’ll leave…” and then they said:

“No” and I said:

“Okay look, you can take two million dollars out of my salary…and get rid of the guy and get…” and they said:

“No we can’t do it”. So I said:

“Okay that’s it” and they said:

“What do you mean that’s it?” I said:

“I’m not on the show anymore” and they said:

“Well we can sue you and they…you know all that bullshit…”

Karin - Yeah.

 Larry - I said, “I don’t give a shit. Do what you wanna do and I’ll do what I wanna do and you’ll loose half a billion dollars…”(Karin giggling delighted) “Well that got them thinking about it so…”

Karin - Yes of course they don’t want to loose money and without you the show wouldn’t have worked.

Larry - I…That’s what I was betting on you know?

Karin - It wouldn’t have.

Larry - No of course not.

Karin - So and also…yeah, it’s interesting I think.

Larry - Yeah anyhow they did it and Mr. Katzman came back and we had four more years of wonderful…and I did a…then I begged Patrick to come back…he’d left too…

Karin - Yeah at the same time.

Larry - So I said “Oh my God you know this is too much…”

Karin - I’ve gotta say that season nine is one of my favourites on the show actually. I miss Charlene in that season but except for that it’s a wonderful season. (Larry coughing)

Larry - Excuse me, hang on. (sneezes)

Karin - Bless you by the way.

Larry - Thank you.

Karin - I was just saying that I love season nine of the show, I think it’s a great season and that was after he was back so… (Larry laughing) Also we have another question about your character of JR…

 Leslye Finley in Tulsa, Oklahoma asks, “A lot of actors say that the characters they portray has a lot of characteristics of their own personality what part of JR’s personality would you say is your own?” (Blowing nose)

Larry - All of it.

Karin - (Laughing) Okay could you expand a little bit on that?

Larry - Oh…no. I don’t know I’d worked for a guy when I was a kid in Texas and I just incorporated his personality onto mine and I knew the guy very well. He is very happy with it as a matter of fact. He’s still alive he’s about 90 years old now.

Karin - Wow.

Larry - Yeah.

 Madeleine in Stockholm, Sweden asks, “You have a Swedish last name, why is that?”

Larry - Oh because my grandparents were Swe…my great-grandparents were Swedish. Hagman. (Swedish pronunciation)

Karin - Yeah that’s very cool, I actually interviewed, when I was on my internship earlier this year I interviewed someone with that last name and I never made the connection until I was going to spell it out I was like this is like Hagman. (English pronunciation).

Larry - Oh yeah…that’s right.

Karin - I thought it was very cool.

Larry - Did it have two n? Sometimes they have two n.

Karin - Mm…I spelled it with one n. I hope it didn’t get out wrong.

Larry - I think I’m also part Flemish. (Dutch, Belgian).

Karin - I think it’s interesting with heritage and where you come from and things like that.

Larry - Yeah. I’m doing that whole line now and having that investigated.

Karin - Oh like family research?

Larry - Yeah, yeah, aha-huh.

Karin - I’ve done that too, I’m like Swedish through and through, pretty much.

Larry - Yeah. Through and through?

Karin - Yeah we don’t find anything else like as far back as we can get.

Larry - Right, oh my God.

Karin - Yeah.


Karri in Texas asks, “Have you always been a practical joker or if you weren’t when did you start?”


Larry - Well I’m not really a practical joker. I have…I don’t know I’m not really a practical joker. I don’t think. Maybe, maybe between Patrick and me I’m we probably were yeah…

Karin - Yeah I think the people that say that have probably seen some Dallas bloopers or something.

Larry - Oh yeah, yeah.


Karin - Those are very funny by the way.

Larry - What?

Karin - The Dallas bloopers are very funny.

Larry - Oh…where are they?

Karin - Oh I don’t know, I’ve seen them, I got them like…I bought them for a while ago, and naïve as I was I thought they were shown on TV in the 80s but apparently when I saw the “Return to Southfork” reunion it was said that they were supposed to be locked away in some vault or something.

Larry - Yeah.

Karin - So I don’t know how they got out on the market but recently, everyone’s who’s a big fan have seen them these days.

Larry - Really? Aha…

Karin - Yeah except for the later seasons. So…

Larry - (Laughing) There are not many of those.

Karin - No there’s not a lot of those on the market and I think most people would probably want some of those on the DVD releases or something.

Larry - Well they wouldn’t want it now. (Laughing).

Karin - (Laughing) Why is that?

Larry - Oh well people have aged somewhat, that’s what I’m saying, they wouldn’t want any of those pictures now. I mean at this present time.

Karin - No, I don’t know. Speaking also of bloopers of shows there is a question from…


Timo in Germany asks, “I am a big fan of “I dream of Jeannie”. Is it true that you’re the only one that has the bloopers of that show?”  

Larry - I don’t know of…I don’t…we wouldn’t have many bloopers on that show. They didn’t print them out or something. I don’t remember any bloopers on it.

Karin - I actually have never seen “I dream of Jeannie” myself, because as far as I know it hasn’t been shown on TV in Sweden…

Larry - Ah-ah…You’ve never seen I dream of Jeannie? (Surprised)

Karin - No but I’m going to watch it because I got the first season on DVD for Christmas. My sister imported it from Switzerland for me. So…I’m just about to start watching that.

Larry - Well good, I think you might like it, it’s a good show I think you’ll love that show.

Karin - I think I will. I actually got a recommendation from my cousin’s husband, he’s like an American and he watched that when he was a kid in New York so…

Larry - Yeah?

Karin - So he was like “you have to watch the show Mr. Hagman is wonderful, he’s such a good comedian” and all that.

Larry - Yeah well, it’s different that’s…I think you’ll get a different view of me when you watch that show…

Karin - Yeah probably. Yeah…But I’m very excited to start watching that.

Larry - Good.


Kay Bohlen in Germany says, “I’ve been a fan of your character “J.R.” since Dallas started in Germany in 1981. Recently there was a picture of you in the CD booklet of a German country band called “Texas Lightning”. Do you know them? And how come in that case?

Larry - Tex…Texas Lightning? You know what that is don’t you?

Karin - Um…according to this it’s a German country band.

Larry - Ah oh…oh…Well…hmm…Texas Lightning in Texas is a word, a phrase that describes when somebody wants to burn down his house and collect his insurance.

Karin - Wow! I didn’t…

Larry - That’s called Texas Lightning. Did you know that?

Karin - No I didn’t… (Larry laughing) Thank you for the information


Larry - Yeah.

Karin - Also we have a few questions about working with different people on the show. Like for instance here’s a question from…


Doug in Kentucky asks, “I’ve always been infatuated with Morgan Brittany. How was your working relationship with her?”

Larry - Oh…what a beautiful girl. Oh My God, probably one of the most beautiful women I’ve seen in my life and very sweet and nice too.

Karin - Yeah quite the contrary to her role on the show.

Larry - Yeah right, oh no she’s just a delight to work with and just gorgeous. She has the most beautiful eyes and skin and…oh just gorgeous girl.

Karin - Do you know if she has contact lenses in her eyes or something like that?

Larry - No, no that was her eyes.

Karin - Yeah because they are very particular so it’s like I don’t know exactly what it is that makes them that way…

Larry - It’s very, very, very light, sparkling blue…light, light blue, with she’s got kind of a dark rim around the pupil…and it just makes it…explode in light her eyes…

Karin - That’s wonderful.

Larry - Mm…

Tiani Schörnig in Germany asks, “I am a huge fan of Susan Howard, what was it like to work with her?”

Larry - Oh very good. Very nice, she’s very confident and very good. She’s directed some of the shows, she wrote some of the shows. She’s a very nice girl.

Karin - She’s also from Texas I believe.

Larry - Yeah.

Fagan asks, “We hear a great deal about other cast members but can you give me your thoughts on Sheree J. Wilson?”

Larry - Oh wonderful, one of my best friends…

Karin - You still keep in contact with her?

Larry - Oh sure, sure. Yeah as a matter of fact they had their wedding at my…I mean I went to her original wedding…And that didn’t last, I mean it lasted about 13 years but…yeah we keep in contact yes she’s a great girl. Great, great, wonderful woman.

Karin - Yeah she was great on Dallas also. I liked April a lot.

Larry - Aha…yeah.

Karin - I like the plot where they went to Europe all of them. I think that was wonderful.

Larry - Yeah.


Karin - Um…also there’s been some discussion lately on the board about Barbara Carrera…

Danny Hayes in London, UK asks, “I think the best season of the show was the one with Barbara Carrera, how did you get along with her?

Larry - Oh very well, she was a beau…once again a beautiful woman yeah, really nice. But that was during the period when Mr. Katzman was gone.

Karin - Yeah the dream season.

Larry - So when he came back you know, he got rid of a lot of people who had been brought in, you know?

Karin - Yeah. Also here’s a…well…you were speaking about contrasts with Dynasty in like Dallas uh…like back in the 70s you did a movie named Sarah T- The portrait of a teenage alcoholic and that was written by the creators of Dynasty and…

Larry - Oh really?

Karin - Yeah the Shapiros so we were kind of wondering …


Calrice in Vienna, Austria asks, “Do you have any memories of this project and what it was like working with them?”

Larry - Oh…I didn’t work with the creators of the show, but I worked with, what was the little girls name…um…

Karin - Linda Blair…

Larry - Yeah Linda Blair, that’s who…

Scott Keith in California asks, “Any particular memories of Linda Blair?”

Larry - Oh she’s just this cute little wonderful girl. She was just great to work with.


Pamela Peterson in Miami Springs, Florida asks, “When you were working on Dallas, was there anything that you thought were like a mistake or something you would have changed or would have wanted differently?”


Larry - Well…yes…the…the treatment of the lady who replaced Mama, that replaced Barbara was not very nice. She learnt that she’d been taken of the show when she landed at an  airport in Paris and a guy rush up to her, a journalist and says “What do you feel about being kicked off Dallas?” and that was the first time she’d known about it.  

Karin - Yeah I think those are the journalists that give journalism a bad name.

Larry - Oh well…it was just bad taste, she hadn’t been informed you know?

Karin - No but still I don’t think that was particularly nice.

Larry - No but they are not terribly nice people, you deserved it…there you go…

Karin - No.

Larry - As a group.

Karin - Who are not nice people?

Larry - Who are not nice people?

Karin - Yeah as a group you said?

Larry - Oh well you know that kind of group. There are wonderful journalists out there but they don’t get the attention that you know? That the paparazzi and people like that get…


Karin - I don’t like the paparazzi much.

Larry - Huh?

Karin - I don’t like them I said. 

Larry - Well…some of them can be difficult but they’ve got a job to do too and we’d be in bad shape without journalists since then the government could do anything they’d wanted to. Which they do anyhow so…

Karin - Yeah. Speaking of politics and such, like in the next years’ election…What is your opinion of Hillary Clinton as possibly being the next President of the US? (Blowing his nose)

Larry - Coming down with a cold, aren’t I? Okay, tell again what was the question?

Karin - I’m sorry, we were just wondering…


Cindy Nash in Nashville, Tennessee asks, “What is your opinion of Hillary Clinton as possibly being our next President?”

Larry - Oh I think there is a good possibility. Unless she…unless she gets assassinated like Bhutto.

Karin - Oh no.

Larry - Did you know Bhutto got assassinated today?

Karin - Yes, yes I read that. It’s very…

Larry - Jesus Christ. I mean that was pre-ordained, there was like, you know?

Karin - Yes it’s crazy. Like what’s happening in the world…like with all of these things, assassination of leaders and terrorism and…all that shit.

Larry - Well some leaders ought to be assassinated.

Karin - Okay. I guess you don’t wanna mention any names?

Larry - Oh no, no, no, no. Not in this country. Only in other countries. Look they assassinated Palme and what the hell was that all about?

Karin - Yes they did, I remember very well. I was like six years old and it frightened me. Because I used to live in Stockholm at that age so…that was frightening.

Larry - Yeah and they never did find out who did it…


Karin - No I think they probably know who did it, but they don’t know per say.

Larry - Aha-huh.

Karin - So well if it was the guy who was on trial for it, he’s dead now anyway but…they are not certain so.

Larry - They are not sure?

Karin - No and speaking of politics and Europe…


Walter Schuetz in Austria asks, “What is your opinion about the European Union?”

Larry - Oh well I think it’s a driving force in the economy and the world and you know, could take over from America. Or China could anyhow…I think it’s a good thing. What do you think?

Karin - Yeah I think it’s a good thing too because I got a school trip to Barcelona (partly) paid for by the European Union when I was 18 so…(Larry laughing, Karin starts laughing too). Yeah. So that was good.

Andre in Vancouver, BC, Canada asks, “You mentioned that you have been here to Vancouver on a fishing trip for a few years ago. So I was wondering if you’ve been back to Canada recently?”


Larry - Canada? No I haven’t…no.

Chrissy in Ontario, Canada asks, “Which of the Dallas cast do you actually keep in contact with these days?”

Larry - Patrick Duffy…we go hunting and fishing together. Um…Patrick and Linda. I keep close contact with both of them.

Karin - What about Steve and Charlene?

Larry - Steve, Steve, yeah sure. Steve lives in Oija, my little town here in California.

Karin - And I guess Oija is like a lovely place to live.

Larry - Oh yes it’s wonderful, wonderful.

Karin - Yeah. Well I’ve noticed like for instance that…Steve has done some paintings and such and on the subjects of paintings there was a question from…


Andy Heller in Jamestown, North Dakota asks, “I am interested in art and was wondering what your taste is in art?”

Larry - Oh well…very eclectic…I collect a guy that I’ve been collecting for forty years um…his name is Barton Benes…he is wonderful and I just collect art that doesn’t have to be art in like I have one of the…have you ever watched the Rose bowl parade? Um here?

Karin - No…I’ve never actually been to the US so…

Larry - Aha-huh. They have these horses, beautiful palomino horses and they have all these big saddles, silver saddles on them…and I have one of those.

Karin - Okay.

Larry - And…it’s worth about a $150 000 I guess.

Karin - Wow.

Larry - It is beautiful, all silver saddles and it’s just beautiful work and all those artists are dying out so see, that stuff won’t be around much anymore and they are just gorgeous.

Karin - Yeah…um…anyway Andy has said that his mom is doing oil painting and was wondering if she could send you a copy of a painting?

Larry - Sure.

Karin - I guess there’s an address or something on your page where you can send things to?

Larry - Yeah, yeah.

Karin - Also speaking of collecting things. There was another question from…


Andy in New Jersey asks, “Do you have any kind of favourite music?”

Larry - Music…oh I’m very eclectic um…I like Zucchero? You know Zucchero?  

Karin - Um…no.

Larry - Well he’s an Italian singer, he’s wonderful. I love Sting. The grateful dead. Um…I love Mozart, Beethoven, um…new people out…jeez I don’t know. I’m not too up on the new people out. I don’t like Metallica…and hip-ho…um…hip-hop is kind of fun but I’m not wild about oh God what’s it called…be-dee-diddle-dii-dum-dum-diddle-diddle…(Larry imitating rhythm of music)

Karin - (Laughing) I know I don’t particularly like that kind of music either…

Larry - Rap, I’m not big on rap. I can’t understand it. It’s another language I don’t get it.

Karin - No, rap is not my favourite kind of music either. (Larry blows his nose)


Daniel Flygare in Sweden asks, “What’s your opinion about country music?”       

Larry - Oh I love it lots, a friend of mine is Willie Nelson. I love his stuff.

Karin - Ah, well that’s great.

Larry - Yeah.

Karin - I love country music myself, I was watching the CMT a lot more than the MTV when I was younger.

Lucie Blouin Valette asks, How did you feel when you were in France this summer for the country show?”

Larry - Oh I had a wonderful time, you know the French have always been so snooty and all that…in Paris at least but down in Toulouse the people were wonderful. I mean we had a great time down there in Mirande.

Karin - Yeah in Mirande. Yeah I had a great time there myself.

Larry - Yeah.

Karin - Yeah definitely. I think it’s kind of funny because we have like…there were lots of questions from people coming in and everyone wants basically to meet the Dallas cast and I feel so privileged that I got to meet you all this summer. So give my love to everyone and just say thanks.

Larry - Okay I will.

Karin - Because it meant a whole lot to me.

Larry - I know.

Karin - Then I have another question it’s like things I don’t know how comfortable you are with discussing it but like your transplant and such, we have a lot of fans that looks at you like a source of inspiration and they are going through a hard time in life, and we have gotten messages from people that are waiting to get different transplants of organs…

Larry - Yeah.

Karin - And I was wondering for you as someone who has gone through that and survived it, do you have any message of support or a word of advice to get them through the hard time?

Larry - Yes, try to be as positive as you can. A positive outlook on life can make you live longer and better and do what your doctors tell you and keep healthy by exercise if you can. It’s very important if you’re gonna go under a major operation to keep your body as strong as you can and of course don’t smoke.

Karin - No. I think it was very good of you to quit smoking by the way.

Larry - Yeah, yeah.


Karin - So yeah I just wanted to ask you that because for instance there’s a woman named Pauline Dunn who’s like in California that’s going to have some sort of lung transplant and she’s been a fan of yours like since forever, like I dream of Jeannie and she’s like in her 50s now…so I just thought that I’d mention.

Larry - Good.


Tonya Jan in Brooklyn, New York asks, “What have you planned for the upcoming year?”

Larry - Oh no, nothing much that I can think of…no I just gonna ramble along here…   

Mika in Finland asks, “Have you ever been to Finland?”

Larry - I’ve been to Finland on a cruise ship not too long ago…

Karin - Yeah you mentioned this summer. Was it Helsinki you went to?

Larry - Yeah.

Karin - And did you actually get to see anything of Helsinki also?

Larry - No.

Karin - (Laughing) So you stayed on the boat?

Larry - No I came down to the dock but you know the docks all look like the same all over the world, you know?

Karin - You like travelling?

Larry - I do a lot. I travel…we travel a lot.

Karin - Yeah, I think it’s a privilege to be able to travel.

Larry - Well you’re not gonna be able to, pretty soon you know?

Karin - Why is that?

Larry - The end of oil.

Karin - Oh yeah, yeah, I think that’s why a lot of people are trying to find alternative um…fuels for their cars and things…

Larry - Yeah.

Karin - And also with the solar energy that we were talking about earlier.

Larry - Well we’re talking about you know no steam ships, no airplanes…that kind of stuff too. People don’t seem to get it. But that’s what we’re heading for.

Karin - Yes, no I definitely think we need to take care of the environment .

Larry - Well we’re gonna have to live in much more simple lives too, you know?

Karin - Yeah definitely. 

Larry - We’re gonna have to grow our own food and stuff like that.

Karin - Which food do you mean?

Larry - All food.

Karin - (Laughing) Then we wouldn’t survive.

Larry - Well I know but that’s…there’ll be a big die off I think. Six billion people, five billion something like that...and then maybe the planet can live with maybe a half a billion people or something....

Karin - Are you joking? Or are you serious?

Larry - Of course.

Karin - You’re joking?

Larry - No I’m not.

Karin - You’re serious?

Larry - Well yeah.

Karin - Okay.

Larry - Yeah we can’t go on like this, we have a finite amount of energy that we’ve…that our whole society is built upon and there is not enough time when that energy disappears to replace it with any other kind of energy. That is…that is…I mean if they use all the ethanol and bio diesel and so forth that we can grow in America we’d only be 6 % of what we use. So what would we do with that other 94 %?

Karin - Yeah that would be a…question…so you’re working very much with the environmental issues at this point?

Larry - No, no I just take care of myself.

Karin - Okay because there was a question from…


Karine in France asks, “Would you ever considering producing or directing a show about like solar energy or something like that?”

Larry - I have done, um…a show…on CNBC.

Karen Ward in United Kingdom asks, “You have a special friendship with Linda Gray, have you missed her when she was working in the UK?”

Larry - Yes, we have lunch twice a month, lunch or dinner, Maj and I and Linda and I’ve missed her. I do miss her.

Pauline in Glasgow, Scotland asks, “How did you celebrate Christmas this year?”

Larry - Christmas, we celebrate it Christmas Eve in Swedish style, you know?

Karin - Oh so you were celebrating…that’s very cool, on “Julafton?”

Larry - Yeah all this…

Karin - Yeah, so you open your presents then and Santa Claus is coming and things?

Larry - Yes…we leave cookies and milk out for him and then the dogs eat that so…

Karin - (Laughing) And the kids think that Santa Claus ate that?

Larry - Yeah right.

Karin - But maybe the grandkids are too old to believe in Santa Claus?

Larry - No I think there’s a couple of them that still do, I hope.

Karin - Yeah, how old is the youngest one?

Larry - She’s 12.

Karin - (amused) I don’t think she believes in Santa Claus if she’s 12. Maybe she pretends to believe in him?

Larry - Well I think this girl wants to believe in Santa Claus.

Pauline also asks, “Who takes care of the Christmas cooking in the household?”

Larry - Oh we all kind of pitch in for that.

Karin - So it’s not just Maj that has to do the cooking you he…

Larry - No…God no…

Karin - Well that’s very good of you.

Larry - Why?

Karin - I think it’s good because I think it’s nice in a household when a man and a woman can help out with the household chores so it’s not just the woman’s chores or whatever…

Larry - Well we don’t have any household chores here. We got maids for that…

Karin - Oh well, you’re lucky then.

Larry - Yeah.

Vasilis Maglaveras in Greece asks, “I’m a huge Dallas fan and I wonder why Dallas was cancelled in 1991 and didn’t continue indefinitely?”

Larry - Well the ratings…the ratings were falling, it had been on for a long time, it was one of the longest... the longest ever…

Linda McIntyre in New Jersey says, “Early in your career like in late in 1956 there was reported in several news papers gossip column that you’ve been offered a screen test by 20th Century Fox, as a result of a performance in ‘Once around the block’ is there any truth to this rumour?”

Larry - Once around the block?

Karin - Yeah.

Larry - I don’t remember, I don’t remember that. I did a show called Once around the block in New York City.

Karin - Yeah exactly and that’s what she’s referring to, you did that show and then she’d read rumours that you’ve been offered to go to Hollywood after it…

Larry - Ah, no.

Karin - No it wasn’t true?

Larry - No.

Charles E Cummings Jr in Dallas, Texas says, “Dear Mr. Hagman on May 6th 1990, I was on the American airlines with you, your wife and agent in first class. You were flying to London and then to Switzerland on an auction for a car for charity. Do you recall I introduced you to the Hunt brothers who were in business class? At the time you were considering doing a movie portraying the life of their father, the late H. L Hunt what happened to this project?”

Larry - Well I got to know the family very well, and H. L. Hunt he was the first billionaire in America…When oil was a dollar a barrel…I mean that’s pretty good…


Karin - Yes that’s very good.


Larry - But he had three families all at the same time…and nobody knew about it until a few years before he died…

Karin - Yeah?

Larry - And…it was just a very interesting story how a very public man, well he was not very public, he was very private but in those days how you could get away with having three families at the same time and still hold your head up in a Baptist society…

Karin - That’s really…yeah…not something you’d expect so…is that the reason that the project got scrapped?

Larry - No the reason is I didn’t wanna hurt their family. Because anybody that was interested in it, wanted to um…just wanted to make a sensationalism out of it, you know?

Karin - Yeah I understand. I understand completely.


Milly in Johannesburg, South Africa asks, “Do you think that people that are actors today have a harder time than you did back in the 80s with the media and such? Is the media worse these days or is it like the same?”

Larry - Oh God, I don’t know. I mean since I’ve been in television it’s changed so much and I don’t even recognize it anymore…I wouldn’t know what to do or who to talk to nowadays.


Larry - I don’t really pay much attention to it these days to tell you the truth.

Karin - No so what Britney Spears did last week is no interest to you? (jokingly)

Larry - What did she do? (amused)

Karin - I’m just saying that as an example because she’s been…

Larry - Oh, oh, oh…yeah I mean no it doesn’t interest me at all.

Karin - In the headlines so much lately. I actually feel a little sorry for the poor girl…because she’s entitled to a private life also and she’s had problems and people like exploit her…

Larry - Oh yeah, yeah, yeah.

Karin - And I think it’s wrong…

Larry - Well she’s made a career out of problems you know?

Karin - Probably. I mean…

Larry - I don’t know I…don’t think I’ve ever seen her before. I think she’s probably very talented but I don’t know…

Karin - Uh…I think she’s been around for ten years or something.

Larry - Oh really? (surprised)

Karin - Yeah she’s singing…I think her first records were the best then it like went downhill…

Larry - Yeah. 


Karin - Um…yeah.


Norma Randall in Melbourne, Australia asks, “Do you have any favourite project that you’ve been working on? Like a favourite film role or something?”

Larry - No, no, no. Nothing like that.

Karin - Likes of the ones you’ve already done?

Larry - No yeah…whatever I’ve done I’ve done I think…I think hell I’m 76 years old for Gods sake…

Karin - Yeah. So you feel like you want to like retire from acting or something?

Larry - No, no, no, no, no. I’m not retired I’m simply out of work.

Karin - By choice?

Larry – (Laughing) No not by choice.

Karin - Okay so if someone would come up with a good idea to you, you would…

Larry - Yeah Nip/Tuck…you’ve gotta see that!

Karin - Yeah I would want to…see that.

Larry - Oh you’re gotta get, they’re selling some I think, at least the year I was in I think they’ve sold.

Karin - Yeah my problem is I have a bit of a problem with watching hospital shows…but maybe that’s about plastic surgery more so…

Larry - Yeah. It is…what’s your problem about it?

Karin - Um…I don’t know I’m a bit sensitive when it comes to hospitals and such they doesn’t make me feel so comfortable.

Larry - Oh well this would make you feel the most uncomfortable you’ve ever felt in your life.

Karin - Okay.

Larry - You’ve gotta see it.

Karin - Well I gotta see it then so…

Larry - You’ve gotta see me in it too, I mean…you need to get the ones I’m in.

Karin - Yeah true, true.

Larry - So go online and see if you can pick it up.


Ryan Esler in Detroit, Michigan asks, Do you have any favourite show that’s on TV today that you like?

Larry - I don’t…yeah the sports and news. That’s it. I don’t watch anything.

Karin - No?

Larry - No you know it’s just…I don’t know. I go to bed at 7 o’clock at night and you can’t see many primetime things at 7 o’clock at night.

Karin - True enough. (Larry chuckling) But there’s always a VCR. I always have a tendency to tape whatever I want to watch.

Larry - I know but I you know I’m not into it. I just…everything’s so predictable.

Karin - Yeah true enough.

Larry - Except Nip/Tuck is not predictable.

Karin - Okay…yeah…it’s like mostly crime shows and crime investigation and things that are on TV these days…

Larry - Yeah CSI

Karin - Yeah exactly.

Larry - Now listen darling I’ve got to move on now. I’ve gotta go down and pack up and go down to my condor in Santa Monica.

Karin - Yeah I understand. I’ve kept you a lot longer than I was supposed to anyway.

Larry - Oh I’m sorry it was good talking to you…

Karin - Yeah it was really great talking to you also and give my love to your lovely wife.


Larry - I will…take care

Karin - Okay bye, thank you Larry.

Larry - Bye, bye.


Special thanks to the wonderful Larry Hagman for participating. Thanks also to the fans around the world for sending in your questions.

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